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Verrien | Hamilton vs Longines Watch Brands Compared

The Hamilton and Longines watch brands have been in the business for a long time. In this blog post, we compare these two popular watch brands side by side so that you can choose which one is best for you! The two companies are often compared to each other regarding features, cost, quality, and style.

Hamilton and Longines watches are both prestigious brands with a long history of quality timepieces. Both manufacturers use the latest technology, but they have different design aesthetics that appeal to different people.

Suppose you’re deciding between these two luxury watchmakers. In that case, it’s important to consider your style preferences and what kind of features you want in a watch before making your purchase decision.

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# Type of watches available in the market today

There are many types of watches from both these brands that can be used for different purposes by various people who want to monitor their time accurately and at all times. From stainless steel analogs, golds/platinum to diamonds – there are some of the best models that these two brands offer.

In terms of the availability of watches from both these brands, Hamilton has over 250 watch models, while over 200 Longines timepieces are currently available in the market today. However, if you want to buy a unique watch, you will realize that most of them come at an extra cost which is totally up to you as a consumer and buyer.

# Manufacturing credentials

The Hamilton Watch Company was founded by a man named Robert H. Ingersoll manufactured his first line of pocket watches from his home using lever movements supplied by New York’s E. Howard & Co (Ingersoll 1888). His love and passion for mechanical devices saw him making great improvements to his line of watches, and by the 1890s, he had patented over 40 inventions related to timepieces.

In 1900, Ingersoll sold his company to a group of investors who incorporated The Hamilton Watch Company. Soon after its incorporation, the company began manufacturing marine chronometers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, “Hamilton Watch Company.” However, today it is more popular for its high-quality wristwatches.

Auguste Agassiz produced the first Longines watch between 1867 and 1916 in Saint Imier, Switzerland. Since then, the brand has been known for producing quality timepieces, and it continues with this tradition to date.

# Design characteristics

Both brands have produced unique gracefulness and advanced engineering in their timepieces which have become their identity.

Longines pride themselves on the thinness of their watches, especially for women’s pieces and other luxury models that are built for men. The best thing about Longines designs is the unique index hour markers and hands-on some of its timepieces. This gives them a uniqueness that can’t be found in most Hamilton watches, but there are some very fine models from this brand that are worth mentioning.


If you check out online or offline forums, you will realize that these two watch-making giants enjoy high popularity ratings among many people across the globe. For instance, if we look at online forums such as Reddit, people share their experiences and recommendations on a wide range of products. We can see that both Hamilton and Longines have thousands of dedicated followers who are always keen to share their experiences and any problems they might be facing with their pieces. Longines has 45,000+ followers, while the Hamilton Watch Company enjoys 34,000+ followers so far (check when this article is published).

#Customer reviews

Suppose you go online or visit third-party websites such as amazon whenever you want to purchase anything new. In that case, you will notice that many people from various parts of the world offer great customer satisfaction ratings on both these brands’ timepieces and other accessories such as straps. One thing is for sure; either brand should offer at least two years warranty and, in some instances, up to 5 years. This ensures that your valuable investment is well protected against defective manufacturing or poor manufacturing quality control.

# Price comparison

The prices charged by both Hamilton and Longines vary according to the type or model that you choose. If you decide to buy a basic watch from one of these brands, you will realize that a Hamilton watch will cost less than a Longines. For example, the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch was priced below $300 in 2015. On the other hand, a basic Longines watch such as the Heritages St-Imier Steel Ladies Quartz Watch costs about $375 in 2015. However, if you decide to buy an advanced or vintage model from one of these brands, prices may vary widely.

To be more specific, a basic and advanced Hamilton timepiece seems to have similar pricing characteristics for both genders. However, they are different when it comes to the brand’s manufacturing credentials. There is not much difference between dollar value charges for advanced/vintage pieces manufactured by these two brands.

In the Hamilton vs. Longines price comparison charts, it is worth noting that both brands enjoy popularity in the watch-making industry. So, if you want to buy a new timepiece from these two reputable brands, you should research each brand before coming up with a decision.

Although there are always some differences in the pricing of watches by various manufacturers and retailers; Cheap watches are cheap for a reason – quality! Quality does not come cheap, but it does have its advantages over poor-quality pieces, such as the complications associated with them, such as breaking down at any moment or getting obsolete within few months after purchase.


In the recent past, these two brands have used different marketing techniques to reach the worldwide market, making them very accessible. Longines customer service centers are in more than 50 countries across the globe, which is fantastic because you can get help even if you’re far away from your country of residence.

Hamilton also has many stores spread across various parts of the world, but unlike Longines, some areas are out-of-reach or not covered by this brand’s shops where only a few people own a watch – so it’s very difficult to find an outlet here. And there is no authorized local repair center for Hamilton in this region at the moment.


Verrien | Hamilton vs Longines Watch Brands Compared

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