Glycine is a manufacturer of high-end timepieces.

Founded in 1914, this company has been making watches for over 100 years, and they are known as an accurate watchmaker.

Glyne watches have been used by military personnel throughout the world; Navy divers, medical workers and surgeons, firefighters, and police officers all want to own a Glycine watch because of its rugged nature and durability.

But you don’t need to be in such risky occupations to wear these beautiful timepieces.

There are so many great features about Glycine men’s watches that everyone will want to wear them.

It is extensively equipped with time-tested technological functions, the Glycine Airman Auto-Adv.

GMT [Gly 12241] Men’s Watch is one of the best of its kind, and you will not regret picking it up from your favorite retail store.

The watch has a durable steel case with a brushed finish and features an attractive design to accompany any attire.

It comes in two colors: black and silver-tone.

Another smart attribute is its ergonomic design: all the buttons are placed in their correct order, hence minimizing any chances of inadvertent actions during use.

The crystal used in this watch is high-quality sapphire so expect it to remain intact even under extreme conditions.

This development model utilizes two different straps, one leather (black) and the other silicone (silver).

Both are designed to fit well with the overall color scheme while providing durability and added comfort.

In today’s marketplace, there is a lot of competition for your hard-earned money when it comes to shopping for a luxury watch.

When looking at the price tags on many of the most popular watch brands, people are shocked at how much these pieces cost.

If you don’t have a lot of money to throw around, then you may not be able to afford an expensive brand-name watch.

Wearing a Glycine is just as stylish and fashionable as any other piece out there, but it’s going to cost you less money!
So what makes Glycine watches so affordable? The answer is simple; they do not spend big bucks on advertising as Rolex does.

They are also a Swiss company, which means their prices will always be competitive because Switzerland has very high production costs in order to keep up the quality of their watches.

This puts them at a disadvantage against Chinese manufactured products that have a much lower price point, but the Swiss are famous for their high-quality products.

Glycine is a good balance between having a reasonable price and still retaining very high standards in all of their watch products.

Some people don’t like the fact that Glycine watches look inexpensive, or they feel that owning a brand name piece is more impressive than owning a less popular brand name watch.

I on the other hand, don’t mind saving money by purchasing affordable pieces as long as they are good quality watches that will last me many years to come.

You can also save money because you won’t be needing to constantly replace your watch battery or have it serviced because you purchased an inexpensive piece that stops running after just six months! And if you are worried about Glycine becoming outdated or falling out of style, rest assured that you will still be able to wear your watch years from now because its design is timeless.

Glycine makes a wide range of interesting and modern-looking watches for both men and women that all have different features to offer.

For the man who has been looking for an everyday watch with just enough flash, there are styles made with luxurious leather bands in black, brown, tan and even burgundy colors.

The face is always clear so he can easily read it without any issues.

Some styles even come with tachymeter scales on them which measure speed over a given distance traveled! These timepieces are also water-resistant up to 600 meters so they are great for diving, snorkeling and swimming.

You can see that Glycine has many great selections when it comes to men’s watches.

If you want a simple day-to-day piece then check out their popular G9300 series or if you need something more rugged, there is a G9000 series to choose from! If you’d rather go for an elegant black watch face, then the G1300 series is the one for you.

Please note that all of these Glycine watches have Swiss movements and are self winding, so they don’t need batteries or constant servicing, unlike many other brands out there! If you are looking for a dressier watch to wear with your favorite suit when attending formal events such as weddings or proms, Glycine also makes some beautiful timepieces in both black and silver tones.

When it comes to women’s watches, they get even more interesting.

There are two ladies’ lines available; the first is a high-end luxury collection called Neo Classic, which was released in 2009 and has been gaining popularity ever since—designed by a female from Paris who wanted to create a line of watches that were both fashionable and yet simple enough so as not to disrupt the overall look.

These are elegant timepieces that make for wonderful gifts, which is why they are very popular with many women all over the world.

The other ladies’ collection released by Glycine is called Girlfriends, which offers an array of colors to choose from.

The best thing about these pieces is they come in different sizes, so there will be one made just for you! They also offer two lines within the Girlfriends range; Classic and Chrono-Date.

Classic features delicate watches such as bracelet watch bracelets and leather bands, while the Chrono-Date pieces have more sophisticated looks to them, like multi-layer face dials and a number of different colored dials to choose from.

Overall, Glycine is a great brand that makes watches for both men and women at very affordable prices with amazing quality.

They make wonderful gifts for just about anyone who loves watches because there truly is something for everyone! Check out their website to see all the different styles they have available, each one more impressive than the last! Be sure to check out our wide range of Glycine products today.

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By Rose Spencer

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