Watches are not only timepieces; they also define fashion and class.

They are archetypal symbols of lifestyle and career classification.

To tell whether a watch is unique and of quality, you need to check more besides the design, brand, and model.

Other watch features like clasps, buckles and closures also count in the fashion and quality of a watch.

Clasps are parts of the watch strap that tighten and secure a watch in your wrist. As you buy a watch, it is advisable to pay attention to this critical feature.

Below are the different types of watch clasps your watch can have.

Deployment Watch Clasps

If you own a stainless-steel watch, there is a high chance it has a deployment clasp.

Deploy clasps have been in existence for a while now.

They were invented by a French watchmaker, Louis Cartier, in 1910.

Deployment clasps unfold into thirds.

They have a latch that locks the clasp in place. However, they are a hassle to work with.

Deployment clasps are not the most adjustable, and if your watch does not fit in your wrists, you will have to get it adjusted professionally.

But you can be sure that the clasp is well secured.

Many people do not like deployment clasps because they are not easy to work with.

But, there is a variant of the deployment clasps; push-button deployment clasps.

If you fancy deployment clasps but want to add some discretion to them, go for the push deployment clasps.

To open the clasp, all you have to do is push the buttons at the same time.

But, since it is part of the deployment watches, it has a limited expanding length; hence you have to speak to a professional if your watch does not fit.

Deployant Clasp - Push Button
Velcro Watch Clasp

If you are looking for an impressive and unique clasp that matches the tastes of your lifestyle, this is it. Velcro clasps look magnificent on watches.

Velcro clasps are easy to use and are adjustable.

To strap it on your wrist, adjust the length of the clasp for it to match the size of your wrist, then strap both sides together.

Velcro clasps are also versatile and durable.

You are most likely to find them in military and sports style watches.

They are available in a range of colors and are relatively cheap hence are affordable.

However, they are not the most aesthetic choice for watch clasps because the fastening can become loose, making the other side unattractive.

Butterfly Watch Clasp

A butterfly clasp is made of two metal hinges, and they unfold to two different sides.

To get a clear idea of their appearance, think of them like a butterfly spreading its wings.

To put on the watch on your wrist, you fold them in and snap them back together.

When a butterfly clasp opens, it breaks apart in two directions hence opening the strap.

This means even people with the slimmest wrists or most comprehensive hands can wear their favorite watch.

Some butterfly clasps have hidden push buttons, and these buttons make it easier to take off. However, some do not have these buttons.

Tang Watch Clasp

You will mostly find tang clasps on fabric, leather, textile, plastic and tactical watches.

Tang clasps are manufactured with stainless steel, and this makes them durable and precious.

Tang clasps have a pin that secures the look tightly on your wrist.

The tang clasp is ideal for straps with holes. The working mechanism of tang clasps is similar to that of belt buckles-the user has to pull a strap through the buckle frame and attach the pin to the hole.

Afterwards, the user should slide the piece of the band through the loop.
Tang clasps are easy to use and convenient. However, when you use tang clasps for an extended period, they might get damaged.

If this happens, you can always replace them with minimal to no effort, so no worries.

Bracelet Watch Clasp

The bracelet clasp is uncommon in high-end watchmaking. But, it is worth understanding since it is prevalent in entry-level brands, especially those who specialize in making women’s watches.

The bracelet clasp has a snap-shut closure which is most common in the style of bracelet watches. You can even get bracelets with more than one removable link in the same fashion.

One of the most incredible features of bracelet clasps is that they are easily adjustable. A watch will have different openings attached in a chain manner, and they can be removed easily.

Depending on the watch’s design, the opening part can also be removed and reattached to the end of the chain. Removing the opening part allows you to adjust the length of the band to fit you well.

Jewelry Watch Clasp

As the name hints, these clasps are standard in jewelry pieces and often in bracelets. You can also find the clasps in watches.

They are present in the ornate timepieces and are dainty clasp. The clasps are very secure; all you have to do is feed a latch in a hole on the other end of the clasp. The gimmick of the clasp is made from stainless steel and easily folds into place. To release it, all you do is snap the clasp back.

In addition to being secure, jewelry clasps are also adjustable. As is with tang clasps, these have several placements for you to hook the latch into. Butterfly clasps are the favorite of many.

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Different Watch Clasps for Different People The more you add to your knowledge of watches, the more you realize you know very little about watches.

A durable and solid timepiece needs a lot besides the material, bands and quality. Watches can be made of different clasps.

Even if the clasp is not an important detail to pay attention to when getting your new set of watches, it is not advisable to overlook it.

There is no best watch clasp, all you have to do when choosing the clasp you want your watch to have is consider what features you need and which one you can compromise for.