5 Ways to Polish a Watch

Polish your watch once a month to keep it appearing new and glossy. With a little elbow grease and patience, you can quickly erase tiny scratches from metal.

You can polish a watch in 5 diffrent ways you can polish your watch with Ultrasonic cleaner, Polishing Cloth, 1500-grit sandpaper, Sanding Block For Nails and Watch polishing Kit.

Polish a Watch with Ultrasonic cleaner

It is not recommended to clean your entire watch with an ultrasonic cleaner. If you are going to clean your watch, it is best if you remove the bracelet and just clean it with the ultrasonic cleaner. While it is possible to clean many watches with an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, it is not recommended it could damage the watch.

First you need to remove the bracelet from the watch before you do anything so go ahead take the bracelet off and we’ll get started in the machine so the bracelet is off the watch.

let me tell you that this kind of tool is a kind of a watch spring bar tool from Burr Jian version I don’t know how you guys say that a $15 to $14 depending on where you get it eBay or  Amazon link below.

Wherever it’s a good tool to have to be able to remove the spring bars so you can see it has a little bit of a on this end it has a little bit of can Lisa each of these two kind of a little groove to be able to kind of get in though in the holes the spring bar and take them out.

Jian is usually the best brand so they’ll be a little bit more expensive so you may be you’d be able to get these for $5 they have screwdriver sets they have a bunch of other different tools.

They actually have one that’s kind of like a tweezer that will help you kind of get both parts of this both sides of the spring bar and it’ll be a little bit better but that was like a $100+ so for right now.

I just chose to get one of these so guys this machine is very simple you know you see it’s got this kind of little cage or a little box or whatever you call it and it sits in the metal tray inside the thing.

So I get a little bottle water here and do it you can put a little bit of water in here then I’m gonna go ahead and just put a little bit of soap in here will add a little bit more water make sure the bracelets covered there right here now we just put the bracelet and we’ll take the spring bars out.

You sure to check your spring bars every once in a while maybe why is the change of make sure you get a good quality one so the ratio doesn’t pop off the watch so basically you can just pop this in here like this close the lid.

You have a few little different the settings so you have on/off so you can see that’s on and you can change it these are seconds so it’s 280 seconds you can go up to 380 seconds I think that’s 48 seconds and you go out to 90 seconds so usually.

I’ll leave it to 38 mins you know nothing killer this one’s a little bit dirty so let’s just get on with it and and see what happens as you can see is a little bit of a noise it’s kind of pulsating it sends these kind of a say ultrasonic waves.

I guess inside the the water kind of shakes that dirt off of the little part that you might have trouble getting out if you just kind of try to clean in the sink so guys I’m gonna cut again we’ll wait till the end of this of this thing and then we’ll take a look at the bracelet.

After the  cleaner has finshed let’s go ahead and get the watch braclete out of water will be a little bit warm go ahead and grab a boul of water right here rinse it off a little it’s gonna get a good decent idea of what it is you can rinse it off later in the sink.

Make sure you rise the watch properpery then dry it off and we’re gonna see how it looks after one pass you can do multiple passes specially this one hasn’t been done in a while so you know you can choose how much.

Between the links right you don’t see that that stubborn you see a little bit there so it might need a little bit more but uh but for the most part you see a lot less of that kind of grimy stuff in between the links and so this one might need a couple passes.

to be sure of everything and then just do a quick rinse in the sink guys and it should be good this legis has an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you can find these on Amazon eBay I would get a decent quality one.

I wouldn’t get the cheapest one you can get this is a Magnus sonic one from Amazon I’m not exactly sure how much it cost me prob about 40 bucks 30 bucks so it’s a worthwhile investment guys it’s not just for any it’s not just for a Rolex it’s for any watch go ahead and put the luc bracelets on my show part in here I’m gonna rinse it out and put it in there while.

Polish a Watch with a Watch Polishing Cloth

All watches may be cleaned and polished using these towels. It is simple to apply and leaves a high lustre anti-tarnish finish. It is suitable for use on gold, platinum, silver, and steel.

Open up the tin you can see five hello pouches and then a pair of gloves and some polishing cloth and one of these contain like two full size K cards and then I would like to cut it down.

when you cut the cloth down it’s more easy to work with while using the Cape Cod the finger cut or hand gloves are highly recommended it’s quite oily I can always wash the watch after I polish it.

Smaller the polishing cloth it’s more easy to handle when polishing your watch with the cloth.

After you cut down the Cape Cod to a more workable size and then you just need to apply it to the scratch up part of the watch this process you don’t need lots of force you just need to really gently press on the Cape Cod after a minute or so rubbing on the watch.

Now It’s time to exempt the watch I would like to use tissue paper because it’s more gentle to the watch to wipe away the excess grease as you can see there is still a tiny bit of fogginess on the watch case and that also can be taken care with the kcon after the second pass.

You can see it’s much more better than before and I cannot see the scratches with my naked eye you can see I’m peeking behind the camera there and checking with my naked eye it’s pretty like new.

I would say it scratch free on after using the polishing cloth with the naked eye but because this is a very high zoom lint dance you can still see a tiny bit but I think Cape Todd is just you will not able to take away those microscopic scratches from this point.

The Cape Cod polshing cloth done a very good job obviously there’s an invitation to Cape Cod because it cannot remove these deep scratches. when you move the watch around you can see it is  polish on this side.

The Cape Cod polshing cloth is must-have if you are serious watch collector and you really care about your watch.

Polish a Watch with 1500-grit sandpaper

Cut the 1500-grit sandpapper down to a small squares to make to easy to hanldle so what i’m going to do is i’m going to just circle it and do a number eight because that is the proper practice when you want to refine any surface.

Patch up some puddles of water on the surface because it will ease the process of refining the surface okay so here we go i have a cup of normal water and let’s start firstly we need to dab a few patches of water on the fine sandpaper and let’s start.

We need to take out the straps or the band because i want the process to be much easier so with the help of a tweezer i took out the band after taking off the bands start doing  number eight with the sandpapper until the scratches have gone.

With the number 8 okay don’t forget number it t’s the best shape to use when you want to do any repair works on a scratch surface.

all right so i’m doing this on the patch of water let’s compare if i dry this off and i do it on the dry part of the sandpaper right here ah okay the resistance is higher so it makes you tired easily so yes i’m going to return to my patch of water a little bit more.

i’m going to do the featuge of 8 100 times with the sandpapper and water if you can observe right on the sandpaper there is like a whitish or grayish residue in the patch of water i’m not sure whether this is the glass bits that came off from the surface of the watch.

sandpaper materials is dissolved by the water i’m not sure but let’s see the result on the surface on seems like working.

Polish a Watch with Sanding Block For Nails

watches or in this case my watch bracelet so this is a very simple and easy and fast process but I did want to bring you guys along so you can see how to do this now I will say this is not the only way to go about brushing your watches but this is the way that I do it.

It’s like I said it’s fast it’s easy and you can use commonly available items to do this so in my case I use sanding block for nails so this watch here this is a Vostok 0 2 0 SE and a really awesome.

I’ve had it for about a year and a half one of my favorites but I’ve recently upgraded it here with the Vostok universal bracelet that I purchased from Marin oh great upgrade for Yvonne stocks if you are interested in these bracelets.

You can pick them up at Marin ohm comm they’re very affordable around $30 with the in links below so make sure you select the correct England’s for your watch but it does make for a really nice upgrade for your vostok bracelets so solid links

Does it have some articulation so it is more comfortable than the standard vostok and fibia bracelet that is very rigid and also known for grabbing your hairs on your arms so most you guys are from here with those really terrible bracelets this one here it’s a nice upgrade but you can see how this is this is how they come from Marin ohm calm so they are brushed on the outer.

Now that may work for your watch but for this one here the zero to zero se which comes fully brushed from Marin uncom the case at least fully brushed you know I just don’t like having that polished center section.

we’re gonna go about brushing this bracelet here so it kind of matches the watch case here now it may not be perfect but it’s gonna be much better than how it is currently with that polished sounding so let’s go ahead

Go about brushing my watches or bracelets so the first step here at least in my case is to remove the bracelet from the watch if you ordered your bracelet directly from Erin ohm you can disregard this step of course.

Remove this it’s easier to brush the bracelet okay so the bracelet has been removed and what I’m gonna use to polish this is just a standard scotch brite pad you can see it right here what they look like most you guys are familiar with.

These you may even have some somewhere in your house apartment or wherever you live you might have one of these a lot of times they’re used in the kitchen or something like that or for cleaning things but the abrasive nature of the scotch brite pad is excellent.

Brushing stainless steel it’s not too aggressive like a coarse sandpaper that’s going to actually scour your product this here is just going to brush so works great for that so I’m going to take this scotch brite pad and use a razor blade and just cut off a little strip of it just because I don’t need the whole pad obviously for a bracelet.

So that’s what we’re gonna do here so the next step is to start brushing your bracelet or watch and what you want to do with this with any type of brushing it is usually done in a linear fashion now there are circular brushings.

We’re not even gonna attempt that here we’re just gonna go with a linear brushing which is basically in a straight line so what youwant to do is probably start with a slight back-and-forth motion here just like you see I’m doing on this bracelet.

The back-and-forth motion is just a faster method of brushing you can obviously just do this in a straight one direction brushing if you want but I typically start out like this with the back-and-forth motion because it is faster so I do this until I’m kind of happy with the final.

Appearance of the brushing this can take up to you know five minutes or however long it’s going to take you just do it to the level of brushing that you desire for me it probably took about ten minutes.

ten minutes s that’s what I do for the first stage here is that back and forth motion very simple you don’t use a lot of pressure very easy to do so we did that here now the next step and this is what I call like the final step the final finish.

You’re gonna achieve now is when I switch over to the straight linear in one direction motion so I’m gonna start here at the base are at the top of the bracelet and just work all the way down in one motion we’re not going back and forth.

Anymore just in one direction then that’s going to give you the best brushing and you can do this as many times as you want as well I’m doing it here just for a few minutes just to achieve just a little finer finish.

So that’s what you’re seeing here so here we are here is the finished bracelet here fully brush turned out really nice now it’s not a perfect match to the to the case here but I don’t really care it looks better than it did before.

The watch so I have a fully brushed watch and a fully brushed bracelet here so let’s go ahead and put the bracelet back on the watch and see the finished product on wrist and here we are with the finished project.

With the watch on my wrist you can see the brushing done – the bracelet looks really good now it matches the brush watch case so really pleased with how this turned out now like I mentioned at the beginning.

This is not the only way you can go about brushing your washes or bracelets but it’s the method that I use the Scotch bhai method here so the results turn out pretty good.

Polish a Watch with Watch polishing Kit

Watch polishing kit are best used on metal watches. you how to remove scratches from watches so you’ve discovered a few scratches on your watch and perhaps though a little bit too deep to Raso out or do anything like that and what we would do the watch shot is pick of the older watch would be to use.

The Dremel and some people have these in their homes it’s just a different attachment perhaps the ones that would come with it as you can see I’m scoot off that’s a cotton wheel what jewelers use we’ve got a new cotton wheel here and a shaping tool.

Their are three different sorts of compound the red one we tend to use for gold the blue one is for watches with quite large dents in them and the green one is quite good for shine last look and last polish I also is useful just for getting rid of small scratches.

if you go if you do intend to use this any time I would always suggest that you use 3m masks and some safety goggles in case anything sort of shoots out to you and the other thing I’ll say was if you have a washing you’re not sure of the metal style then.

I would be we’re doing this kind of thing in fact order that encourage you not to do it and because if it’s a plated metal and particularly the base metal underneath it will just go Brown and look quite unsightly this is only really.

Stainless steel cases of reasonably good quality and always a Seifert for gold if you can each gold and and write okay so I’ll get on with in there and we’ve got the Dremel here i would suggest you set the Dremel to between 10 and 15 on the power scale.

When you are doing you’re just getting the scratches out start with all you use probably a cotton wheel that’s been used before just a little bit like and I would take your compound of choice which for this one will be a green.

So on we’ll just get a little bit on right so you can see just applies easily to the area where the scratches off and how will you do it for really depends how these scratches are a problem the lid on the wash.

I’ll take a little closer look at that polished it up so I look yeah that’s that’s that’s done a pretty good job on it and the only thing that can happen if you use Courtney to use quite a lot of compound you can leave like clouding effect on the watch.

Those circumstances what I would suggest you do is to take one of the heads off and use a fresh one this is because there’s no compound actually sort of in the in the brochure in the cotton itself apart from just that very slight bit you’re going to use to show in it.

What happens is you get a more of a minute mirror finish if you do it that way you probably just see their than your tiny beyond see that one’s gone black and yeah fairly happy that that’s got

The scratches after in the same that we showed you the start now you can see the scratches are removed on the left hand side of the case the den to the bottom of the case and require a more advanced