Factors To Consider When Buying Women’s Watches That Look Expensive

The world of watches has been, from time immemorial, a man’s world.

Watchmakers have always preferred to invest in the male consumer.

We cannot blame them; very few women could afford to purchase quality pieces.

This has, however, changed over the years, with women becoming empowered and financially independent.

They have, in turn increasing spending on women’s watches that look expensive.

The Factors To Consider

1.Do you a want designer or classic brand?

It is important to remember the basic rules of life when selecting a women’s watch.

For example, a well-known brand does not guarantee quality.

Women sometimes don’t even prefer high-end brands.

On the other hand, not all big brands are bad; some are worth every dime.

Some watchmakers take their time to create amazing products.

It all depends on the kind of fashion watch a woman selects.

Experts warn of the high possibility of overpricing in the women’s watch market.

It is a known fact that women rarely pay attention to prices in this segment of the market.

High-end designer brands are the greatest culprits of this fraud.

Watch collectors have time and again narrated painful stories in the hands of wise watch dealers.

2.What Style Of Watch Do You Want?

Just as the watch itself is important, the style and case are too.

The styles used on women’s watches are magnificent; no wonder women’s watches look expensive.

The usual round cases used on women’s watches are a thing of the past.

The modern woman prefers her watch case less feminine and more masculine.

Rectangular cases have worn most of them over.

The curvy and extraordinarily shaped watches seem to excite women so much.

The eye-catching lines on the pieces are sure to make a statement.

There are different watch types, from casual or what you might call daily watches to the more handy sports timepieces.

The everyday busy woman prefers these two watches more.

Casual timepieces have medium or large dials that pose no difficulty when reading.

This type of watch has no jewellery or adornments.

It is comfortable even for daily use, at home or work.

Sportswomen favour sports watches for their large dials, for easier reading.

Unlike the other two types, jewellery watches often feature precious stones or metals in their design.

Stones like sapphires and diamonds.

These timepieces are usually very formal, and their prices are usually on the high side.

They, however, compensate for the high prices with their remarkable design and appeal.

Makers are fond of decorating the dials to make them even more appealing.

Lastly, we have dress watches or what people call fashion watches.

Fashion brands usually release them to take advantage of trendy fashion designs.

The maker’s emphasis is usually on visual appeal.

3.The Wrist Size

The typical size of a woman’s wrist is 12-17 cm, while their watches have diameters ranging from 22 to 34 mm.

There are, however, smaller watches with around 22 to 28mm.

These are, of course, for the petite wrist.

The intended use for the watch determines the wrist size.

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A sports watch needs to have a firm grip on the arm, while a jewellery watch can be loose or tight.

4.Pay Attention To Movement

There are two types of movements, quartz and mechanical.

Quartz was an innovation in 1970 and is more reliable, practical and cheaper compared to mechanical.

The mechanical version has been in use since time immemorial.

It is a combination of careful engineering and design.

Though considered less practical, the world prefers mechanical over quartz.

The classic designs and traditional craftsmanship make them very expensive.

5.Material Is Crucial

The appearance of every accessory is very important; we buy what we see.

The materials used in the watch determine the overall appearance of every piece.

Gold is a very popular material; it is even more popular among women’ watches than in men’.

Gold is loved because of its different shades.

The most popular is yellow gold, there are others like rose gold, white gold and pink gold.

The two-tone effect you see on watches is due to the incorporation of platinum in the gold.

If you like the masculine look, then you’ll have to settle for stainless steel.

Despite the availability of all these materials, women seem to prefer ceramic.

Maybe due to the smooth and polished finish, they come in.

6.Do You Prefer Strap Or Bracelet?

It all depends on the material you want on the watch’s wrist.

Bracelets are mainly made of gold or a combination of it and another metal.

You will most likely find a bracelet on a fashion and jewellery watch.

Straps are more common in sports and daily wear watches.

A strap is mostly made of leather and can be impeccably in style.

The various colours used on the straps match the dials made the entire piece exotic.

There are other straps made of rubber.

Though less likable, they are long-lasting and easy to clean.

A rubber strap is immune to perfume damage.

Rubber is mainly used in sports watches and some fashion watches.

Rubber is also stylish in its own way.

It is, however, advised that you get a watch with an interchangeable wristband.

This will enable you to adjust the band to match the occasion.

When attending an elegant dinner, you can engage a metal band, and when wearing it to work, you can fix the leather strap.

7.The Color

Women are naturally more colour aware than men.

Women are even known to purchase depending on colour.

The colour of a watch means a lot when it comes to its look on the woman.

A white watch, for example, looks better on a fair-skinned woman as opposed to a darker woman.

Darker women, on the other hand, prefer black watches.

The silver and beige tones go well with different skin colours.

Gold and platinum colours are also quite versatile.

There are other more vibrant colours like red, pink and blue.

Colours sometimes affect the mood of the wearer, mostly women.


Today women buy their watches, not like before when they received them as gifts.

Time should be taken when selecting a woman’s watch; women pay very close attention to detail.

The different factors mentioned above should be a good start.

Women’s watches look expensive most of the time, and the possibility of being conned is high.

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