Gucci, for those who don’t know, is an Italian fashion company that was founded in 1921.

It has had very high brand recognition since its establishment and has always been synonymous with luxury throughout the world.

Known mainly for its handbags, accessories, watches and fragrances, Gucci has now become a household name which is associated with exclusivity when it comes to these type of products.

So what can we expect from their watches?

What Do You Get

Gucci offers three different types of metal in their watch cases: stainless steel, 18 karat gold plated on base metal or sterling silver.

They also have two differing forms of watch straps – genuine leather or rubber.

The dials are encased in glass and the watch hands are in genuine gold.

Gucci watches are priced, on average, from about $400 to over $2000.

If you want a real treat then you can go for some of the limited edition or special edition models which will cost in excess of $3000.

The unique selling point of these products is that they come packaged with a complimentary designer watch box and certificate of authenticity although it is worth noting that this depends upon whether your purchase has been made directly from an official Gucci retailer or not.

The boxes also have space to store additional spare links if they happen to be needed at any time so you don’t need to do anything further other than keep them as spares for future use.

In addition to this, if you happen to go for one of the more expensive Bluetooth enabled watches, Gucci gives you a leather pouch which will have a discreetly place slot on its inner lining that will perfectly fit your watch.

The pouch comes with an adjustable side flap but it doesn’t close all of the way unless your watch is inside.

You can put an iPhone in there too – not an android or anything other than an Apple product.


What Makes These Watches Different?

Firstly they are beautifully designed, very stylish and glamourous watches that come in a number of different colors and styles to suit everyone’s personal taste.

Each model has been given a name by Gucci and each name represents something significant about either what the company stands for or what the watch means.

Furthermore, Gucci has been in business since 1921 and has a reputation for quality craftsmanship so you can be sure that you are buying something which is made to last.

The hands on these watches do not glow or luminesce like others – they are also not as thick as some of the more expensive brands such as Rolex or Omega but then remember that there are cheaper options if your budget does not cater for this type of product.

That doesn’t mean that this particular brand isn’t good though – it simply reflects which market niche you may want to target and it’s all about choice.


Gucci Watches – Not Just For Women Anymore

Gucci have recognized that men are just as crafty and stylish when it comes to fashion accessories, watches in particular, as women are so they have introduced a number of designer watches which are specifically aimed at men.

There is no difference in terms of quality between the two product ranges – it’s simply down to personal preference on how you want your watch to look.

The models available differ from those that are made for women but their sizes are similar with most being 37mm or 40mm wide although if you don’t like these sizes there is an option for a 50mm version too.

The differentiator which will help you choose between the male and female versions is the thickness of the product.

The men’s range has slightly thicker straps than their female counterparts whereas neither range has a watch face to match.

The women’s range goes all the way up to 3mm thick whereas the men’s watches have a maximum thickness of only 1.

5mm in thickness which is still on par with some rigid steel products.

Another difference between the two product ranges is that some of them come with a three piece interchangeable strap set (male versions) whereas you can also buy these as single pieces for women too.

What Are Some Of The Features?

Bluetooth – if your Gucci watch happens to be one of those that support Bluetooth functionality then you will get a free iPhone or Blackberry app for it from the iTunes Store and RIM App World respectively.

You can then track your running results as well as monitor your heart rate and use it to make or receive phone calls.

G-Link Watch – if your watch has this feature you will be able to link up with other Gucci watches too using the NFC techology that these are capable of supporting.

You can then share images, videos and send messages via Bluetooth from one G-link device to another.

If for whatever reason your G-link watch does not have Bluetooth enabled someone else’s will in any event.

If you swipe your hand over their arm while holding a download card (included free of charge with every purchase) just let go after about a second or so and then give the screen on the watch face an extra tap too.

After this you will have all of their G-link watches features available to you too.

GUCCI Creative Director Frida Giannini wanted to focus on design and style in all of the collections that Gucci have released over the last couple of years, and this was obvious even when looking at their watches collection.

They are bold, brash, and beautiful – perfect for anyone who wants something a bit different or is tired of wearing plain old boring functional timepieces.

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