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Verrien | Historical Perspectives Guide to the Watches of UK Kings, Queens and Prime

No doubt the United Kingdom has taken over the watchmaking industries for over the years now. The UK is a constitutional monarchy made up of four countries, Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The UK is known to sell the best luxury watches in the world. It’s evident as it all started back in the 1600s (1639 to 1713).

The Father of English watchmaking Thomas Tompion from Bedfordshire, England, a trainer in his profession of clockmaking, taught George Graham, who later made innovations and passed it to one of his students, Thomas Mudge, who invented the lever escarpment that is widely used even in today’s watches.

In the 16th Century, finding sea levels was one of the most outstanding achievements that John Harrison, from 1692 to 1776, discovered and solved. This enabled the British ships to accurately and safely travel across the world.

What is even more surprising to know is that Swiss Luxury brands like Roles and Bovet also originated in London.

However, in the 19th Century, the watchmaking Industry of America was ramping, but the English watchmaking industry was already in power and thriving.

Despite the fall of the British watchmaking industries in the 20th Century, England now has healthy watch companies and variety.

Below is a historical perspective guide to the watches of the United Kingdom’s queens, kings, and Prime Ministers.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 101

Queen Elizabeth II a wearing a jaeger-lecoultre 101

When we think about the most eminent and most snapped people on earth, Queen Elizabeth II definitely pops up in your mind since she’s from the Royal Family. Not only dazzling eye is on her colorful outfits but the watches; they are those that can’t afford to catch your eyes.

She has pretty many stories to tell since she has more than 68 years of ruling on the throne.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 watch is one of her favorite watches in her collection. It’s the world’s most petite watch hidden between two rows of diamonds. It’s a simple, utilitarian yet modish timepiece that she was spotted wearing during her coronation ceremony.

It never goes wrong with her famous crown jewels. Currently, the whereabouts of this watch is yet to be known.

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s long-reigning Monarch, during the queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, her majesty was gifted a new version of the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre 101.

She has been spotted on countless occasions wearing this timepiece since 1943, even in some of her portraits. Even more striking is that she has even customed it into a bar of white gold and no diamonds that she wears daily.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 is a very dear watch since she was always wearing it regardless of the event.
Also, some watch experts say that she was gifted the Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos by the Swiss government during her official visit to Switzerland.

Patek Philippe ref 4975/1G

Her Majesty wearing her Patek Philippe ref 4975/1G

These are the rarest pieces and sought-after watches in the world. It’s basically the royalty of the world.
It’s a piece of true artistry. It sits on debauched strands of gems, and it is caked with baguette-cut diamonds with a more ladylike look though still discreet.

Recently Queen Elizabeth was spotted wearing it during the opening of the parliamentary session.

She coupled it with the crown jewels and the Imperial State Crown and adorned it for one of her most important days in the political year.

Some watch experts argue she might have loaned the watch to the Patek Phillipe Watch Art Grand Exhibition in 2015 at the Londons Saatchi Gallery.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

It’s an outstanding watch due to its unique elliptical, where it’s not round nor rectangular in shape.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse shape makes it famous the golden ratio, a mathematical proportion (1.6186). This is found everywhere in nature.

Scientists have proven this ratio has a visually pleasing effect on the human brain where even just a look at the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse is an enough nourishing experience.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse is one of the thinnest timepieces in the Patek family. It’s in gold white with a blue dial and diamond bezel.

Been a classic cult model; it’s one of Her Majesty’s favorites.

Most people don’t know that the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse is one of the oldest watches in the Patek family, first launched back in 1968.

Omega Ladymatic

Omega Ladymatic queen elizabeth

In 1955, the first omega lady magic was successfully launched. Due to its smallest rotor-equipped automatic caliber, though it still had stylish good looks, attained an official rating certificate.

Queen Elizabeth owns a vintage art deco Omega Ladymatic. It’s a timeless aesthetic piece made with artistry.

Back in 1992, this watch was pretty big though her highness wouldn’t mind wearing it because it is one of the most candid shots, and it’s on full display.

She was spotted wearing a 20, vintage 14k yellow gold Omega ladymatic with a white-colored dial. Also, at the Windsor Caster in 1972, the former German Chancellor, Willy Brandt, Queen Elizabeth II, was spotted wearing it.

Although this exact model is obsolete in today’s market, it is still auctioned throughout the world, and it’s one of the most expensive, with a price tag of around USD 2,500.00.

Prince William was gifted a Seamaster Professional 300M by his late mother, and up to date, he’s still an Omega fan.

Vacheron et Constantin model 4481

Verrien | Historical Perspectives Guide to the Watches of UK Kings, Queens and Prime

It is manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, the oldest of the Swiss manufacturers founded in 1775 by Jean-Marc Vacheron.
Vacheron et Constantin model 4481 is a luxury watch and also the most expensive look worldwide.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, her husband, were given the Vacheron et Constantin model 4481 (gold and diamond cocktail) by the Swiss Federal Council on 20th November 1947 on their wedding day as a gift.

The watch is the royals’ favorite since it was passed to her after Lady Diana and Prince Charles got married in 1981.

Princess Margret had a parallel and magnificent Vacheron et Constantin diamond-encrusted timepiece, although it was auctioned off by Christles in 2006.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars

It’s named after the founder Jule Audemars and Auguste Piguet in 1875.Jules Audemars is extra thin and circular in shape. It has a 2.45 mm Calibre 2120, which helps it in its self-winding movements.

Due to its slim bezel and the silver-toned dial, this timepiece unobtrusively features pink gold pragmatic l baton-type hour makers and hands without any minute circle.

Been the most classic collection of the Audemars Piguet, Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted wearing the watch almost daily.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars never goes wrong with her famous pair of white gloves under or above her sleeves. It has the roman numerals that are coupled with the gold bracelet; they compliment her daily schedules.

Recently she was spotted wearing it when speaking in the UK during the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus in April 2020.

Classic Vintage Piece

Classic Vintage Piece

Queen Elizabeth has often been spotted with a simple but classic black strap with a simple gold face on her wrist.

Experts argue that it’s hard to identify, but they suspect it either a vintage 1930s or a one-of-a-kind Cartier watch made by either Omega or Patek Phillipe.

She has also been spotted wearing it when watching a horse show in 1998 at the Windsor
Castle on 15th May.

However, we may never fully tell Queen Elizabeth II’s complete collection of watches, but over her 93 years of her life, she may have owned many watches and some not known to the public. In fact, she is supposed to hold over 14 luxury watches.

Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial

Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial

When it comes to dressing, the British Royal family abide by precise rules since they are the most iconic and rapt people on earth, and the public is always eyeing them when they are in public.

The Omega Seamaster is best known for watersport watch; at times, it identified as the James Bond watch because it was James bond watch in the Goldeneye back in 1995.

Its also called the Seamaster proficient due to its line of professional diving watches (exemplary blue wave dial model).

In 2006, Omega was improved and fixed with the Co-Axial Omega 2500 movement to fit the Seamaster professional watches.

Before the ceramic insert option in the new Seamaster professional sports with a rotating bezel in 2012, the older version had an aluminum insert.

Prince Williams owns a quartz mid-sized Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial for over a decade now.
It transcends his style made of stainless steel; scratch-resistant dial covered with sapphire crystal. It also has fantastic features like a chronometer, a date dial, a helium escape valve, and a screw-in crown.

Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial was gifted to him by his late mother, Princess Diana, and he also won it during his wedding with Kate Middleton.

The watch has been spotted on many occasions, including when the couple visited the USA in 2014.

Rolex Explorer II White Dial Orange Hand, a.k.a. Polar

Rolex Explorer II White Dial Orange Hand, a.k.a. Polar

It was first unveiled in 1971, but as a bigger sibling to the Rolex Explorer, I original. Rolex Explorer II White Dial Orange Hand comes with an extra 24-hour hand pointing to a fixed bezel with 24-hour markings to tell the wearer it’s day or night.

It has a digital calendar, chronograph, date programming, and it was water-resistant.

A 10-year Army veteran, Prince Harry, owning the Rolex Explorer II White Dial Orange Hand, was handy for him during his adventures and outgoing.

He continues to wear this piece up to date to various events together with his Breitling Aerospace. This timepiece helped him navigate dangerous terrains in Afghanistan, where he served as a captain.

Prince Harry was also spotted wearing the Rolex at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Cathedral Service and Breitling for William and Kate weddings.

Cartier Ballon Bleu

Cartier Ballon Bleur

This timepiece has a sculptural case and a cultured bracelet. It has an ethereal charm that helps it to resist gravity. Cartier Ballon Bleu also has bold roman numerals guided by a deep blue winding mechanism.

It also has a feminine magnifying effect of sapphire crystals, making it a flawless amalgam of history present.

Kate Middleton has a classic and understated style, especially when it comes to her wrist. Her Cartier Ballon Bleu wristwatch matches with her engagement ring that she received from Prince William.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Boris Johnson wearing a Patek Philippe Calatrava

This is one of the most familiar wristwatches with the most acceptable symbols of the Patek Phillipe style. It has an understated perfection and is round in shape.

Boris Johnson is seen wearing his Patek Philippe Calatrava on various occasions, although so tend to argue that it is either a sekonda or a Longines since it had to clearly view it.

He likes his wrist to be slight, unspecified, and glossy at the same time. He has undoubtedly been wearing it for many years with consistency and mawkishness meaning.

Omega Constellation

May wearing her Omega Constellation timepiece

This is a classic timepiece and model from the Swiss watchmaker and a contemporary expression; thus, it’s an essential part of Omegas heritage.

It has fantastic features like a start at the 6o clock position and a bracelet of straight links engineering maximum ease. It also has a small face, like 2.4 diameters, which is bland in its designs and appearance.

Theresa May choose the Omega Constellation and was spotted wearing it to a church in her local village early in summer 2019.

It mirrors her classic wardrobe and accessories choices.

Her Omega Constellation has a stainless steel and 18-carat gold version with a referent dial and a quartz movement. The face is a mother of pearl, and it’s water-resistant up to 100metres.

It’s simply a real investment for her because it offers durability and flexibility to wear with other jewelry like a sterling silver ring from Celtic Treasure and bold necklaces from Amanda Wakeley.

FAQs Of the Watches of the United Kingdom Queens, Kings, and Prime Ministers.

People often ask questions concerning these expensive and luxury watches, and some seem to have no answers.

Below is a list of FAQs and the answers about costly and luxurious watches of the queens, kings, and prime ministers of the United Kingdom.

How much do these luxury royal family watches cost?

These luxuries are costly. For example, typically, the price of Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 ranges from US$120,000. Their prices vary in quality and durability.

Why is a Rolex Explorer II White Dial Orange Hand, a.k.a. Polar, not famous?

Although this timepiece is not famous like the others, it always sells well enough for its distinct and aesthetic target market.

How can you distinguish a real Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial from a fake one?

It’s easy to spot a fake Omega Seamaster Blue Wave Dial. The model of an Omega watch has a transparent case that shows the movement. It may also have an inner or outer case back with an omega emblem where some words are engraved.

Does the Audemars Piguet glow in the dark?

Some of these timepieces have a bright and constant luminous quality which helps them distinguish from counterfeit ones. It doesn’t glow if it’s fake.

How do I register as the owner of a Patek Philippe Watch?

To register as an exclusive owner of the Patek Phillipe, you register through the Owners Registration Process.


Watches are one of the most trendy fittings that one can own. Although it’s a thrill that needs a lot of cash to delight and process, too, there are still some people who even go to the extent of wanting to invest in the watchmaking industry as they believe there’s a hidden gem there.

From a deluxe watch to state-of-the-art designs, above is a historical perspectives guide to the United Queens, kings, and prime ministers’ watches.

We may never fully discover their watch collections, but meanwhile, the above a few royal watches.

Verrien | Historical Perspectives Guide to the Watches of UK Kings, Queens and Prime

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