Biggest Pike Ever Caught Worldwide Records

The northern pike and musky are two unique species in the Esox family, they are extremely devoted game fishing species and can be gotten with a wide scope of freshwater fishing draws and lures. This fishery is done all around the nordic piece of the world and is a mainstream fishery since one don’t need to be a “master” to accomplish incredible outcomes. Pike fishing is an extremely flexible fishery and should be possible the entire year. From ice fishing to late fall when they are in their best conditions.

After the generating and during summer/fall they have expanded their weight extensively by eating however much they can in their best development period and are unimaginably solid and wild in late September and during October. As referenced over one can get these fish with numerous sorts of pike baits. Most utilized pike fishing draws and musky baits (musky, a close to relative) are jerk goads, crankbaits, spoons, spinners, delicate traps, dances and flies. Assuming you need to attempt pike fishing, I would suggest utilizing a medium hardened turning pole with top activity and a solid turning reel. Continuously utilize a wire follow or, more than likely you lose the greatest pike in a split second including your lure.


41,1 lbs/18,7 kg Tore Harry Halvorsen ,Grimstad 2006
38,9 lbs/17,7 kg Tomas H. Pettersborg, Nitelva, 10.04.2003

38,8 lbs/17,63 kg Ronny Westjordet ,Mjøsa 12.03. 2003


42,5 lbs/19,3 kg Torben Larsson, Kumla Vättern


46,3 lbs/21,0 kg Peter Dubuc,Sacandaga Lake


54.6 lbs/24.8 kg Lothar Louis ,Lake Grefeern Oct. 16, 1986.


46,13lbs Llandegfeld Reservoir , 1992 45,8lbs John Goble from Diana Way, Caister

42,2 lbs Derek Amies River Thurne Valley ,1986.


43lbs/19,4 kg Philippe Coste/Arnard Foissac, lake Parelaup


43lbs/19,4 kg Ewout Blom March 2006

Purchase some enormous jerk draws, delicate traps, and red/white crankbaits first of all. Track down a notable lake or stream for pike fishing and begin projecting towards/along weed lines. Eventually, you will land a pike. Ideally, you will be entranced and needs to foster your abilities. For genuine devotees, there are a bounty of the fishing box and fishing techniques to browse to be a talented pike fisherman. Fishing from a boat is one of them and savaging for pike is probably the best technique to get enormous pike. Cannon downriggers are required joined with humminbird fish locators as I for one use. Picking the best freshwater fishing draws can be a convoluted cycle, yet read our aides and surveys here to make it a bit simpler. The biggest pike at any point got on a casting pole was arrived in Germany 1986, weighed 54,6 lbs(24,8kg). Look at our enormous determination of fishing baits, each category contains just muskie draws and pike baits.

Fishing draws in their least complex structure are called fish snares. A fish snare is pretty much a bent article that is joined to a line to get fish. It is made of a moderately hard material and is pointed toward one side to stick in the fish mouth. The tips as a rule have an “agnor” (flip), a more modest tip pointing into the snare twist. This will forestall the snare is losing its hold. At the opposite finish of the snare is generally an “eye” or some other gadget for appending fishing line.

Humans have now and again made fish snares of the materials they had given and discovered those of three, bone, shell, stone, and different metals. Fish snares have since quite a while ago had a similar fundamental shape: a since quite a while ago cast with an eye or a circle eventually, to connect the line, and afterward a twist to the tip. To get the fish to nibble the snare gave normal or fake lure. Ordinary regular draws are worms, parasites, shrimps, mussels, huge or little bits of lure fish, and so on

The fishing is moreover “snare balls” made of unique compound feed, corn, cheddar, and substantially more. The common fake trap is “elastic worm”, channel, woblers, spinners, and fly-fishing, all in various sizes, tones and shapes, at this point we can call these fish snares for fishing draws as they currently are greater and significantly more progressed. Sometimes, particularly when the fish will nibble, it very well might be adequate to outfit the snare with a piece of shaded woolen.

Todays fishing baits are extremely specific and they are planned and created to get certain species in their most exceptional structure. In any case, the normal factor for every one of them are their capacity to impersonate the food of which the hunter fish typically eat, their appearance as well as their development. The best working fishing baits move and swim like a harmed or kicking the bucket little fish, practically overwhelming to a ravenous hunter.

Fishing baits are continually being created and one can discover draws in practically any shapes and appearances pretty much successful being used. Many are additionally making their own baits and just the dream draws certain lines for what they look like. Some bait producers are a greater amount of specialists than experts and a portion of the fishing draws are so impeccably made that it is practically difficult to see the distinction to a genuine fish.