Although both Oris and Hamilton are known for providing quality watches at an affordable price, there is still a little difference between them.

This article will help you understand the differentiating factors between these two brands so that you can decide which one best suits your taste and requirements.


When it comes to design, many people prefer metal bands while others like leather ones.

So when choosing these two brands, you should take a look at the available options carefully because they may have some differences in terms of design. For example, if you want something inexpensive with a simple design and classic, timeless appeal, then you should check out Hamilton watches, especially their Khaki Field series or Expedition series.

They come with rectangle cases made of stainless steel, Arabic numerals and indices on the dial with a date window at 3 o’clock position, and a black alligator leather band that perfectly matches the watch.

However, Oris watches have undergone some major changes in recent years so you should compare their previous models with new ones carefully before deciding which one to buy.

If you want something more modern with a touch of sophistication and classiness, then the Hamilton Khaki series may not be an ideal choice.

Still, you can look into other watch models, such as Laureato, a rose gold case matched with silver sunburst dials, or Ventura, a round case made of stainless steel and white dials paired with Arabic numerals.

Oris is also producing elegant models like Aquis Date, a round case made of stainless steel, and a black leather band with Roman numerals and indices on the dials. And you can also check out the Aquis sub-series that are available in various colors such as white, brown, or blue.


The difference between Oris vs. Hamilton watch movement mainly lies in durability and price.

As some customers have complained that some Hamiltons had stopped working after less than three years, you should consider this issue carefully before deciding to buy one.

However, suppose you want something simple but reliable enough for daily use. In that case, Hamilton may be worth considering, although they are not suitable for diving or snorkeling like their counterparts from Oris.


The price is another factor that you should not ignore when choosing an Oris vs. Hamilton watch.

According to the prices shown on Amazon, some Hamilton watches such as Khaki Field can cost up to hundreds of dollars while their more expensive counterparts may reach up to thousand dollar mark.

Of course, there are a few exceptions, like the Ventura series that comes with an automatic movement and costs around $650 without any discount or sale, but most models from this brand sell for less than $500. As for Oris can get various models ranging from $300 to several hundred dollars depending on your budget and requirements. For example, Aquis Date costs about $390 while Divers SBC costs almost 500 dollars (discounted price).


If you compare Oris vs. Hamilton watch durability, it is not hard to notice that Oris is considered slightly more durable than its counterpart.

For example, all models from Oris can handle up to 5 ATM water resistance which means they are suitable for everyday use and swimming in shallow waters.

However, most of Hamilton’s watches come with only 3 ATMs, so you should not wear them when underwater activities where there may be strong vortices.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot go swimming wearing your Hamilton Khaki watch, but it is advisable to remove the watch before going into deep waters just in case. And even if there are no big issues with their movement, some customers complain about dials and straps getting rusted or spoilt too easily.

Water resistance:

Although both do not go beyond the 200m (~650feet) depth rating, most people (common folk) would not go deeper than that, so this is a non-issue. Oris’s water resistance rating shouldn’t be underestimated because it still beats out the vast majority of watches in its price range.

Speaking of crystal material/hardness: both are made of very scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Hamilton’s sapphire does look better.

Yes, when looking at a brand new watch face from certain angles, you can see some slight scratches on the surface(s) of Oris’ case.

Of course, these imperfections will not affect your ability to read the time or anything like that; just something to be aware of if toughness is an issue for you.


Overall I would say Oris does a great job in design and weight. Both weigh approximately the same, so if weight is an issue for you, then at least you are in luck. At the same time, Hamilton’s quality alone makes up for the lack of design variety & quantity and a slight problem with crystal material/hardness.

Quality : 

These two brands are known for fine quality watches – if you’re looking at an overall generalization. The movements inside Oris and Hamilton watches are both of high quality, and even better yet, they’re both made in-house! That’s one big plus of Oris vs. Hamilton.

Both companies offer some quartz movement models (referring to Oris below) but keep in mind that their movements are still Swiss Made by expert craftsmen (which is a good thing).

Status : 

Although both of these companies are royalty-free (i.e., they’re not related), Most people know one or the other. Hamilton is a bit more popular among the masses due to its fine designs and large catalog.

At the same time, Oris is less known but still pretty well-recognized worldwide as a high-quality watch company with many loyal fans (myself included). So try not to let your personal feelings about status confuse you when you’re looking for a new timepiece!


In this Oris vs. Hamilton watch comparison, you should note that both brands make various models with mechanical, automatic, and quartz movements, so it is about their price and the design, durability, and quality of the materials used.

So if you want something dependable and durable enough to last a few years without any issues, then Oris may be a better choice. At the same time, for those who prefer a simple design with timeless appeal, then Hamilton may be an ideal pick for them.

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By Rose Spencer

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