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Verrien | Best Austrian Watch Brands

There are plenty more excellent watch brands out there that offer top-quality products but at a fraction of the price: arguably one of them being Austria.

There may be fewer brands than other countries; however, what they lack in quantity they make up for in terms of quality – with many offering automatic movements that will never require winding.

If you have long been looking for a watch that is reliable, elegant and at an exceptional price, look no further than the top leading Austrian watch brands:

1) Swatch

Perhaps one of the most recognizable Swiss companies in the world – yet not Swiss! Founded by Nick Hayek in 1983, this brand has become renowned for its innovative ways of combining design and style with vibrant colors.

The company started as just a small business but today produces 2 billion watches per year – making it worth more than US$ 1bn.

Many people have been dissuaded from Swatch due to its large size; however, if you’re looking for something stylish which will turn heads, then they may be what you’re looking for.

Also, suppose you’re worried about the automatic aspect of an automatic watch not being entirely useful due to one fewer hand. In that case, the Swatch offers a very handy solution by having a small second display on the bottom right corner of the face – perfect for telling time in a glance!

2) Fortis

A subsidiary company of Swatch, Fortis watches have been designed to offer exceptional durability and quality at affordable prices.

This brand is particularly popular among sports enthusiasts thanks to its rugged yet usable designs, which extreme sports enthusiasts originally used before becoming commercially available. As well as this, for every timepiece sold, there is also US$10 given to support humanitarian activities within Switzerland – making them extra special!

3) Wittnauer

Although initially founded in 1885 to supply pocket watches to the US market, this brand has become popular worldwide due to its reliability and affordability. Richemont Group took over the Swiss company in 1998; since then, they have produced some of their most beautiful designs yet, including a platinum watch adorned with rubies.

If you’re looking for an elegant watch that will still be sure to impress – without breaking the bank – then this brand is one worth considering!

4) Frederique Constant

Founded by Peter Stas – who had originally been working for another well-known watch brand – Frederique Constant started as a small workshop creating unique timepieces featuring complicated mechanisms.

Today, this brand has become particularly popular in the Middle East – however, all their timepieces are still skillfully manufactured within the company’s facilities in Plan-les-Oates, Geneva.

One of their most striking features is a “fusee and chain” system which compensates for the loss of energy over time, meaning you can wear your watch without it having to be rewound every day!

5) Tempus

A relatively young company established only in 1999 by Thomas Gerber, Tempus watches have become well known for producing exquisite automatic movements at exceptional prices.

The brand offers gold and silver case designs, all with high-quality sapphire glass that beautifully plays with the light. Although they have only been around for years, the company has quickly risen to become a leading watch producer in Europe – with watches sold across 15 countries.

If you’re looking for an automatic wristwatch that is both elegant but still hard-wearing and functional, then Tempus may well be what you’ve been looking for!

6) Tissot

Founded by Charles-Emile Tissot in 1853, this brand has become internationally famous due to its high-quality production of pocket watches.

Still today, all timepieces are designed and manufactured within Le Locle – making them one of the few Swiss companies that can claim this distinction.

However, if considering purchasing from this brand, it is worth remembering that they do not offer any form of warranty through their website as they do not ship watches internationally.

Nevertheless, the company offers solid timepieces that are exceptionally reliable and very reasonably priced too!

7) Breguet

Created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775, this brand has become renowned for its intricate design and hand engraving – with many pieces resembling works of art more than functional timepieces! However, if you’re interested in purchasing a new watch from them, it is worth knowing that they only produce two or three highly complicated models every year. So even if you manage to get your hands on one, you will certainly have something special indeed.

Another downside is that all their watches come with a high price tag, meaning they may be out of most budgets. However, if you’re looking for something particularly special, this brand certainly won’t disappoint you!

8) Chopard

Chopard has been supplying luxury watches to its customers since 1860 – over time, they have become well known for creating jewelry that can be seen in many Hollywood blockbusters. The company prides itself on being the first watchmaker ever to create a line designed specifically with ladies in mind and develop the first mechanical alarm wristwatch. All their products are meticulously manufactured within their facilities located in Lititz (Pennsylvania).

If you’re looking for an extravagant piece of art that will show your status and style wherever you go, then this brand is worth considering. In particular, we have previously had great success with their jewelry and watch collections – so you can be sure that your piece will be of the highest quality.

9) Certina

Another relatively new brand created only in 1888 by Edouard Koechlin, Certina, was established to produce watches for sportspeople – primarily focusing on those associated with alpine activities such as skiing and yachting. The company prides itself on utilizing advanced technology to make timepieces that are simultaneously reliable and very stylish indeed!

Today, all products supplied by the company are manufactured within a single facility located in Grenchen, Switzerland, ensuring all timepieces meet the high-quality standards set up centuries ago when the company was first founded. If considering purchasing from this brand, then it is well worth noting that they offer many exclusive deals for customers who sign up to become members – which is certainly something worth considering!


All in all, Austrian watches are a great investment for anyone looking to buy a luxury watch. There is more than one option available, and their prices range from affordable to extravagant depending on what you need.

Verrien | Best Austrian Watch Brands

By Rose Spencer

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