Best Movado Watches for Women

Movado watches are known for their elegance and beauty.

They are perfect for any occasion, especially if you’re going for a black-tie event or a gala dinner with your loved one.

The Movado brand is quite popular and famous because of the classic design on its products, such as women’s watches from this brand have an elegant look, and they speak fancy all the way through.

There are many kinds of Movado designer watches available these days in the market, but not all of them can be considered worth buying, so here we give you some options that will surely fit your needs perfectly.

1). Movado Women’s MV5044 Pink Mother-Of-Pearl Watch

This watch, made using luxurious materials such as mother-of-pearl, comes with a shiny pink band, and it’s meant to be worn by women known for their style.

Not only does this watch look great, but it also has a sophisticated design that can easily fit any event or occasion.

2). Movado Women’s 06057 Stainless Steel Watch

The Movado women’s 06057 stainless steel watch is the best choice for those ladies who don’t like to wear too much jewelry on their hands because it doesn’t have many details on its design and its structure is not complicated at all.

This watch will surely add elegance and beauty to your appearance without making you look overdressed in fancy accessories.

3).Movado Women’s 06055M Sky Blue Dial Watch

This watch’s classic design will surely make you feel quite fancy, and it looks unique because of its sky blue dial.

The watch is made using stainless steel materials, and the main thing that makes this product worth buying is that it comes with a round shape, which makes it look unique compared to other watches from this brand.

4). Movado Women’s 06053 Black Mother-Of-Pearl Diamond Dial Watch

As a woman, you might want to have a stylish watch, but not many of them are truly elegant and luxurious.

If you want to wear something that looks great but at the same time isn’t too flashy, then you should take into consideration getting this piece of jewelry that features both black diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

5). Movado Women’s 06054 Mother-Of-Pearl Stainless Steel Watch

The Movado women’s 06054 mother-of-pearl stainless steel watch is a simple and elegant watch that will surely fit any woman’s needs.

It comes with a mother of pearl dial, and it’s made using stainless steel materials which means that this product can be used on almost any occasion without fear of ruining the design or making you look cheap.

6). Movado Women’s 06059 Rose Gold Band Watch

This watch, made using precious metals such as gold, features an elegant style that makes it perfect for women who want to have a fancy accessory but not too much jewelry on their wrists.

It has a minimalist design which makes it look elegant, and the best thing about this watch is that it comes with a round shape that will surely make you feel quite fancy.

7).Movado Women’s 06050 Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch

This product features a very simple design, but its structure is quite classy.

It comes with a black dial and has many gold details on its frame, making it look luxurious.

Women who like wearing something simple yet elegant should consider getting this piece of jewelry because what they’ll get is a Movado designer watch with an exquisite appearance.

8).Movado Women’s 06059 Black Mother-Of-Pearl Diamond Dial Watch

While women’s watches from the Movado brand usually have a very simple design, this piece of jewelry features a unique look because it comes with a black dial and has many mother-of-pearl details on its structure.

You can wear this watch when you have to attend any special or formal events as long as you pair it with a nice outfit, so make sure that you choose the one which suits your style best.

9).Movado Women’s 06061 Pink Mother Of Pearl Dial Watch

If you are looking for something flashy, then the Movado women’s 06231 pink mothers of pearl dial watch are what you need because it comes in different colors, but if we had to pick someone from them all, we would say that pink looks great on most ladies.

The product looks simple yet extravagant at the same time.

10).Movado Women’s 06059 Silver Mother Of Pearl Diamond Dial Watch

This watch has a very simple design, and it comes with a silver dial which looks quite fancy and elegant.

The product is made using gold materials, and it features diamond details on its frame, so if you like to have something that looks great but has few details, then this Movado watch might be what you need.

11)Movado Harrison

It offers some elegant designs featuring diamonds and colorful leather straps, making it a very fashionable but understated look.

The only disadvantage is a small face size (28 millimeters wide).

It is also water-resistant up to 30 meters deep.

These luxury products are commonly sold through all Movado dealers, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale.

12)Movado Bold

Designed as a giant face with a luxurious gold bezel, it offers an elegant look for formal and casual occasions.

The watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters under the water.

It can be easily purchased in any watch store that sells luxury brands or on online sites like Amazon Watches Store at very affordable prices.

13)Movado Easy

This elegant and stunningly looking watch is made of a ceramic case with a silver leather strap around the wrist, offering elegance, beauty, and flexibility so that you can wear it during formal or casual occasions comfortably without feeling any discomfort at all.

This unique design comes in 40 millimeters face size, making it perfect for women with small wrists.

It is water-resistant up to 30 meters deep, making it perfect for everyday wear if you are someone who loves diving or swimming or even snorkeling daily.


Movado is one of the most popular manufacturers of watches for women.

They offer a wide variety of designs and styles perfect for any woman looking to make a statement with their timepiece.

If you’re in the market for an elegant watch or want something more casual, Movado has it all! We hope this article helped you find your next favorite piece by giving you some insight into what they have to offer.

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