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Verrien | Can Quartz Watches Get Magnetized ?

Magnetization is one of the major issues confronting watches across the world today. The problem is more pronounced amongst mechanical and automatic watches. This problem can manifest across major watch brands. There is hardly any timepiece that does not suffer from one form of magnetic effect or the other. When the problem occurs, it can cause lots of functional issues for the watches. The major problem it causes include hairspring and balance wheel which could stick together. It can also cause inaccuracy in timekeeping. The problem can cause the watch to damage.

Quartz and the problem of magnetization

Quartz is known for the manufacture of electronic watches. This means that it is not mechanical to an extent because its components are not mainly steel or mechanical materials. That does not mean that the brand is exonerated from magnetization and its effects. It is to be affected because some of the watch components are composed of steel materials such as the hands. This is one hundred percent steel in most cases. Most earlier models in the market are designed with steel handles. When the magnetization issues become a problem, newer versions are now composed of non-magnetic hands. The answer to the question as to whether quartz watches can be magnetized is yes. It can be magnetized but not to the extent of causing heavy dysfunctional problems.

Why are watches magnetized?

Several factors are responsible for the magnetization of watches apart from the steel and mechanical components of these watches. If you put your watch on the phone top on a nightstand, this can cause this problem. In the same way, proximity can be a factor. Research indicates that if you are sitting very close to somebody who has a purse with a magnetic clasp, it can cause this problem. If you move away further from any magnetic field you discover that the effect of magnetism will reduce completely.

Many travelers would also tell you the effect of security tools on their wristwatches. A handheld screener or a body scanner that has a magnetic field can also affect the watches. If the quartz watch has a steel handle, it can magnet it and you can see the effect. The outcome is going to be different when the wristwatch does not have a steel handle, then you will be sure that the magnetic effect can hardly be felt. It is easy to determine whether your watch can be affected by a magnet.

Does magnetization affect the performance of quartz watches?

The major worry of magnetization on wristwatches is that it can impact their performance. Its major function is an accurate timepiece, and this problem can cause it to derail. It will definitely run late because of the dragging effect of magnetization. The watch functions will be impaired when it is unable to keep time accurately. Therefore, anything that affects the ability to keep time accurately is negatively affecting the performance of such watches including the quartz brand.

Quartz is a superior watch and the brand is remarkable because of the way it works. This brand relies on a tiny magnetic stepper motor. It is composed of the coil and this creates what is known as the magnetic field in this kind of watch. Two attributes make quartz different from the other automatic and mechanical timepieces out there. It includes the absence of rotor, wheel, as well as hairspring.

Because of the availability of magnetic fields in this brand, there is no doubt that this is going to be affected negatively by magnetism. This implies that the ability to accurate timepieces will be questioned when the issue of magnetization is raised.

If the watch is exposed to any magnetic environment such as those available in headphones, body scanners, handbag, laptops as well as a refrigerators, it can affect the smooth movement of the watch. It will cause the watch to move slowly which slows time keep ability. The slow movement is because of the increase in force.

The solution to the problem is to remove the quartz watch from that environment, and it is going to make it work smoothly and not slowly.

Compared to other watch brands, there is an advantage. This is because it does not contain much steel or mechanical components like mechanical and automatic watches. Moreover, quartz does often retain magnetism which could adversely affect the movement. This also makes it different from the watches out there when it comes to the magnetic effect.

The other reason why the effect of magnetism is not well pronounced in a quartz watch is because of the fewer moving and metallic components. Furthermore, it comes with a motor that is more protected and buried deep into the body. Apart from that, the casing is more resistant to magnetism. This watch can always fair better when compared to the analog counterpart.

How to find out if your watch is magnetized

You have seen the consequences of magnetization on watches. Quartz watches can be magnetized but the consequences are not as pronounced as automatic and mechanical watches. Since quartz is also prone to magnetism, some tips can assist you to find out whether your watch is magnetized or not.

How is the watch movement like?

Generally, a magnetized watch moves slowly. This means that it does not keep time accurately. Several factors are responsible for this. It could be because of resistance to its movement which is often the case when the watch is magnetized. However, it is not all cases of slow watch movement that are caused by the magnetic effect. It could be because the battery is weak or damaged. You have to take it to a watch repairer to find out the cause of the slow movement. So do not conclude it is caused by a magnetic field.

The most effective way to determine whether the watch is magnetized is to take it to a non-magnetic compass. If you take it close to that place and the watch stops when it is pulled away, then it is an indication that it is magnetized.

Once the magnetized watch is within the magnetized environment, it would not function properly. If you remove it from the magnetized environment, then it will begin to work very well. The problem confronting it at that time is the magnetic environment. There is no need to worry yourself when you discover that the problem has to do with the magnetic environment. The solution is simply to remove it from that environment. Do not reset the watch, just remove it from that magnetic environment. When you reset it there is no need to do any other thing because any further action could damage the watch.

Whenever the watch stops functioning, the proper thing to do is to take it to the professional. Experts will detect the problem. It is good to demagnetize the watch if you know how to go about it. But if you are not an expert in demagnetizing, then do not do it on your own because you can damage the accessories.

The problem of magnetized watches

The major problem is that it affects the timepiece accuracy. There could be some health implications. It is possible to demagnetize such a watch and this involves the removal of that magnetic field. If you want to remove the magnetized field, then you have to consult professionals that have all the necessary tools and accessories for that. Experts will always refer to the demagnetizing machine as the best tool for removing that problem from your watch. In most cases, the process is not as complicated as one may think since it can involve a simple alternation of its electrical current. One thing is the removal of the magnetic field, the other thing is to ensure that the watch still works properly after that. To ensure that the process works fine, experts also recommend the use of Watch EKG to check the process. This can tell you whether the watch is functioning normally after the removal of the magnetic field.

If you do it online which means that you have an idea about the demagnetization process, there are online resources that can assist you. If you know how to go about it, research the best tools available and use any of them to demagnetize your watch. Some of these demagnetization tools are affordable.

Are brands solving the problem of watch magnetization?

Brands across the world have now discovered that the problem of magnetization can be solved by watchmakers themselves. This stems from the fact that watch manufacturers such as quartz are now aware of the problem and they are introducing new brands to the market with fewer magnetic problems. Modern brands in the market today have features that can resist the magnetic field effects.

Apart from quartz other leading manufacturers are reducing the effect of magnetic fields on their products. Today there are two prominent ways of fighting this problem by brand manufacturers. This involves the use of antimagnetic materials in the manufacture of these watches. The step here includes the use of materials that do not conduct any kind of magnetic charge. The other way to make the watch movement more protected is by enclosing it in a soft metal case. One of the non-magnetic materials that are used in the watch movement is silicon material. Apart from that, it is common to see leading brands create a version of their own antimagnetic materials. This includes the use of silicon-like materials such as silver and this is a silicon alloy material.

Moreover, the use of a soft metal case such as the faraday cage is a solution to the problem and this is because of the unique way it conducts magnetic movement which takes away from the movement of the watch.

It is common to see watches with solid cases. This is part of the solution to the problem. During the testing processes of modern watches, one of the serious tests conducted includes the issue of magnetic resistance. The testing is serious and in countries like Switzerland, it is conducted by the federal institute of metrology in the country. When you are looking for brands today, you must check for antimagnetic tests.

The effect of magnetization is a global phenomenon right from the year 1973. It is not surprising that the International Organization for Standardization which is an independent group and has its location in Switzerland included the issue of ant magnetization of watches in their lists of tests to be conducted on such products. According to this professional body, antimagnetic is achieved when it surpasses the previous rating of 4800 amperes per meter of direct contact. Now the international body has increased the magnetic resistance to include 16000 amperes per meter which the watch must pass to be certified magnetic free.

If you have a magnetized watch, you can demagnetize today if you choose to do so. This is because more technologies are available today that you can rely on that achieve that process. When you successfully demagnetize it, you will discover that it will now work properly and this means that it is going to be accurate in timekeeping. The technology is such simple that if you think that you do not achieve what you want, you can also reverse the process by yourself. There are several tools out there that you can use for this, and one of them is called the demagnetizer. It is available online and it is not beyond your reach. This means that it is affordable.

Remember that this self-help effort might not solve the problem if you do not know how to do it by yourself. It is recommended that you outsource this important aspect to a local watch repairer who knows his way around the watch to do that for you.

After demagnetizing the watch, it is also necessary to check whether the watch works properly. If it does not work well, it does not mean that the demagnetization does not work, rather it could be that some components of the watch may be damaged.

Final words

Quartz watches can get magnetized. However, do not expect it to be as pronounced as what you get in other watch brands. This is because it uses fewer mechanical materials. There are lots of resources out there which you can use to demagnetize your watch include the quartz brand.

Verrien | Can Quartz Watches Get Magnetized ?

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