Citizen and Invicta are both watch brands that have been around for a long time. Citizen is known for their Eco-Drive technology, which uses light to power the batteries in the watches, so they never need to be changed. They also produce many other types of watches, from dressy styles to sporty ones. Invicta has been making quality watches since 1837. They use Swiss movements and offer different styles like diver’s watches, clocks, or dressier pieces with diamond accents. Which brand would you choose? Read this post and find out!

Citizen watches are an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a watch with high quality and reliability. This is because they can be relied on in both casual settings or dressier occasions. However, Invicta offers more variety of styles and the opportunity to have a custom design made just for you. The decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. Still, if we had to choose between these two brands, it would be hard not to recommend Citizen over Invicta due to their long-standing reputation for excellence.


Invicta offers timepieces for as little as $70, while Citizen watches have been known to sell as high as $2000 depending on the model that you choose. Even though they differ in prices, this does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other quality-wise (even if some customers might think otherwise). In addition, even though both brands can be found at many stores around the world, Invicta products are also sold through third-party sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay, which often makes it difficult to figure out what stores carry a certain watch or brand of watches because each page may contain different information within their description box.

Price is often a large determining factor in purchasing watches as they are not the only thing that matters in terms of quality and longevity. Because Citizen offers timepieces ranging from $70-$2000. They have something for everyone because each piece can be personalized according to your needs by choosing different aspects such as crystal color, movement type, display case back, etc. With Invicta, however, there is not an option to choose what kind of face you want with their models, which means that everything will come pre-packaged within the set price that you pay for regardless if you like it or not!

In addition to this fact, Invicta tends to lose its shine quicker than Citizen watches which causes many people to purchase it because they believe it is cheaper and more durable than Citizen. However, this is often not true as Invicta can be found for a cheaper price but does not last long enough to prove its value compared to Citizen watches.

This means that there is less pressure on you when buying an Invicta watch because you do not have any additional options within your budget aside from what comes with the product. In contrast, the opposite holds for Citizen watches, where you can decide how much luxury or durability you want with your timepiece!


Citizen uses more traditional designs with their movements and case sizes, yet they are still very stylish. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to buy or gift a watch to someone just getting into the world of luxury watches. Their larger cases allow customers to house added features within the movement, such as power reserves or calendars in addition to the time display (so it can be visible at all times) without sacrificing style and elegance. One of the biggest differences between Invicta and Citizen is that almost every Invicta model comes equipped with some unique design feature(). Still, the Citizen brand offers a more classic, clean design.

The Invicta design features a unique locomotive style proprietary to this watch brand, meaning it can only be found on their watches (with few exceptions). This design adds an open case back that allows customers to see the movement, making them different from other quartz or automatic movements in price and performance. While most of Invicta’s watches are automatic chronograph models, some mid-priced styles offer analog displays along with a 12-hour chronograph feature.


A Citizen movement will almost always have a solar-powered option, unlike most of the other watch brands. In addition, their mechanical movements come with 24 jewels for increased accuracy and durability. Citizen movements also contain extra positional-display features such as a backlight or dual time zone displays that a customer can choose to have displayed on their watch face if they choose to have the movement itself modified (which is not included in the original purchase price).

Invicta uses quartz and automatic (self-winding) movements for all of their watches, usually falling within the $200 – $500 price bracket. The brand’s main focus rests upon chronograph models, which are often used with fashion statements. This does not mean that an Invicta watch cannot be used as an everyday piece, though, because several customers will utilize it regardless of its flashy design simply because it has been working for them since they purchased it. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of choices when determining which movement is right for you.


Citizen Watches boasts about their highest standards in watchmaking technology, which is why customers often buy different models as gifts for loved ones. Their watches are made with precision engineering, which guarantees a tight fit between each part offered in their collections. Furthermore, they also use materials that are durable and breathable for long-lasting comfort on the wrist.

Invicta offers many models and collections with thousands of variations available to choose from, so customers always have a large selection to choose from. Furthermore, Invicta watches are produced from high-quality materials such as leathers and precious metals that make them durable but still attractive for customers who can afford to spend more on timepieces they wish to buy as gifts for themselves or loved ones.


While Citizen offers many models compared to most, they are often considered the “Citizen” brand in association with watches being associated with lower quality pieces which are not true! Regardless of this fact, Invicta remains highly reputable for their timepieces even though some customers will choose to purchase them simply because of their flashy design and under the $500 price range rather than the reputation behind them. In addition, these customers also contribute to the problem by choosing Invicta over Citizen because there are fewer selections available. However, both brands display a wide range of options when looking at higher-end-priced pieces or even luxury timepieces. This means that they are more “status” oriented than citizens.

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