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Verrien | Can Automatic Watches Last Forever ?

Automatic timepieces are trending nowadays.

Its mechanical-built and essential details are wanting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own one ? One of the world’s most expensive watches!

The level of its creativity, rarity, and alteration with the present digital world is just outstanding.

The term “automatic” represents a splitting line in the world of clocks.

When you cross this fuse, you set your feet in the realm of perfectly made engineering achievements, regularly with hundreds of bits working together to power the timepiece and hold on time.

On the other hand, if you are loyal to your twenty-five fifty million dollars, you may perhaps get yourself a Chopard 201-Carat Watch.

However, what’s the lifetime of these automatic watches? How long is it going to serve me? These are clear and frequent queries you may ask yourself.

Before you purchase an automatic watch, several questions will linger in your mind.

But, the most common will be, “can automatic watches last forever?”

Yes. Automatic timepieces can last forever as long as its kept appropriately and examined repeatedly.

Below are must-do tips to ensure your clock lasts all the time.

Take care of your watch like it’s your newborn baby!

Verrien | Can Automatic Watches Last Forever ?

What would you do if someone or even you dropped off your own baby? Exactly! It’s upsetting to even think about the situation itself.

Now the same applies when it comes to your automatic timepiece. You don’t want anyone to play around with your Graff Diamonds the Fascination worth 40 million dollars, right?

Dropping your automatic timepiece on the floor, on stiff objects, or hitting it on the wall are a few of the bad luck that might shorten its lifespan.

These accidents can occur within a blink of an eye if you’re not mindful and not alert with your watch.

The impact from these bad calls can move from minor to primary in a brief period. The thing is, automatic watches are manufactured with hundreds of elements in place. These pieces make an automatic timepiece to operate.

Therefore, any surprising drop of the watch on a hard surface will wobble these tiny components out of their intact.

Subsequently, you should handle your clock as one of the delicate babies you own by cautiously clasping it to your wrist. A five feet fall is enough to cause chaos on your most loved automatic timepieces.

So, be vigilant when you handle a watch in the future, or it won’t last long.

Keep your watch away from moisture

Verrien | Can Automatic Watches Last Forever ?

Moistness is a great enemy to automatic watches. Therefore, you should retain it away from any wetness as well as water.

To be clear on this, most watches in the shops are water-resistant. This feature permits them to even be wrapped up inside water for a certain depth.

Similarly, there are dive watches with screws under crowns that are stronger against water.

Again, the point here is to avoid the constant exposure of your automatic watch to dampness, especially where you keep your timepiece when it’s not on your wrist.

An automatic watch is made of steel. If it persistently gets into contact with moisture, it can rust. So you should dry your timepiece and keep it in a wet-free place after it has come into contact with mugginess.

Furthermore, the bracelet of the watch has several openings where water can gather.

So, it would be best to ensure that these areas are always dry to safeguard them from rusting.

If you neglect this, you can be hundred percent sure the watch will not last long, and you might lose it.

Keep the Watch Away from Magnets and Electronics

Verrien | Can Automatic Watches Last Forever ?

Dodge placing it near the magnets and electronics.

It is an essential thing to recall because magnets disrupt automatic watches.

When an automatic watch is magnetized, the entire moving metal parts stop functioning.

The watch loses its accuracy as a result of the movement of the parts that were drawn.

In addition, electronics can cause magnetization if you keep the watch close to it. Hence, it’s advisable to at all times store the watch away from electronics.

Quality and Brand of The Watch

Patek Phillipe Automatic watch

The quality of the timepiece plays a considerable significant role in defining the lifetime of the automatic watch.

For example, the Patek Philippe Ref owned by Queen Elizabeth II of England has lasted for more than 50 years, and it still continues to be passed over to their generations.

You can do everything in your ability to attest that your automatic watch stays in perfect shape and condition for long.

The more strongly built an automatic watch is, the stronger the movement can endure the storms without much worry; hence sustaining it is more effortless than you think.

On the other hand, a cheap automatic watch is like rolling a million torn stone- it can broke-down even with the tiniest knock that you can think of.

Although purchasing a watch from recognized watch brands like the Patek Phillipe, Louis Moinet, or the Vacheron Constantin will indisputably work well for you considering its lifespan.

Such watches can and are costly and probably out of your budget, and not everyone can afford them.

However, be alert to the minor brands that you don’t know about their sourcing or history, especially if their prices are skimpy.

Often, these forged automatic watches wouldn’t last as other legit automatic timepieces can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on automatic watches

Can automatic watch last forever?

An automatic watch can last for a very long time, provided you check, repeatedly servicing, and keep it tidy as often as you can.

Do you have to wear your automatic watch every day to last long?

No, you don’t need to wear your automatic watch every day.

However, an automatic watch that is worn will stop by itself when its energy reserves run out. Then, later, you can pick it and use it ordinarily.

Can automatic watch stop running when it is dropped?

When a watch is cut, a hasty effect may cause an axle of one or more wheels to break down.

Thus, it will delay it from operating until you take it to the repairer.

How does magnetism affect automatic watches?

Watches can naturally be affected by magnetism and may gain or lose time.


An automatic timepiece could last long if only the required precaution and maintenance are done.
It’s common for automatic watches to go on for years, with some even being passed off as inheritance to generations.

So, it’s all about making sure your high-quality and expensive automatic watches are kept in a perfect state.

These watches are undoubtedly expensive to purchase.

However, automatic watches are unique, with unique bonds formed between you and the watches; hence there’s some liveliness and zeal in safekeeping your timepiece to last for a longer time.

Then, if this is your desire, don’t waste your dollars; instead, start taking care of your watches.

Verrien | Can Automatic Watches Last Forever ?

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