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Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

With the advancement in technology, smartphones have assumed the role of wristwatches.

Today watches are adorned for style to complement fashion as an accessory.

However, there are watch enthusiasts who will trade a good wristwatch for anything.

Although wristwatches have become obsolete, there are functions that smartphones cannot perform, and only a specific wristwatch can.

Deep diving is a precise task that cannot be done using a smartphone but an exceptional deep diver watch.

Watch enthusiasts will pick a 1000M divers watch, even when they have no intention of going swimming let alone diving.

The most appealing part of a divers watch is the technology used to make them.

The craftsmanship of the wristwatch and its functionality are other reasons that a person will go for the deep divers watch.

Most divers cannot go to 1000M, but the watches have been designed that way.

The deepest most divers can go 300 meters.

The timepieces are not only for deep divers but even on a submarine that goes deep in the sea; the watches are essential.

Below are some wristwatches that can withstand pressure 1000M undersea.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M

Pantor is a rugged watch with no unique features about it. The dial is clear and legible as all the dials that should be used under the sea. Superluminova illuminates the dial.

The Pantor Seahorse is a vast watch, and it uses automatic movement courtesy of Japanese Miyota.

The specifications of the wristwatch are 16mm thickness, 1000M water resistance, 45mm diameter, stainless steel and a sapphire crystal. The watch has a helium escape valve which ensures that pressure escapes during decompression.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Pantor Seahorse 1000M (Image; Amazon)

Oris Force Recon GMT

Oris Force Recon is black and has a deployment buckle.

It is 49mm in diameter, and both the markers and hands are luminescent.

Unlike most other deep-sea diving watches, Oris Caliber 747 powers its movement.

It has a GMT 2nd time zone feature which makes this watch more unique.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Oris Force Recon GMT (Image;

Marc and Sons MSD-028

This timepiece is made in Germany, words that are at the bottom of the dial, which is blue. It is 1000M water-resistant, has a main helium valve, and its bezel is ceramic and utilizes Seiko NH35A movements.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Marc and Sons MSD-028 1000M Professional Vintage (Image; marcandsons)

MWC Depthmaster

MWC is the abbreviation for Military Watch Company based in Switzerland.

The Depthmaster has a 1000M water-resistance as well as a helium escape valve. It also has a sapphire crystal and stainless steel case with a lug width of 24mm, 44mm and 15mm thickness.

Seiko NH35A powers the watch movements. At the 4 o’clock window, the watch has a date window which is quite convenient while below the water surface.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

MWC Depthmaster 1000M (Image; Amazon)

Hamilton Men’s Khaki Navy Below Zero

This is one heavy-duty watch from the brand Hamilton. It is 1000M water-resistant, has luminous hands, a pin buckle and rubber straps or rubber bands.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Hamilton Men’s Khaki Navy Below Zero 1000M (Image; Pinterest)

Chris Benz

The Chris Benz watch has a unique feature in that it is shark-proof.

The wristwatch can withstand the bite of a shark, from tests done in South Africa shark alley.

The watch has a 44mm diameter, automatic movement, rubber straps, and stainless steel case.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Chris Benz 1000M Automatic Sharkproof (Image; Chrisbenz)

OceanX Sharkmaster

Most watch enthusiasts give OceanX a good review due to its superior qualities.

The dial, bezel, and case all look like those of Rolex sea dwellers.

However, it has some different and unique specifications, such as the tangerine touches and the hands.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

OceanX Sharkmaster (Image; ebay)

Seapro Scuba Dragon

Most watches from Seapro are designed to be used in water.

It has a 1000M water resistance, and the straps can either be rubber or stainless steel.

A quartz movement powers this model, and the dial has a textured sea wave. It is rather heavy with a 48mm diameter.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Seapro Scuba Dragon (Image; Amazon)

Neymar 1000M dive watch

Neymar dive is a relatively affordable 1000M water-resistant watch.

Japan NH35A movements power Neymar and it possesses desirable specs.

The timepiece has a date window and luminous markers, and hands. It has a helium escape valve, sapphire crystal and a screw-down crown.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Neymar 1000M Dive watch (Image; Amazon)

Seiko Emperor Tuna SBDX014

This watch is 1000M water-resistant and is powered by Seiko’s 8L35A movement. This watch is charming, massive, iconic as well as functional. However, coming from a renowned brand, this watch is very pricy.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

SBDX014 Seiko Emperor Tuna (Image; Monochromewatches)

Deep Blue Pro Sea Diver

Pro Sea Diver is rated 1000M water resistant from the Deep Blue brand.

The brand has watches that range from 300M to 3000M water-resistant. The Pro Sea Diver has many options in terms of the dial, straps and bezel.

One watch brand manufactures deep diving models that are not rugged since their watches still hold an aesthetic appeal.

This watch can be adorned on land and in deep diving as well. It has a 24mm bracelet and 45mm diameter. The dial and bezel are legible, and the indices are large.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Pro sea Diver (Image; Deepblue)

Spinnaker Overboard

Dartmouth produces this watch model in Hong Kong. Spinnaker Overboard has a silicone strap and an ionic plated case in black, and just like the rest of the models, it is 1000M water-resistant.

The timepiece boasts a 46mm diameter which makes it a pretty big watch. It is powered by Seiko NH38 automatic movement and mineral crystal.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

Spinnaker Overboard (Image; Amazon)
Many deep-sea diving watches go up to 1000m and above in resistance. Some of the watches that boast of over 1000m include;

Models Above 1000M

  • Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer GMT at 1250M,
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea 3900M,
  • Zelos Abyss 3 3000M,
  • Sinn UX EZM 2 1200M,
  • Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M,
  • The highest-ranking water-resistant wristwatch is 6000M Swiss Military  CX 20000.

The resistance of these watches is top-notch, making them suitable for deep-sea diving and military operations under the sea.

It is essential to keep time under the sea since there is no sunrise and sunset.

The deep-sea diving timepieces are high quality and highly specialized, making their prices higher than other watch models.

Verrien | Deep Dive Watches Review

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