Can Quartz Watches Last Forever ?

Before purchasing anything, you constantly find yourself asking several questions. But the most common one is how long this product will serve me? Right? It’s no difference when it comes to quartz watches. These are timepieces that use an electronic oscillator delimited by a quartz crystal to keep track of time. Some quartz watches are […]

Can Quartz Watches Get Magnetized ?

Magnetization is one of the major issues confronting watches across the world today. The problem is more pronounced amongst mechanical and automatic watches. This problem can manifest across major watch brands. There is hardly any timepiece that does not suffer from one form of magnetic effect or the other. When the problem occurs, it can […]

Quartz Watches Can They Be Slow ?

Quartz watches are among the most adorable in the market. The brand is rated very high. It becomes a source of worry when the watch runs slowly. When it runs slowly it loses time and this is not the best for those who are conscious of time. It is good to figure out the major […]

Best Quartz Watches Under $2000

Quartz luxury watches can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A mere look at the price tags may make you feel overwhelmed, but that should not be the case. There are steps that you are required to follow whenever you intend to buy a quartz watch. The preliminary step is to have a budget […]