Hastings Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you searching for a pike as much as 40 pounds? Any of these demonstrated Locations will do the trick. Recommended tackle to use at the areas below Large jarge jerkbaits Large wobblers Large spinners Large delicate lures 1. Buckshole Reservoir, Hastings This water is arranged in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex. The water […]

Topwater Lures Pike

Many sport fishermen have experienced that topwater lures pike are very effective lures for pike fishing.   Why is that? The answer to it I think , is odds of success for the pike.When a pike is attacking a school of fish, the odds for success plays a key role. If the prey is in […]

Pike Fishing Tackle Setup

Pike/Musky CrankbaitsBass CrankbaitsTrout CrankbaitsPike/Musky SpinnerbaitsBass SpinnerbaitsTrout SpinnerbaitsPike/Musky SpoonsBass SpoonsTrout SpoonsPike/Musky Soft PlasticBass Soft PlasticsTrout Soft PlasticsPike/Musky TopwaterBass TopwaterTrout TopwaterPike/Musky JigsBass JigsTrout JigsPike/Musky FliesBass FliesTrout FliesPike/Musky JerkbaitsBass JerkbaitsTrout JerkbaitsHooks & SinkersAccessoriesBite AlarmReelsSpinning ReelsBaitcasting ReelsCasting ReelsSpincasting ReelsRod & Reel CombosRodsCasting RodsSpinning RodsTelescopic RodsTrolling Rods

Rig Live Bait For Pike Fishing Right

Fishing with live bait instead of artificial are sorrounded with many myths and most of them are not true. Still many anglers use live baits and one significant part of it, which nobody can argue against, is that it is often messy and smell terrible. If you can tolerate these two things, you will be […]

Expert Bass Fishing Lures Tips

This master guidance will give you bass fishing baits tips and thoughts regarding the best quality bass fishing draws. A multifunctional draw would unquestionably be the best ally for an angler. In view of involvement, these draws have been demonstrated to be truly reliable in numerous instances. Listed underneath in no specific request are the […]

Alabama Top Five Pike Fishing Locations

Are you searching for a pike as much as 40 pounds? Any of these Alabama demonstrated pike fishing areas will do the trick. 1. Weapon Island Chute Gun Island Chute is a channel discovered basically 2.9 miles from Coosada, in Elmore County, in the region of Alabama, United States, near Millbrook, AL. You will require […]

Best Pike Fishing Lures

Pike Spoons/Crankbaits/WobblersThe conventional northern pike baits are pike spoons and diverse pike crankbaits or wobblers. Many are as yet utilizing these fishing draws and catch a lot with them. They move in various profundities from the surface to 15 – 20 feet down and push straight ahead with an unstable and enthusiastic development like a […]

Minced Pike Recipe

<!- – wp:paragraph – > 2.2 lbs pike fillet 0.2 lbs butter Some garden leek 2 tablespoons potato flour 7-8 dl milk 2 eggs 1 dl wipped cream salt pepper <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > Procedure <!- -/wp:paragraph – > <!- – wp:paragraph – > Mash the fish in some measure […]

Cannon Best Pike Downriggers

Cannon Downriggers Worlds driving pike downriggers brand inside controlled-fishing-profundities. The producer has long involvement in creating quality items. It is a lot of motivations to purchase the most known brand in the world. Mechanical control of the fishing profundities can measure up to a high level structure for drag fishing. Many calls this savaging. The […]