The competition gets easier

That is just the way it goes in this world. While you are thinking you are buying from a competitor to one watch-making company, you find out you actually are not. It’s a disappointing feeling but companies have to watch their bottom lines and when they can remove competition they will.

It seems that when Citizen bought Bulova it kept the latter’s company philosophy about watchmaking. that is a smart move as that helps their bottom line and still provides all classes of society with a great timepiece that fits their lifestyle and budget.

If we had to choose, we would say that Bulova tops this comparison simply because it is more elegant and does not pursue the nerd class of consumers.

This is how it is with these two top watch brands. They may have started out independently but they did not end up that way. To learn more about these two top brands, just continue to read our article.

It has the information you want to know about if you do not like Japanese products and prefer American.

Who makes both Citizen and Bulova watches?

You may be surprised that Citizen actually makes both brands. The two companies did not start out that way as Bulova was an American company that was started in 1875 by Joseph Bulova in New York City.

Like Timex and other companies, they started out making clocks and pocket watches. Their product line didn’t change till 1911 when they added their own wristwatch line. However, their manufacturing plant was established in Switzerland giving them that European edge.

On the other side of the coin, Citizen copied that strategy and it seems to have started out as a Swiss company before partnering with the Japanese Shokosha Watch Research Institute which was started by Kamekichi Yamazaki in Tokyo in 1918.

It wasn’t until their 1930 partnership that Citizen was actually born. However, Citizen got the upper hand in this industry and bought out Bulova over a decade ago. They have been making both brands every since.

Citizen Vs. Bulova Durability

This will be like comparing apples to apples unless you own Bulova watches from the pre-Citizen era. Those watches were made with precision and durability as they could handle a lot of rough treatment, although not as rough as Timex or Casio brands.

These watch lines are made from top-quality materials which help their longevity as well as protect their inner workings. No matter which one you buy, you should be able to have them last for years under normal use.

As to who will be the tougher watch it may be Citizen as they seem to need better protection for the amount of technology they put inside their watch lines. Bulova is striving to be a sophisticated-looking watch that does not need as much protection as the activities it is worn at are not as strenuous.

We will give the edge to Citizen here even though Bulova’s reputation seems to be better than that company’s.

Bulova vs. Citizen Features and Technology

For the most part, it seems that Bulova is chasing Seiko while Citizen is competing with Casio in terms of features and technology. While Bulova has a great Chronograph watch line in its Precisionist series, Citizen watch lines have more bells and whistles to them.

The latter’s Eco-Drive Silvertone and Black World Time A-T Watch are packed full of features and advanced technology. This watch line is solar-powered driven by a bit of technology you won’t find in the Bulova watches.

Also, Citizen’s Nighthawk option is full of technology that just overpowers anything that Bulova offers. Bulova does have Accutron technology in its watches. this advancement uses a tuning fork instead of springs to keep accurate time. It may only lose 1 minute over 30 days.

Then Citizen’s Navihawk is synced to 43 time zones around the world. that is a great feature for world travelers to take advantage of. Citizen will win this category for sure as it is like Casio and thinks that technology rules the day.

Citizen & Bulova Looks & Style

Here is where you see Bulova chasing Seiko in terms of class, elegance, and design. Their style of watches will match Seiko pound for pound and leave Citizen in the dust. Citizen does have some very nice-looking and classy timepieces but those are rare.

When you look at the face of a Bulova watch, you have no trouble seeing the time. The background and features do not overshadow why you wear a watch in the first place. To get the time.

However, with many Citizen watches, you have to look past the numerous features and pieces of technology and you are still not sure if you are seeing the correct time or not. their watches, like Casio’s, are overcrowded with too many items. That company forgot the less is more lesson.

Bulova did not in the majority of each of its watches. Plus, you have a level of sophistication in this watch brand that does rival Seiko and has people wondering if you won the lottery recently.

Bulova vs. Citizen Costs

Both brands are described as mid-range watch lines. In other words, their prices are not going to be as high as luxury watch brands; but not as low as a cheap run-of-the-mill brand that makes its money through quantity instead of quality.

Then, Citizen is not going to be priced as high as Bulova even though they are in the same mid-range category. Bulova is at the higher end of that category while Citizen trends towards the middle or lower end of the scale.

That does not mean all the watches in their timepiece lineup will fit those ranges. they both have some watches that rice in all areas of the mid-range category. It is just that Citizen dominates the lower end while Bulova rules the upper end.

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