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Verrien | Best Watches for Male Nurses

Working as a male nurse can be tough. We all know that nurses need a dependable and sturdy timepiece, but there are many choices out there. It’s hard to find the perfect fit. Nurses have to monitor their job and time. They are on the go all day but still need to make sure that they have a watch for those crucial moments in the hospital.

Well, with this blog post, you’ll have no problem finding your next best friend in watches for men. I’ve reviewed some of the top watches picks for male nurses and narrowed down which ones are worth looking at before you make a purchase.

Apple Watch

It’s hard to keep up at work, and the nursing industry is no exception. Between taking care of patients’ needs, updating charts, responding to pages promptly, you barely have enough time for our lunch break- let alone lifting any extra weight!

The Apple Watch can be your friend on those days when you’re feeling weighed down or need help staying on top of all operations; download your favorite apps that speed up workflow. Skip back over out-of-date information during chatting with messages and notifications from other nurses within proximity.

Keep tabs on reports coming due via notifications or reminders from Siri while walking around familiar grounds to get your mind off being tethered so tightly by technology when you’re outside touching customers.

Apple Watch
VAVC Scrub medical watch

Nurses and doctors alike know that it’s essential to have a way to record vital signs in a patient’s hospital stay. The VAVC Scrub Medical Watch is perfect for just that, with water resistance to ensure accurate reading even if the nurse gets soaked from a bath or shower incident, and red second hand for taking pulse measurements on patients without wearing latex gloves.

In just seconds, you can check the pulse of your patients with this reliable medical scrub watch. Sleek and chic in design, this wearable is perfect for nurses on the go. Easy-to-read numbers make it super convenient to provide high-level patient care when you’re running around giving shots.

Spiegel Original Scrub Watch

Verrien | Best Watches for Male NursesThis watch is an analog timepiece with a pulse indicator for nurses. It has a sturdy silicone strap that withstands water to 30 meters, unlike other watches. This is the perfect watch for nurses who wear watches on their palms or wrists while working.

With bright white digits and the red second hand, this versatile watch can take on any task. Fashionable colors of 10 different hues are available, so nurses have options depending on their style.

Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-size Watch

On the job as a nurse, you need all your faculties ready and at hand. The Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-size Watch provides you with the professional technological advantages to be on top of your game. This watch doesn’t leave any detail unchecked with a digital display to keep track of patient stats, backlighting for nurses doing low lighting tasks, customizable alarms, and a countdown timer.

It boasts 100 hours chronograph features, so you don’t have to fret if you forget to set up the countdown feature. Best of all, this product is sweat resistance too, so rest assured that tough work won’t stop your watch.
Moulin Digital Jelly Watch

The Moulin Digital Jelly Watch is the perfect watch for nurses. With a black and gold style, it’s professional yet stylish enough to be worn as a casual accessory. The backlight allows you to see your digital watch any time of day.

This watch has so many benefits, including an alarm function that can tell the time in 15-minute increments, giving you up-to-date information about pulse readings, and stopwatch capabilities that allow you time outpatients treatments.
Fashion meets safety with this stunning, sleek gold and black digital watch from Moulin. The perfect accessory for nurses on the go!

Fitbit Charge 3 Watch

A phone for your wrist. There is no need to carry anything around when you wear this Fitbit Charge 3 Watch, which includes guided breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. When on the go and too busy with day-to-day activities that may lead to a high heart rate, such as climbing hundreds of stairs, the device is your coach.

Track important statistics like the number of stair flights walked or taken by providing stride measurements up to 300 feet (91 meters) in the measured distance, and track activity progress throughout workouts using continuous heart rate monitors up close, so you know how hard you’re working when exercising.

Built to take on any challenge with its durable design made from premium materials—the device’s glass touchscreen display offers bright pink, multi-touch options.

Casio Dive Sportswatch

The Casio Dive Sportswatch is a budget-friendly watch for nurses on the go. Unlike other watches, this one will show you hour markers in 12 or 24 hours with the flick of a switch. Spend time monitoring your patients’ pulses without being troubled by getting lost in translation as the second hand shines brightly through your long night shifts.

It is perfect for nurses looking to invest their hard-earned money into something that will get them through their demanding job. Casio’s Dive Sportswatch has the functionality you need without all the bells and whistles.

Great as a wearer’s first dive watch or in addition to other sports watches, it runs on Japanese quartz movement for precise timekeeping.

Which Watch for Male Nurses?

As a male nurse, you need to be on point with your time and know exactly what’s going on with the patient. This is where watches come in handy. Whether you prefer an analog watch or a digital one, there are plenty of styles that will suit your taste.

The seven options we listed above just scratch the surface of what’s available-there are many more out there depending on the price range and features desired. Whichever you choose to go for, we hope this article made it easier by shedding light on some of the best watches for male nurses.

Verrien | Best Watches for Male Nurses

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