Best Bulova Watches for Women

Bulova is an American watchmaker with a long-standing tradition of Swiss craftsmanship. The company’s commitment to excellence has made it one of the most popular names in watches today, and its timepieces are relied on for their precision and durability. Whether you’re looking for a simple dress watch or something more sophisticated, Bulova offers many […]

Lily Rose VS Waldor Watches Review

With the rising popularity and demand for trendy watch brands, many people have torn between Lily Rose and Waldor. If you’re looking for a new trendy watch or want to upgrade your current model, this comparison will help you decide between Lily Rose and Waldor Watches. Both of these brands are not only inexpensive, but […]

Tool Watch Explained

Tool watches are becoming increasingly popular. Watches made with and/or inspired by the tools used in a particular trade, profession, or art are called “tool watches” because they have their roots in tool history. Tool watches are about style first; functionality second. These timepieces often use so-called ‘brutal’ design elements such as matt finishes, brushed […]

Best Watch Cleaning Kits (Top 5)

Unfortally your watch is dirty and it is time to get your watch clean again. Watch Cleaning is not fun but needs to be done a regual basicis. when you manage to complete the cleaning, there will be lots of benefits. To ensure your success, good cleaning kits are extremely crucial. If you can choose […]

Orient vs Vostok Watch Brands Compared

With the increasing popularity and demand for vintage Soviet watch brands, many people are confused about picking from Orient vs. Vostok. If you have just started looking for a Soviet watch or want to upgrade your current model, this review will help you choose between Orient vs. Vostok. Both these brands are not only affordable, […]

The Tutima ZUZ 750-42

The watches of special units are very popular collector’s items. Nowadays you can only find quartz watches in this area. But there were also real rarities with mechanical movements. Such a rarity is the Tutima watch for the Central Support Group Customs (ZUZ) at the Customs Criminal Police Office in Cologne with the reference 750-42. […]