Bristol Top 5 Pike Fishing Lakes & Rivers

Is it true that you are searching for a pike as much as 40 pounds? Any of these Bristol demonstrated pike fishing areas will get the job done.

Bristol Top Five Pike fishing lakes and waterways are:

  1. Cheddar Reservoir
  2. River Avon
  3. River Chew
  4. Avalon fishery Shapwick Road, Westhay, BA6 9TT
  5. Chew Valley Lake

1. Cheddar Reservoir

Cheddar supply has Pike and can weigh as much as 30 pounds. Summer turning and draw fishing in shallow regions are the best traps. Elastic shads that sink gradually or large conspicuous spinners and spoons function admirably. Dead goading is allowed starting October first. All ocean draws are effective (particularly sardine and mackerel).

The supply is around 260 sections of land in size, with two parking garages at every passage. The first is situated on the Axbridge side (BS26 2DL), while the second is situated in Cheddar (BS27 3DR).

The most well-known banks are the south and west. Base weed can be a worry, so utilize sprung up or free-lined baits.

2. Waterway Avon

River Avon has delivered match makes up for lost time to 50 pounds, bream as much as 4-5 pounds, and some amazing pike. Ken Lansbury caught the greatest Avon pike I’ve at any point seen, weighing 33lb 4oz, close to Newbridge, close to Bath, in 1959.

3. Stream Chew

The River Avon is an incredible waterway with a lot of pike. The banks are very steep in spots, and boat traffic can be very hefty, especially on weekends.

4. Avalon fishery Shapwick Road, Westhay, BA6 9TT

The delight and match Pike lake is Moors Lake. It has 48 swims that are uniformly separated and give brilliant game to all types of fishers. It produces 100lb+ packs of value carp to twofold figures in the mid year, just as tench, bream, skimmers, insect, rudd, roost, and pike.

5. Bite Valley Lake

Monster pike can be found in Chew Valley Lake, with the lake record right now remaining at 44 lbs 6 oz. Mike Green caught a past lake record pike of 40lb 8oz on the fly, and it must be perhaps the most surprising fly-got pike gets in the UK.