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Verrien is an online magazine that launched in 2015 with the purpose of providing up-to-date news, in-depth how-to instructions, and reviews in a magazine format.

Our objective is to offer you up-to-date knowledge and high-quality resources.

We put products through extensive testing and give comprehensive buyer’s guides so you can make well-informed purchase decisions.

Verrien’s parent company is SKG Corp Ltd. A media company that is built on the internet.


Meet The Team

James Watson : Editor-in-Chief

James Watson is the founder of SKG Corp Ltd, an online publishing firm, and the Editor-in-Chief of Verrien. For many years, he has had a passion for publishing.

James is in charge of the website’s day-to-day operations as well as the posting of our content.


Ethan Holmes

Ethan was born in Bern, Switzerland where his family owns a watch museum. He loves the watch museum and has spent many years telling visitors about the watches in Switzerland. watches are wonderful creatures that can give us all so much.

Ethan as is an experienced journalist and is in charge of news at Verrien.



Corey Calhoun

Corey owns his own watch manufacturing company based in the US and has over 10 years of professional experience working in the factory, creating beautiful watches for his clients.

Corey covers our guides & product reviews.


Emma Booth

Emma is a life-long watch collector, having started helping her Dad work on their watch collection when she was just 5. Since then she has gone on to develop a passion for watches. She has an affinity with nature and loves to share her knowledge gained over a lifetime with readers online.


Jade Pollard

Jade is an experienced content writer with a passion for watches. She is the proud owner of a Rolex and a small collection of watches. She bought her first watch 10 years ago. Now she owns more than 100 watches.

Jade is a versatile writer and, as you might have guessed, her favorite topic is watches.


Rose Spencer

Rose is an experienced writer and a watch seller, making use of pop-up shops space. She got into watches thanks to her granddad, who introduced her to the wonderful world of watches. Two of them still collect watches together, and Rose is always on the lookout for rare watches (and colorful) varieties.


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