Bulova vs Tissot watch brands compared

Bulova and Tissot watches are the two leading brands in the watch industry today. Over the years, the companies have continued to build their reputation and innovate their brands. It is not easy to choose between the two brands because of the quality they offer the market. Their watches are highly functional and related to each other in different ways. An ordinary person may think that the two brands are identical, but that is far from reality. There are still some remarkable differences between these great brands.

Bulova history

This company has been around for more than one hundred and forty years. They were created in 1875 in New York by Bulova Joseph. It got the name of the brand creator. One of the things that keep the brand growing was because of their ability to adapt to changes in the market conditions.

This company has made name for itself being the first brand to introduce ladies watches, which is a brand exclusively for ladies. It is a famous American company that was always taking advantage of America’s technology and marketing strategy to advance its products ahead of its competitors.

Some remarkable products from Bulova

Apart from the fact that this company was the first to introduce exclusive ladies watches, the company also agreed with the military to produce brands for us artillery during the second world war. The first altimeters and varmeters used by the US military were exclusive from the company.

The company also innovated the self-winding brand by introducing Bulova-23. This was the company that first brought the first electronic watch to the world in the 1960s. The revolution has dominated the watch industry even to this day.

History of Tissot

This brand is very popular because of its usefulness in the sporting arena. It is because of this that it continues to partner with various racing teams. Precision is one of the greatest strengths of this brand and that is why it is favored by the sports world.

This company was older than Bulova because it came into existence around 1853 and was created by a father and his son. The creators of the brand are Charles Felicien and Charles Emile Tissot. It started as a small family brand but it has now grown to a global brand.

The company ventured into the manufacturing of lady models. This is the first line of products made available to the market. It was followed by men’s watches. Tissot started dominating the industry in the 1930s among male buyers. The most important innovative product ever produced by this company is the antimagnetic brand also known as Tissot antimagnetic. The company later merged with the swiss group and this helped them more because it opens the space for them. They have introduced some great products in the market that cut across different styles and designs such as navigator watches, self-winding as well as chronograph watches among others.

Comparing Bulova watches with Tissot brands

There are lots of areas these two brands can be compared. They have tried their hands on different and similar designs and styles. This makes that comparison easier.

Manufacture of chronograph watches

Both brands as said before having similar categories such as chronograph. Bulova 96B175 is famous for its precision. It is regarded as the most accurate in this category. It is even more accurate than the standard quartz watch. It has fantastic features such as Japanese quartz watch movement as well as an analog display. Furthermore, it is designed with a stainless steel case that makes it appear great and attractive. Its dial is also protected.

It also comes with four sub-dials which can be complicated. Most of the complaints users have against this brand stem from this feature. It is the best for those who prefer accuracy and details. The most important interesting feature of this brand is the water-resistant feature.

Tissot PRS-516

This is a chronograph category watch from Tissot. The watch is oriented towards sports use as you can see from the sporty design. It has some important features such as the swiss automatic watch movement and analogistic display of images. It also uses the same standard quality stainless steel case as the Bulova counterpart. You can wear it using the rubber strap which is comfortable and easy to wear.

It also comes with scratch-resistant sapphire which protects the dial and the sub dial just like the Bulova counterpart. You can see from the design it is meant for outdoor use.

The most important and outstanding feature of this watch brand is accuracy. It is highly reliable and very accurate. This compares with the Bulova counterpart and it is certain from the features above that they have lots of things in common. However, many people will rate Bulova Precisionists better because of the quality design and precision timekeeping.

Pilot watches

Both Bulova and Tissot have an interest in pilot watches and they have them in the market. Bulova Lunar Pilot chronograph watch is a special edition. It is known for displaying a lot of details. This is one of the finest in the industry. Its unique design makes it simple and easy to use. The watch is known for its unique design and accurate timekeeping. The dial is fantastically designed with a sleek background that is black in color. This is helpful because it can assist you to read the watch without confusion. It also features a stainless-steel case. The movement is UHF quartz and the display is analog. It is very accurate and that is why it is very popular in the aviation industry.

Tissot T Touch Expert Pilot

This is one of the pilots watches in the world today. It is highly functional and this feature is useful for those in the aviation industry. This brand can boast of 15 functionalities. When it comes to ease of use, this brand is outstanding because of the touch screen capability. It is very convenient to wear and this also makes it comfortable to use. When it comes to features, it has fantastic features like a built-in altimeter as well as altitude different gauge which is good for those in the aviation industry. When it comes to timekeeping it uses both analog and digital hybrid features. This makes the watch highly reliable in terms of accuracy.

Comparing the two pilot watches, it is apparent that the Tissot brand has an edge. It is more functional than the Bulova counterpart and it is more useful as well.

It is obvious from the information above that these two companies are the leading brands in the world and they have a lot to offer the market. You can choose between the two depending on what you want.