A Simple Guide To Chinese Watch Brands

China is one of the centers of watch manufacturing in the world. It is true that if you pick any commodity in your home, there is a strong possibility that you see a tag, ‘made in china.’ Most watches are produced in China, including renowned brands like Casio, Tissot, and swatch. Majority of the manufacturers in China work as third-party agents, building products for other companies worldwide.

Mass production of cheap products makes consumers generally doubtful of their quality. You can indeed find a variety of brand names that offer watches for throwaway prices. The watches will only be functional for a shorter period, a year or less.

However, don’t dismay. We want to prove you wrong.  China has some serious watchmaking capabilities. It has produced genuine watch brands that truly stand out among the rest.

It is never easy to find the best Chinese watch brand if you are not equipped with basic knowledge. China has a variety of unique and high-quality watches.

From this guide, it is clear that most of the beautiful watches are made in China. This article will not have encompassed everything, but we hope it has served as a guide to watchmaking in China.

The brands highlighted are a trust of quality and affordable market watches. It would be paramount if you did not underestimate the watch brands from China.

Chinese Watch Brands History

The Chinese watch industry is a teen industry as compared to other brands such as the Swiss industry. Watchmaking industries began in 1955.  A group of innovators poured out their creativity and came up with a mechanical WuXi watch. It laid the foundation of the Chinese watch industry in the latter days. Upon seeing the vast potential market, the Chinese government endorsed the forming of eight manufacturing plants.

These plants were ready to start production by 1958. There were superior factories that included Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin factories. Importation of machinery by these companies was from Switzerland and Russia (USSR). Later on, the watchmakers, Tianjin factory being the best, designed an aviator chronograph ST3. The watch was just but a counterfeit creation.

In 1965, the Tianjin factory designed an original and upgraded ST5. It was well designed with superior durability and higher accuracy. Since then, the actual Chinese movement came into being.

Best Chinese Watch Brands

Chinese watch brands should be recognized in world watchmaking. China watch industry can be considered adolescent compared to others, such as the United States and Germany. Furthermore, China has likely become the giant movement crafting powerhouse.

In this post, we have researched Chinese watches far and wide and found some watch brands that stand out in quality and craftsmanship.

Sea-Gull Watch

Sea-Gull is known as a watchmaking company considered to be the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches all around the globe. The institution is considered to be the oldest watch manufacturer that is still running today. Its production accounts for a ¼ of the total worldwide production.

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The company was initially named Tianjin Watch Factory. It is composed of 16 professional watch manufacturers and four joint ventures.

The sea-gull corporation fit their watches with different brands such as Sturling using its calibers. The watches are of a more precise movement with additional offerings such as minute repeaters, alarm watches, and perpetual calendars.

If you are probing for the best Chinese watch brands, Sea-Gull might be your option. Sea-Gull has a variety of mechanical watches made in high quality and classic designs. The price of this watch brand is affordable. Sea-Gull is a brand owned by the state, which has a good reputation in the global market.

Beijing Watch

Beijing watch facility, located in Changping District, Beijing, was incorporated in 1958. the company is considered to be the leader in making luxury Chinese watches https://bartels-watches.com/en/collections/beijing-watch-factory It crafts pure exquisite handmade and luxury timepieces. In addition, it concentrates on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, perfectly integrating watchmaking skills with cultural connotations.

Beijing watches are independent, confident, and embraces and interpret tradition in a modern fashionable way. The pieces come at varying prices, from affordable to luxury. With your budget, you can find a piece from the Beijing facility. The factory has the will to spend more time making authentic watches as per the market company.

Memorigin Watch Brand

Memorigin, a brand based in Hong Kong, is the first Hong Kong watch factory that produces only tourbillons. Tourbillon is beautiful and challenging to create; the movement is generally purchased by other brands that do not spend R&D to make theirs https://memorigin.store/ The brand also offers custom engraving to make your timepiece unique and stylish.

Memorigin uses specialized components. It is well known for making expensive watches and supplying complications for many international brands. Why is Memorigin an unknown watch brand? Memorigin though being a producer of iconic watches serves a small niche market.

Peacock Watches

The peacock watch company is located in the Liaoning Province. It is among the watch factories that were formed part of the first incorporated in the 1950s. The peacock brand was launched in the 1980s https://bespokeunit.com/watches/chinese/#5 After its incorporation, it improved upon the Chinese Standard Movement and upgraded its caliber (fitted to watches to be marketed under this brand). The company has produced over 40 million watches over the past 60 years.

Peacock watch brand competes directly with elegant watches produced by Swiss. The brand got the attention of watch lovers with their tourbillon watches that surpass the Swiss standard.


FIYTA is a brand established in 1987, with its headquarters based in Shenzhen. The company has adhered to the brand strategy and product research and development. The brand has an influential design in the world. It has thus remained one of the best-selling watch brands in China. The brand has been rising in recent years.

Longio Watches

Longio  is the youngest watch brand presented in this guide. The brand was established in 1996 by Changhong Mi. it is unique in terms of originality and ingenuity. Swiss movements mechanically power many Longio watches.

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