Tissot Watches do not retain their value over time. You can find if Tissot watches retain the value by looking at second-hand Tissot watches that have sold you do this by going to eBay and clicking on Advanced search then press search Sold listings.

On this screenshot, you can see the price which you can buy the watch for which is $497.71 / £365.00

On this screenshot, you can see the price which you can sell the watch for which is $257.72 / £189.00

So the value has decreased by $239.99 / £176

watches, in general, do NOT retain their value at all – with the proverbial exceptions that make the rule (a few Rolex, Patek, FP Journe, some particular Limited Editions, and some precious/rare historical models that go into the vintage/ancient territory. Marketing-wise, Tissot watches are placed at the introductory/affordable range of the watch market and are made in huge quantities (like 3.5 million pieces per year). This means that their list prices are already quite low vs. their technical features (which are uniformly good to very good).

Many high quality designer watches are made to hold their value. These watches are often made of precious metals, such as gold and silver. Other watches that are made of precious metals may not hold their value.

If you have the money, investing in a watch that is made of gold or silver may be a great investment for you. Gold prices are reasonably stable and if you are looking to sell your watch in the future, you should be able to get back close to what you paid for it.

A quality watch will be durable and reliable. Many collectors look for these types of watches because they know they will remain valuable over time. If you want a good investment piece, look for a high-end brand that has a reputation for durability and reliability.

Don’t purchase a watch as an investment, but rather purchase the watch that has style and fits your personal needs. The only way to guarantee your watch won’t lose its value is by keeping it in pristine condition so that it always looks new over time.*

I have been a fan of Tissot since I was a child and saw my first one. They are great watches, well made, reliable and very comfortable to wear. Tissot is based in Switzerland, which is the center of watchmaking. So they have the benefit of all the best technology that is available to them. The design of their watches is unique and beautiful and will make a perfect addition to any man’s collection.

You can wear your watch with almost anything, from a t-shirt to a business suit; it is easy to match outfits with different styles offered by Tissot. They come in several different styles: dress watches, sports watches, and chronograph watches. You can find them in many designer boutiques or online at Amazon.

Now as for value, that depends on what kind of watch you choose; if it is gold it will retain some of its value as gold. The steel models will depreciate over time because they are made of steel which is not an expensive metal like gold or platinum so there will be little to no resale value when you decide to trade up for another model or give it away.

Tissot offers quality watches at an affordable price so anyone can own one. If you have been

I have always been wary of the ‘investment’ argument for watches. There is a lot of variation in how watches hold their value, and it is likely that if you are buying a watch for investment purposes, then you are not necessarily going to be very happy with the wear anyway. Most watches lose a lot of their value after the first year and from there it gets worse as the years go by.

Many people think that writing something like “Don’t purchase a watch as an investment, buy it because you love how it feels…” is kind of silly, but I would say that this is the most important point of all. If you are buying a watch to keep for yourself, or to give to someone who will use it and wear it all the time, then go ahead. Buy whatever makes you happy. Just be aware that if you buy a watch as an investment and then find out it isn’t, you won’t really be very happy either.

The only exception where I would say that a watch might retain its value is if you buy one with an exceptionally unusual movement; something exotic and high-end whose value might actually increase over time. But even then, Rolex and other high-end watches are an exception. They hold their value very well. They are considered good investments over time, but they come with a hefty price tag. As with most luxury goods, it’s all about supply and demand. If demand is high, prices will remain stable or even rise.