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Verrien | Choose the Best Tissot Watches for Women

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand that has been around for over 150 years. They’re known for their quality and style, and they have a wide variety of watches to suit every taste. Tissot’s Women’s line includes the Ladymatic series, which come in different colors of gold or silver with rose gold accents on the case and bracelet. The women’s line also includes quartz models with diamond-cut hour markers. The t-classic models are more formal and dressy while still maintaining an elegant look that can be worn day or night; these watches come in 18k yellow gold or stainless steel cases paired with either a brown leather strap or black crocodile skin strap. Here is a list of the best Tissot watches for Women:

1.Tissot every time Swissmatic Automatic Watch

This Tissot watch is one of the most practical watches for women with a diamond bezel, steel dial, and a sapphire crystal that will ensure that you can do anything in style while still hearing from your physician friends; what an impressive watch you have on! The elegant design might be our favorite part of this watch because it’s perfect for any occasion like wedding dinners or dinner parties with friends.

2. Tissot Ballade Quartz Dress Watch

For ladies looking for something to rock at their workplace or graduation ceremony, the Tissot Ballade dress watch is perfect for you because it’s casual enough to be worn every day while still looking great! It’s a bit more classy and elegant than the previous watches that we’ve reviewed, but it does lack some of the sassy features like a diamond bezel or steel casing.

3. Tissot Ballade Sports Touch Watch 

This is our favorite watch for fitness ladies who are always on the go because they can wear this watch while doing their cardio at the gym, taking a swim in the pool, or even when they’re just going out shopping with friends! We love how sleek and minimalist this watch looks, and it’s one of our personal favorites! You will not regret buying this incredible timepiece for sure, so make sure you check out more details above!

4.Tissot Everytime Quartz Stainless Steel Watch 

If you’re looking for a watch that will make sure you stand out from the crowd, this stunning time piece would be a great choice to go with because it’s elegant and beautiful but also incredibly unique! The stainless steel band will do wonders for your style statement while giving you high-quality performance anytime you need it!

5.Tissot Everytime Quartz Watch 

This is another one of our favorite watches here at Sweety High because we love how simple yet sophisticated it looks! It’s an option to seriously consider if you’re looking for a watch that would best suit your professional settings! It’s also perfect for those of us who are still in school because it can be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal.

6. Tissot Everytime Quartz Automatic Watch

This is another cool version of our favorite Tissot Everytime watch above, except this one has more features and benefits than the previous model we’ve reviewed! If you’re looking for something a bit more special than most watches on the market, definitely check out this awesome timepiece! It will give your wrist that finishing touch that every outfit needs to look classy and elegant.

 7. Tissot Everytime Quartz Dress Watch 

This is the bigger version of our favorite watch from above! It’s more suitable for women with larger wrists because it looks stunning and classy! It also comes with a sapphire crystal face, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it anytime soon!

8. Tissot New Wave Automatic Watch 

Many people love this simple yet elegant timepiece because its quartz movement makes sure that you can hear your physician friends talking about how sassy and cool you look but still hear them saying how precise your watch is as well! The case size is pretty small, so it’s perfect for us ladies who have smaller wrists! You can also check out the bigger version of this watch below if you don’t like its 37mm case size.

9. Tissot Ballade Sports Touch Watch

This is our favorite sports watch here on Sweety High because we think it looks gorgeous and elegant for those of us still in school or working who do a lot of moving around from one place to another! Its quartz movement means that you’ll always get more than just a great-looking timepiece but also an amazing quality watch that gets the job done with precision and accuracy anytime you need it! We recommend this awesome timepiece to all of you looking for a baller watch for everyday use!

10. Tissot Ballade Watch Quartz 

This is another version of our favorite timepiece here on Sweety High! We love how elegant it looks and how well it goes with any outfit we wear! It’s also very comfortable to wear, which makes it the perfect accessory to take with us when we’re traveling or just having fun at the beach! You will not regret getting one because this cool watch is stunning, so go ahead and check out its amazing features above!

11. Women’s Tissot Petite Lady Automatic Watch

This is a smaller version of our favorite watch from above, and it’s one that we can’t get enough of! It looks gorgeous, but the best thing about this cool watch is how durable it is because of its stainless steel band and sapphire crystal face! If you’re looking for an accessory to get that would fit your small wrists, definitely check out this amazing timepiece!

12. Tissot Ballade Watch Quartz 

Here’s another take on our favorite timepiece, which has been shrunken down into a smaller and more petite case size! It will still retain all of its awesome features, such as its precise quartz movement as well as its sapphire crystal face! We can’t get enough of this product because it’s so versatile and classy that you can wear it with any outfit, formal or casual!

13. Women’s Tissot Chrono XL Watch 

This classy timepiece is one of the coolest on our list here in Sweety High because this bad-ass watch has an amazing chronograph movement that we can’t get enough of! It makes sure that we always look precise and fashionable whenever we want to have a blast with friends or go out on a date night with our besties! The case size is also perfect for us women who have bigger wrists.


Tissot offers a variety of watches for women. From the classic ladies’ watch to their sporty, elegant, and timeless pieces, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Verrien | Choose the Best Tissot Watches for Women

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