Hastings Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you searching for a pike as much as 40 pounds? Any of these demonstrated Locations will do the trick. Recommended tackle to use at the areas below Large jarge jerkbaits Large wobblers Large spinners Large delicate lures 1. Buckshole Reservoir, Hastings This water is arranged in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex. The water […]

Where To Go Pike Fishing

To find the best place to go pike fishing  we’re going go over a few techniques that I use to find new fishing spots locally we’re going grab a few of our baits from our mystery tackle box we’re going go out and catch some pike so whether you’re new to an area,  you’re just learning how to fish or you just don’t really know […]

Biggest Pike Ever Caught Worldwide Records

The northern pike and musky are two unique species in the Esox family, they are extremely devoted game fishing species and can be gotten with a wide scope of freshwater fishing draws and lures. This fishery is done all around the nordic piece of the world and is a mainstream fishery since one don’t need […]

Dried Pike For Dogs Recipe

<!- – wp:paragraph – > Need modest nourishment for your canines? <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > What about getting back the pike you catch and hang them up to dry? <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > Just remove the head, eliminate the digestive organs and tie them up […]

Minced Pike Recipe

<!- – wp:paragraph – > 2.2 lbs pike fillet 0.2 lbs butter Some garden leek 2 tablespoons potato flour 7-8 dl milk 2 eggs 1 dl wipped cream salt pepper <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > Procedure <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > Mash the fish in some measure […]

Master Chefs Pike Recipe

<!- – wp:paragraph – > 4 Portions <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > 1 Pike (about 3.3 lbs) Salt Pepper 1 dl White wine vinegar 2 dl cream Chervil Parsley Tarragon Dill <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > PROCEDURE Scrape, clean and wash the pike. Wipe within and outside […]

Cannon Best Pike Downriggers

Cannon Downriggers Worlds driving pike downriggers brand inside controlled-fishing-profundities. The producer has long involvement in creating quality items. It is a lot of motivations to purchase the most known brand in the world. Mechanical control of the fishing profundities can measure up to a high level structure for drag fishing. Many calls this savaging. The […]

Best Pike Fishing Lures

Pike Spoons/Crankbaits/WobblersThe conventional northern pike baits are pike spoons and diverse pike crankbaits or wobblers. Many are as yet utilizing these fishing draws and catch a lot with them. They move in various profundities from the surface to 15 – 20 feet down and push straight ahead with an unstable and enthusiastic development like a […]