G shock watches are never discussed in the Swiss watch world, neither are they seen at Baselworld.
However, you will always find it with sportspeople, members of the armed forces, or any
professional. The watch has earned its fame over the years-still remains to be a must-have timepiece
even today. It allows wearers to view the time at a high accuracy level (after all, it is digital). A G-
Shock watch is worth your cash.

Casio is a Japanese corporation founded by Kashio Seisakujo in 1946. It is a company associated with
manufacturing different electronic products such as; mobile phones, calculators, electronic musical
instruments, digital cameras, and analog and digital watches. Casio is primarily known for making G-
shock watches. G-shock watches are great for sporting and outdoor activities. It is because they are
adamant and durable.

Casio is also associated with other watch brands such as Wave Ceptor, Protrek, and Edifice. Casio has
continued to constantly advance and develop its products, especially in the watch industry. Their
wide range of watches covers various areas such as sport, fashion, and military-style watches.
Casio watches have superior quality as compared to other watch brands. They also have some more
simplistic appearance that is appealing to appealing to more people. They are of different builds-
some are made of resin, others stainless steel and plastic.

Best Selling Casio Watch of All Time

Casio watches are among the most widely sold and appreciated watch brands in the world. Are you
looking for that excellent wristwatch for very little money? Is Casio a reputable watch brand? Casio
watches are classic watches that you can’t go wrong with them. Casio has a legendary reputation for
producing most of the cheapest and most durable digital watches around the globe.
Casio watches are low-cost timepieces.

They are inexpensive quality watches. Moreover, they are
among the best in terms of design and quality among other models at the same price points. Casio’s
best watches are suited well for any dangerous, dirty adventure. The best-selling Casio watch of all
time is hard to find because of the incredible variety of Casio watches in the market. In this piece, I
tried my best to include the best selling Casio watch.


Casio Men's G-Shock Carbon Core Resin Strap Watch
G-shock is a short form of Gravitational Shock. G-shock, invented in 1981 by Kikuo Ibe, was
conceived as a watch with “triple 10” resistance. It meant that this watch would have a battery life
of 10 years, could survive a fall of 10 meters, and would have a 10 bar water resistance. Casio
released G-Shock in 1983 to fill the market demand for durable watches.

Later on, by 1998, Casio had released more than 200 different G-Shock models, with worldwide sales
at 19 million units. This type of watch is designed to resist mechanical stress, vibration, and shock. It
has shock absorbers. G-Shock watches are primarily designed for sports, military or outdoor
activities.https://g-shock.co.uk/ It is a favorite choice for every explorer when it comes to choosing a reliable watch.

G-Shock is one of the best watches. It is also suited for any dirty or dangerous adventure. What
makes G-Shock a dominant choice? Its price is more reasonable with design and powerful features. It
is forged in a stainless steel case with red contracts and bulky prominences. The watch has
texturized buttons that are sturdy and a pleasure to use despite its relatively big size.

The watch has sensors. What is their significance? The sensors are meaningful in measuring
temperature, attitude, navigating directions, and air pressure. Are G-Shocks chronographs? Nearly
all G-Shocks are chronographs. The timepieces have either a digital display or a combination of
digital and analog.

Does G-Shock Have Additional Features?

Casio has continued to add new features to the G-shock watches. Some of these features include; a
Multiband synchronization through radio signals and Tough Solar battery charging. Other features
include a triple sensor feature with a digital compass, barometer, and thermometer.

In 2014, Casio invented a feature known as the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor feature. The feature allows
time synchronization of the watch via GPS signals. In addition, it can adjust the time zone
automatically. In 2018, Casio also introduced a backtracking function that could allow users to return
to the same point from where they started using a map.

G-shock Additional features include a countdown timer, alarms, world clock electroluminescent
backlight, and calendar. It is water resistance to 660 feet as it is similar to wristwatches.
Additionally, the watch also features Bluetooth connectivity that permits you to connect to a
smartphone via an app. It also allows you to upload log data on the phone, copy map information,
and synchronize itself to keep perfect time.

What Are The Reasons As To Why You Shock Own A G-Shock?

The G-shock watches are a watch collection that makes it in terms of durability, price, and
timekeeping. There are various motives why you should own a G-shock, the best-selling Casio watch
of all time. They are as listed below;

1. Durability

A G-Shock watch is durable. It is perhaps the only watch that gives you a ‘triple 10’ guarantee, 10bar
(100 meters) water resistance, the ability to withstand a 10m drop and a 10 year battery life.

2. Affordability

A G-Shock watch has more features as compared to any other timepiece. Not only does it stand in
terms of durability, but it is also affordable- a reason many watch buddies choose it as their
preferred watch.

3. Good Investment

The newest collection of G-Shock has the latest exciting features just for you. With all the
exceptional features, The G-Shock watches are offered at a much lower price than other

4. Sport Proof

Athletes can tell how a watch can get dirty after a jog a session of hockey, cricket, golf, or football.
The dirt is problematic once it gets in your timepiece or the dial of the watch, the worst scenario
ever. A G-Shock watch can withstand all sorts of sand, dirt, or water particles. How is this possible?
The watch has a sealed rubber body that houses the floating module where the quartz mechanism
floats inside a urethane foam.

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