Can Quartz Watches Last Forever ?

Before purchasing anything, you constantly find yourself asking several questions. But the most common one is how long this product will serve me? Right?

It’s no difference when it comes to quartz watches. These are timepieces that use an electronic oscillator delimited by a quartz crystal to keep track of time.

Some quartz watches are also automatic. Most times people as can quartz watches last forever? What is their estimated life span?

Well, the answer is yes. They can last forever if taken good care of. However, since the interception of mechanism in watches, watch connoisseurs have always disputed the lifespan of a quartz watch.

But, the projected life span of a quartz watch is between 20 to 30 years, and after that, the electronic components of the watch will eventually wear out.

It’s incredible to believe that quartz watches like the 1978 Seiko King and the Citizen A660 have lasted for over 40 years.

Quartz batteries are designed to last for more than two years; however, some may last up to three years.

Watches like Grand Seiko SBGV238 are long-lasting, and there are specific natural reasons why they might last forever, unlike other automatic watches.

Below are the reasons why these timepieces might last forever.

Very Few Moving Parts

The Current Quartz Watch

In quartz technology, you will find very few moving parts which contribute to its lightweight.

There are analog and digital-analog versions of the quartz watches; the digital-analog still lasts longer than the other version.

Quartz watches also tend to have a sealed crystal that, even after been exposed to dirt, dust, or magnetism, the internal parts still remain intact and safe.

In case of bangs or falls, the chances of a quartz watch getting damaged or destroyed are meager because it’s not as heavy as any other watch. It’s very trivial compared to automatic watches.

Minimal Parts

For a regular watch, there are basically 60 to 200 or more parts. However, quartz watches only have 30 or fewer components.

This means that the chances of a regular watch are easily prone to failure due to its density. However, a quartz watch, it’s less likely to have friction due to its few parts.

Quartz watches also require lesser upkeeps and repairs.

People who own or have previously owned quartz watches can testify that battery replacements are the only repairs the watch might need in two years.

Most people don’t know that quartz technology is less disposed to appeal, unlike many automatic watches.

Ease in Design

Quartz watches are among the world’s most accurate when it comes to timekeeping and tracking.

In addition, they also have a very meek design, disparate other watches.

Their features are a coil with a stepper motor that drives the hands.

Both quartz watches and reflex watches have vulnerable hair-like spring parts, subtle rotors, and loosening oil.

Most of the top range watches only chance by a mere second within a month, while other best automatic watches move about three seconds in a month.

These are few reasons as to why quartz watches could last forever and why they are durable.

However, these are not enough reasons why your F.P. Journe Élégante 48mm could live long. There are still other things that you could do to enhance and advance its life span.

Tips to Maintain Your Quartz Watch

Often quartz watches are delicate and need upkeeps from time to time. These repairs include:

Pressure Test

This is a test done to check if the seals of your quartz watch are still intact. The seals need to be in place because they protect the inner parts of your watch from dirt and water.

Case and Crew polishing

Since your wrist comes into contact with many surfaces in a day, your Rolex Datejust ref. 5100 ‘Beta 21’ needs to be restored to its shiny original look by either polishing or replacing the case and band.

Also, the polishing removes dings and scratches, and it’s recommendable to at least polish it once a year to keep your timepiece in shape.

Stem and Crown Repair and Replacement

You wouldn’t want anyone playing with the stem and crown of your quartz watch like you would with any other mechanical watch.

However, the itty-bitty pieces of metals sometimes can get knocked off or go missing over time.

Therefore, it’s advisable to visit a jeweler who will restore and replace your stem and crown that you can adjust your watch’s time if need be.

Battery Replacement

For any watch to function and run well, it needs a battery.

Quartz watches battery replacement is the most essential check-up it will need at least once or twice in two years.

Even though it still seems to be working correctly, it’s suggested to constantly replace the battery to avoid issues.

Quartz Watch Overhaul

After six or more years, some parts of your quartz watch need lubrication and some thorough cleaning to keep the watch in good shape.

You should always take it to a renovation where everything is taken apart to check the inner apparatuses because every time a battery replacement is done, chances are that uninvited rubbles will pop into your watch’s movement.

Yet the overhaul isn’t expensive as such, the prices vary depending on the watch brand and the extent of damage caused.

Still, there are things that you should always keep in mind and avoid while wearing your Longines Conquest V.H.P. “Flash Setting” Quartz watch. They include:

Avoid direct contact with magnetic things like T.V.s or iPads because they can throw your timepiece out of balance because the appeals mess with the interior arrangement of the watch.

Quartz watches operate best at room temperature, and when in hot climates, they may slow down, and in cold weather, they tend to speed up.

As much as it won’t hurt you when you destroy an expensive timepiece, you should still avoid swimming or showering with your quartz timepiece, especially if you haven’t tested your watch seals yet.

Also, before jumping into water bodies during your vacation, remember to safely remove your Citizen A660 quartz watch beforehand.

Wrap up

These watches like the Citizen A660 are backed up with a 10-year guarantee, and others won’t even need service until 50 years like the Seiko 9F movement.

Still, you need to generally care and give essential maintenance for your quartz watch that it may serve for over three decades.

Now that you already know what to do to keep your quartz watch in good shape and condition, let’s make it last forever, and worth every coin you spent to buy it.