Festina Watches

Who owns Festina watches?

Festina watches are owned by Festina Group is a Swiss watch company that was founded in 1902 by a group of watch retailers from the Val de Travers. Festina means “joy” in Latin and refers to the fact that the watches are affordable.

How much does Festina watch cost?

Festina watches price ranges from £ 24.40 / $ 33.27 up to £ 446.41 / $ 608.62. The main factor which affects Festina watch price is its type of material. Watches made with steel are cheaper most of the time than gold or titanium watches.

who sells Festina watches?

If you are looking for a decent and cost-effective watch, then it would be wise to consider buying from a reputable seller. While there are many reputable sellers of watches, only a few of them sell Festina watches. You can buy a Festina watch from Amazon or any online watch shop.

Best Festina watches for ladies

  • Unisex Festina Chronograph Watch F20458/2
  • Ladies Festina Swiss Made Watch F20009/3
  • Ladies Festina Watch F16716/1
  • Festina Watch F20021/2
  • Festina Watch F20509/2
  • Festina Watch F20504/1
  • Festina Watch F20485/1

Best Festina Watches for men

  • Festina Watch F20536/4
  • Men’s Festina Chronograph Watch F20339/5Mens Festina Chronograph Watch F20339/5
  • Unisex Festina Chronograph Watch F20458/2
  • Festina Watch F20562/3
  • Gents Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Watch F20543/1
  • Men’s Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Watch F20544/5
  • Festina Watch F20463/4

Festina watches history

Festina is a watchmaking company based in Grenchen, Switzerland. The Festina brand was founded in 1902 by Ernst Thomke and the brand has a long history of being at the forefront of watchmaking.

Festina is a watchmaking corporation that licenses an assortment of watch brands that include Candino, Lotus, Jaguar, Calypso, and its in-house range. Established in Switzerland, Festina has been making timepieces to a quality standard unmatched by almost any other manufacturer across the globe. It has also been involved with sports events such as the Tour de France and motor racing since the start of the 20th century and is still doing so now!

Festina Watches have a long history. In fact, they have been making Swiss watches since 1901. Much of Festina’s DNA can be traced back to the Edwardian era and even further back. A lot of care and attention has been placed into every single Festina model and this should come as no surprise, given the brand’s involvement in motorsports, cycling, and its worldwide popularity with the British Royal family.

Festina Watches have a heritage that spans over 100 years. The Swiss watchmakers were founded by an entrepreneur called Adolf Schneider, who first used his profession as an inspiration to manufacture delicate timepieces in Glashutte-City, Germany. The former lock and watchmaker was able to sell the brand in the late 1960s to the current owners – Pierre and Jacques Schreiner – who have since enriched the iconic Festina Watch brand with their passion for timepieces that are both specialized and suitable for everyday use.

When it comes to watches, Festina has ensured it remains at the forefront of this fast-growing market. Having been powering the watch industry since 1923, Festina is a reliable and respected brand. Many of its models include titanium or stainless steel cases, along with trendy watches finished on leather bands, metal bracelets, and a range of digital and analog watches.

Let’s face it; one of the best ways to make the most of vacation time is to explore the surrounding area for activities and sightseeing. Festina, as an internationally renowned watch manufacturer, has been a part of some major events throughout Switzerland’s history. But more than that, people from all over the world recognize Festina as a company which I like to call ‘Swiss luxury on a budget. Festina watches have been making their way around Europe and gaining popularity since 1902 when they were founded. The company makes its home in Zurich where most of the staff are located for manufacturing. However, this Swiss luxury brand originated in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Innovation, durability, and stamina are titles that not only belong to cyclists. Swiss watchmaker Festina has long-crafted high-quality sports watches. These Chrono Bike Special models boast a higher spec with an exclusive IP metal finish, some models in blue, black, and rose gold accents.