When it comes to buying and selling Rolex watches, there are a few key factors to consider. First, it is important to have a good understanding of the market and the value of different Rolex models. This includes knowing the reference number, model number, and style number of the watch, as well as its condition and history.

Another important factor to consider is where to buy and sell Rolex watches. There are a variety of online marketplaces and platforms available, each with its pros and cons. By doing research and carefully selecting the right platform, sellers can maximize their profits and buyers can find the best deals.

Understanding Rolex Watches

Before buying or selling Rolex watches, it is important to understand the different models and factors that affect their value. Owning a Rolex watch is a sign of luxury and success. But did you know that you can also make a profit from buying and selling pre-owned Rolex watches? With the right knowledge and strategy, it is possible to turn a profit in the luxury watch market. This section will provide an overview of Rolex watch models and the factors that impact their resale value.

Rolex Watch Models

Rolex offers a wide range of watch models, each with its unique features and specifications. Some of the most popular models include:

These are just a few examples of the many Rolex watch models available. Each model has its unique features and specifications, which can impact its value.

Factors Affecting Rolex Watch Value

When buying or selling Rolex watches, several factors can impact their value. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

When buying or selling Rolex watches, it is important to consider these factors and do research to determine the fair market value of the watch.

Buying Rolex Watches

When it comes to buying Rolex watches, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make a profitable investment. This section will cover where to buy Rolex watches and how to identify fake Rolex watches.

Where to Buy Rolex Watches

There are several options for buying Rolex watches, both new and pre-owned. Official Rolex Jewelers are the best place to start when looking for a new Rolex watch. They have the knowledge and technical expertise to guide buyers through the range of available models and advise on the technical aspects of the watches.

For pre-owned Rolex watches, there are several reputable online marketplaces, such as Bob’s Watches and Watch Trading Academy. These marketplaces specialize in pre-owned luxury watches and have a wide variety of Rolex models available for purchase.

How to Identify Fake Rolex Watches

One of the biggest risks when buying pre-owned Rolex watches is the possibility of purchasing a fake or replica watch. To avoid this, buyers should be familiar with the key features of authentic Rolex watches.

First, buyers should examine the dial closely. Authentic Rolex watches have a high level of detail and precision in their markings, while fake watches may have blurry or uneven markings.

Second, buyers should look at the movement of the watch. Authentic Rolex watches have a smooth, continuous movement, while fake watches may have a jerky or inconsistent movement.

Finally, buyers should examine the weight and feel of the watch. Authentic Rolex watches are made with high-quality materials and have a weighty, solid feel. Fake watches may feel lightweight or flimsy in comparison.

For many people, buying and selling Rolex watches is a way to make a profit. However, it is not as simple as it may seem. To make a profit, one must have a good understanding of the market, the value of different models, and the factors that affect their prices.

One of the first steps to buying and selling Rolex watches is to do some research. This includes learning about the different models, their features, and their history. It is also important to understand the factors that affect their value, such as their condition, rarity, and demand.

Another important aspect of buying and selling Rolex watches is finding a reputable dealer or platform. This can include authorized dealers, online marketplaces, or private collectors. It is important to do due diligence and ensure that the seller is trustworthy and that the watch is authentic.

Understanding the Rolex Market

Before buying and selling Rolex watches for profit, it is crucial to understand the market. The Rolex market is unique and influenced by various factors that affect the value of a watch.

Factors Affecting Rolex Value

Several factors affect the value of a Rolex watch, including:

It is essential to keep these factors in mind when buying and selling Rolex watches for profit. Understanding the market and the factors that affect the value of a watch can help you make informed decisions and maximize your profit.

Buying and Selling Rolex Watches

Buying and selling Rolex watches can be a profitable venture if done correctly. However, it requires a good understanding of the market, the value of the watches, and negotiation skills to get the best price. This section will cover the basics of buying and selling Rolex watches, including where to buy and sell, how to determine the value of a Rolex watch and negotiate the best price.

Where to Buy and Sell Rolex Watches

There are several places to buy and sell Rolex watches, including online marketplaces, auction houses, and brick-and-mortar stores. Online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist can be good place to find deals on Rolex watches, but it’s important to be cautious of scams and counterfeit watches. Auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s can be a good place to find rare and collectible Rolex watches, but prices can be high.

Brick-and-mortar stores like Bob’s Watches and Sell Me Watch specialize in buying and selling pre-owned Rolex watches. They offer a wide selection of Rolex watches at competitive prices and provide expert advice on the value of the watches.

How to Determine the Value of a Rolex Watch

The value of a Rolex watch depends on several factors, including the model, year, condition, and rarity. The model and year can be determined by the reference number, which can be found on the watch case or paperwork. The condition can be assessed by examining the watch for scratches, dents, and other damage. Rarity can be determined by the number of watches produced and the demand for the watch.

There are several resources available to determine the value of a Rolex watch, including online price guides, auction results, and expert appraisals. It’s important to do research and compare prices to ensure that you’re getting a fair price for the watch.

Negotiating the Best Price

When buying or selling a Rolex watch, it’s important to negotiate the best price possible. The key to successful negotiation is to be knowledgeable about the value of the watch and to be confident in your bargaining skills.

When buying a Rolex watch, it’s important to make an offer that’s lower than the asking price but still reasonable based on the value of the watch. When selling a Rolex watch, it’s important to set a fair price based on the value of the watch and to be willing to negotiate with potential buyers.

It’s also important to be respectful and professional during the negotiation process. Building a good rapport with the other party can help to facilitate a successful negotiation.

You need to buy the right watch at the right price watches on the market which have increased in value are Patek Phillipe Nautilus’s Aquanauts Audemars, Piguet Royal Oaks Richard Mille, and all Rolex sports models.

The stainless steel Rolex Submariner has only increased in value over time, so how old is this particular one we’re looking at? It’s probably twenty years old, so how much was this watch twenty years ago?

Know you won’t know the exact price, but how much was this watch twenty years ago? Thirty-five hundred dollars, and how much is it today? Sixty-five dollars for trivial items, well that’s an incredible result.

That’s a fantastic purchase, so keep it in mind. professional viewpoint still enjoys the most recent creation produced in your studio. If you’re looking for a professional opinion on anything comparable, was to purchase this for sixty-five dollars today a hundred dollars and ten years on the road I’m not sure how much it’ll be worth. Nobody knows, but if you ask me, give you my best estimate. Right now, if you purchased a watch for 65 dollars, buy it. Let’s suppose that watch is still on the market after ten years.

At a whopping eight thousand eight hundred and fifty Yes, you’re going to spend a hundred dollars. Continue to increase So, guys, this is the lesson. First and foremost, this is a man.

Don’t have a single one of these. got a white gold one. That’s good from Spock your stuff is on there don’t think that’s going up a minute yeah this one has no diamonds but all sport model Rolex over the years have been the watches that have held their value the best but III know.

I’m not an absolute expert on these watches but it looks the same or very similar to a current model there’s not a whole lot of change to it.

The only difference is the current model the dial is maxi so you can see the print and they see the dots better also the bezel is now ceramic but other than that well it’s got upgraded movement the bracelets have better higher-end bracelets but basically, the watch looks the same so if somebody’s sat in a bond they have this on the wrist and there’s somebody four seats down that’s going to bring a new one you couldn’t tell the difference it’d be hard to tell the difference and you don’t have to spend sixty-five hundred on a sub you could actually for Less get a Rolex Datejust that’s are pretty looking watch.

Had one of these back in the day well so you can pick it up starting at $4,000 really yeah how much was this when it was new it probably was about the same price brand-spanking-new out of the box.

15 to 20 years ago really and now as a used watch 20 years old, it’s still worth exactly what you would have paid if you bought from the full stick that’s odd right it’s hanging it on the wall you enjoy and it’s still worth what you paid for or it won’t hurt right now but this is an example of a watch that hasn’t spiked but held its value 100% if you had bought other watches, for example, Rolex Daytona watch 10-15 years ago this watch was $10,000 new and 8 – 10 years after the watch still got a value of $10,000 The Rolex Daytona has increased in value by $200.

Will buy this watch all day long for $12,000 there so it’s the law that’s what would pay for it so she does have a gonna come so what was this watch brand new in a Rolex store ten years ago okay so Rolex Daytona’s thought $9,000 retail ten-fifteen years ago and so they’ve always been with more than the retail price right if you could buy them. knew they were more but

I’m just talking about a used watch it was worth exactly what the retail price was new imagine having something used that’s worth exactly what it is brand-new.

Now that’s gonna throw some people out people who say well why don’t you go buy a new one don’t you can write yes you can’t go into rolling so buy this watch that’s the trick there’s no work they never happen They’re always sold out of dishonest so that’s why they’re worth more than the rig they make sense okay it’s a huge place.

There are other models for example this a Rolex Hulk this is another example of a watch that you really can’t buy at a dealership you can go there can talk to the salespeople they’ll tell you that they might be able to get you one eventually on us on a list but you’re never gonna get there. So this is very current right, yeah it’s a current model they have been making it for five years and this watch is trading at something like $4000 over retail price.

Really what is the reach of the price of this $9000 so if you can buy this for $10,000 to $11,000 you hit a home run, yeah you’re buying it right you really can’t find that cheap that usually, they’re about $13,000 will it continue to go up believe so really do.

Don’t see anything that’s gonna bring the Z-boys yeah that’s a nice-looking watch okay so I’m learning it hopefully we’re all living more examples lots of real excisions yeah a bunch of Rolex well we can talk about other things but this is another example of a watch that was discontinued soon after it was made just the 41-millimeter day-date in rose gold why was it discontinued Rolex from what

Understand believed that they would actually, do better making it 40-millimeter day-date, as opposed to the 40, which was a little too big so they’ve reduced it by one millimeter 1 millimeter that’s insane right okay so how much is this you guys So now because they discontinued these after two years now it’s the hot watch this is what everybody wants because you can’t get so relics did it deliberately knowing what would happen but don’t know if it did so how much is a thirty thousand what was it new ques brand new think it retailed for.

Want to say 35 to 40 so this is lost a little bit of money if you compare it to one of these it’s gone up either Souza seems only lost if you are assuming that you paid the full retail price for it so going back four or five years ago you could get usually 15 to 20 percent off on.

These bonds are okay that makes us so again if the watch is worth a little bit more as a pre-owned watch than what you would have had to buy it for back in the day brand-new so let’s put these what you talk together like this and let’s imagine that somebody reading this right.

Now we haven’t talked about that one year so somebody reading this right now can afford any one of these watches so it’s not about the money which one would you recommend they buy well if they want something with glitz and they want to show off that they’re a money guy.

Would definitely go with the rose gold if you just want to be a little bit more nonchalant and have a watch that you know absolutely will not lose a penny over time you go with the stainless steel Submariner all day long that’s good advice okay so this watch getting back to the gold one what do you think will happen to the value in five years will it still really goes down go up what do you think to see this watch going up in price like three to five percent a year steadily don’t see really yeah.

Don’t see it stopping this is a good investment okay so what are these guys over here these are three at this one but these are entry-level Rolexes so this is basically if you wanted to get into a Rolex for $1,500 this is a ladies’ size for $1,500 and this is a larger size than a man could wear for 2500 that’s an inexpensive entry-level watch that

I’m assuming will never lose value right it’s never going to be less than a slave forever but it might go up ever sure will go up slowly over time okay?

I’m going this one says a gold determinant so with a little red insert that much is my outfit today everything that has a little red into it on it should buy it so this is held on hold on.

Let me interrupt here red love birthday I’m like what red watch is he has worn to match that matching shoes Jacob is one of my favorite brands you don’t have any Jacobs told don’t specialize in Jacob they’re hard to get to know they’re selling pretty some of they are selling for a double ticket they’ll be that hard to get cuz he’s got all of them definitely, they hunt you get to look at the shoes they have red stripes everything is rich red whichever think.

I’m too big foot so Mike this is another good example of an excellent investment piece so pre-owned five years ago you could pick these up for eighteen nineteen thousand today now these watches are 24 to 25 thousand pre-owned that’s insane these have done nothing to go up no is that because it has the little red insert just, in general, all called Daytona’s have gone up about 20-30 percent what’s the list price said well what was the list price is leave this is a $35,000 retail price so somebody that bought this brand new would still be behind if they paid full retail right though you’re saying back then you could get discount usually.

Say 95 times out of a hundred when you pay full retail for a watch and then wear it enjoy it and then try to train it later as a used watch you are gonna be taking a loss unless it’s one of these oh yeah Richard milk let’s talk about that let’s talk about the excellent example that is a good-looking watch that’s great-looking so may

Talk about this watch because it III has a few issued meals as you know and you know don’t like the brand they don’t treat you well it’s not a great fun buying experience mean that the horrible I’m just becoming mean I’m being honest they’re doing you a favor by selling your watch now however, their marketing has been incredible and the demand for these watches is insane so much so don’t know about retaining watch.

Don’t have a detainee one but the gold ones that have been selling for 400,000 / stickers of them are just insane you can’t bind these watches you just can’t get them and how much is this one worth think this is about a hundred and twenty-one hundred more no list.

Retail right retail the price you can’t give in to Richard Miller buy this watch right you can’t go to any store anywhere to buy this watch brand new for a sticker how much is it well as a pre-owned watch it’s going for forty to fifty thousand dollars/sticker and that’s just that’s a titanium one which is the lowest end of these watches so we had this on the website for a hundred and sixty-eight thousand.

I’m pretty sure yes fifty grand over stickers that’s crazy but again that’s marketing and keep asking myself if people want to buy my Rashid wheels from me and they’re offering me crazy money way more than paid do sell do not sell are they gonna continue to go up there has to be a point where these watches come down there has to be because it’s all based on marketing and think you know Instagram Facebook all these different places has to hype these watches up to such an extent so don’t know.

I’m very tempted to sell some just for the sake of it but at the same time enjoy them you make a good point about Instagram because I actually, believe Instagram is the culprit and why SERM watches have become as hot as they have for example the Patek Nautilus’s we’re never hot about four or five years ago and then every guy that’s a player has got a gold Nautilus 5980 what do they look like do you have money.

Only have one Nautilus in the entire store right now we’re completely sold out have one right here is the 57 12 and white gold so that 5980 has one sub-done incentive which is a chronotropic exactly it has two additional buttons on the side and think in the case is slightly bigger so three years ago be hard-pressed to get 35,000 for this watch it’s like useful difficult cell right very difficult cell but today wouldn’t sell this for a penny less than 50 thousand right now really yeah so these are dumpers massive demand for these roaches again we’re time used watches not just brand new is some pre-owned watch alright we can also talk about brands that are losing value let’s do that big-time alright so one of the brands that.

Actually when they first came out they were very hot and very well received in the market hard to get is Graham British yeah they’re making very cool watches great watches and they just made too many of them a lot of them came into the market as closeouts and now these are selling brand new for minimum 50% off yeah really yeah what is the price of one of these that retails for eight thousand so you’re selling this for four thousand.

I’m, this is officially a pre-owned item selling for $2500, but yep, this is a fantastic-looking watch for $2,500. It has some nice weight to it to fill yeah like that so people say Graham doesn’t call it to value it’s all relative it all depends on what you pull the trigger at if you can buy the watch right out of the gate you’re protected but if you go full retail you’re going to get murdered oops a great watch.

Love this watch so let’s talk about that so let’s say you buy this for $2,500 it can’t lose any more current no you’re already at the bottom exactly right can you go up no but you’re safe to be on see

Don’t think it’s gonna go up in value but you’re safe 425 is exactly right that’s how you want to buy a watch that’s good to know and what didn’t say the retail wasn’t those 8,000 okay this one looks brand-new do you have any watches that sold for silly money originally that is now worth pocket change defined pocket change well thinking in my head.

I’m like whether any watches that sold for a hundred grand that is now worthless than ten you know there any that have fallen that hard is our thing these you’ve got these over here they’re de ladies right this good look at me that doesn’t that’s not really what he is describing

Think the best example of what you’re describing is vintage Panerai okay that’s actually what’s happened to vintage Japan in the last five-six years some watches were coming out in the early 90s called pre vendôme and these watches were pushing thirty-forty thousand dollars and now they’re selling for like 10 or 13 thousand they’ve longer 60 70 % but there was a lot of collectors pushing that market and they’ve kind of all disappeared and those watches went down a lot don’t look at this right what’s this guy you go down here alright so this is a boutique the brand called that this is a very sophisticated watch where you’ve never heard of it you tell the time by looking at where the circle is the green circles so right now it’s what’s that it’s between eight o’clock so it’s almost nine o’clock so it’s not it’s eight actually a richer cool no no

I’m looking at the green on the side look at the green right there okay so how do you tell the time you look at where it is it’s between 89 so it’s 8 o’clock and you look at them it’s handed to sell to see it say

I’m confused about why it is wordy what about what will be what about ELISA listen it’s only part of the movement but this isn’t gonna tell you what time it is the time is the Green Line right there and the minute hand Okay there’s this power reserve over here yes it is okay so how much was this so that watches 69,000 retail and those were hard to get the problem is the resale the market isn’t that strong on them so you buy that watch for 69 thousand maybe you’re getting backward 40 45 at the most of you can find a buyer well later so how much are you selling this book 45 okay say my personal opinion

I would never buy a no-name brand because it is relatively well-known in Brown, but anything close to that amount of money because, for me, the challenge is that if I ever wanted to sell it, I could go to a pawn shop and say you want to buy this and say you don’t know what it is and they aren’t watching experts, so.

Would personally shy away from this but it’s still a good buy for someone if you buy it right like anything else right what about these talking about the easiest blingy things over here cuz so these are what we call piece uniques means the factory only made one of each of these watches they’re one of one so this is a brand name Dell and all you’re check it out longest retail price this is a Turbie on okay so this costs how much the reason the retail is a seemingly 200 from now launched 200,000 should be wearing white gloves so how much is it it’s brand new

Right, so this watch is a brand new watch you can buy it for 60% off to 70% of retail price bringing brands said what does that say about the use value so if this was used it is probably worth half of what it would cost brand-new so just do the math you may see boy know if you can buy this for 70% of retail then used it has to be less than oh that problem Wow yeah put it on your wrist for two minutes.

I’ll buy a few for it’s a pretty looking very sophisticated watch it’s great to be a chorister and be on yeah special but you get great deals on this type of watch that’s crazy there’s another watch that doesn’t hold its value who blow well actually

I’ve got two different types of cue blow so they’re both black right and so this is a key power unico this watch retails for $30,000 ceramic yes okay so this watch was hot now it’s not in this watch you buy it at half this is like a 14 a $15,000 watch on another hand so studying on this porch for a second so if this was 14 or 15 thousand dollars somebody paid that today what would happen to that in three four five years do you think well mean can’t say for sure but still, it’s probably gonna incrementally go down in value over the time it’s not a good investment it’s a nice looking watch yeah.

I’m not huge who blow fun because think it’s trying to look like an AP and it doesn’t quite get there but well they’re a good watch as well this does this look familiar what do you like do look like a Richard Mille these side-by-side but they fail on every level right this is a newer Hublot called the spirit of Big Bang and these are the moods was well this specific model is the Bruce Lee limit edition yeah these are dead did they do very well with this watch well it didn’t have to get a license did that because he’s dead well they could either still do they did the packaging is incredible on this watch and this watch is still holding its value of 25 to 30 thousand dollars for this how much was it thirty thousand is it used it is we call it slider it’s still almost like a brand new watch but it’s a technically warm probably come on five so why is this is the retail price you know.

What can’t explain it but if you go looking to buy this watch there’s nothing on the market interest nope would you recommend anybody to buy a who the blue region you know wouldn’t recommend it but if you fall in love with this watch or your big Bruce Lee fan and you decide you want to buy it and you go in the market and you try to find it you could and you realize you can’t find it anywhere then yeah you go ahead and fight the bull and you pay the price yeah there’s also another element too as well when you buy a watch it’s an emotional thing because you want to enjoy it right so sometimes the price doesn’t even matter if you like something you want it right you exactly right can’t always only buy because the resale value here’s some an example is pulling these out again these are watches that you get big discounts on Roger Dubuis incentive these are classic brands that make high-end watches but do not hold their value after you buy the watch okay these are both selling at literally 50 55 percent off a retail price really so was under the impression that Roger Dubuis the new watches are holding their value quite well so mean disagree okay well you’re there.

Haven’t seen any Roger to please that hold their value really actually you know they all saw the big discounts really that’s a pretty looking what to do with that right this is a zenith derby on do we top price is almost $50,000 which is actually inexpensive for trivia is it is better how much you ask for the 20 mm test cheap for ytterbium that’s very inexpensive actually good-looking watch it’s a good-looking what him so he’s my pyrometer Adam is my the barometer is that good-looking watch it is would you wear it yes would you wear that yes because it’s Bruce lately he says what is it Jean Jackie Lee kundo dink ji ji ji ji j WT g tun que un kundo JD can see what we’re learning today just call it JK d JK d lady here’s another example of a brand that crashed and burned these were very hot Frank Miller this wasn’t the most popular model but this is a regular 15 years ago these were probably worth nine to ten thousand dollars and Alice basically five thousand five thousand five hundred what else do we have here stink very nice pieces you know what.

Still have it now and made you enough run an evening accepted but my offer is still good all right how much do they need with me to that thing you offer 20,000 but can’t sell at that price Mike I’m sorry don’t think it was that much that sounds generous for you it was the mark 30 what will you take for it right this second 24,000 if come back in another four weeks six weeks it will be 18,000 is that is that a man’s watch yeah it’s huge Paul unisex and its heavy feel the weight of this atom G burst a woman whatever some women have the static air that’s a heavy one yeah okay it’s big yeah just very girly.

Won’t go over my rent okay so there we go you know there are some good opportunities right now with panic now.

Told you that the Nautilus is an aquanaut for the hot ticket and they are they’re selling for a lot of money but what has gone down in price in the last two-three years are some of the more dressy watches he didn’t go away with it when you have missed that it was attainment see his face yeah he said your place was the same as his face in the airplane guys you’ve got to check out the airplay post cuz it’s the funniest thing you want to see Adam scared it was terrified hilarious stuff watch the airplane post

think it was put out like three days ago or a week ago do we know where this one was out yeah two weeks ago whatever but the airplane watched it so this is a fifty-thirty six so

These were thirty-five thousand dollars sixteen years ago, and now they’re twenty-seven thousand dollars; they’ve dropped ten thousand dollars, so now is the moment to purchase watches like this if you don’t think they’ll go up.

Think this is a good investment it’s shiny this is what Ryan said thirty-six smells marijuana but a smaller watch is not doing out of fashion well this is what everyone’s been talking about the fact that David made him watch his post this big for so long and this was what was everybody wanted.

Well, that’s you but now these are slowing down these aren’t selling merely cuz that’s my size what this is is a huge look 48 millimeters see up to it or eat enormously it’s an ugly-looking watch but like the size home, however, did notice you couldn’t help but notice you have this guy.

Here that’s nice now you see have one of those in rose gold you’ve seen it’s Harvey yes the same watch it’s the eight Peter is on a shorter and shorter banya oops yeah no.

Want you to compare it to a nice watch right yeah so this one you’re asking how much 135 so that is a massive saving and a new one because a new one of these entertainers are to 206 near 270 yeah as you say quarter million so that would not have been a good investment the one that bought in gold think 317,000 lists and paid maybe 130 for it 140 so not a good investment but if you buy it right you buy at this price it’s a great the person.

Don’t go down anymore this is an example of a watch that you don’t want to go buy brand new buy a nice perfect condition pre-owned piece could be this woman you have in your store as this one that has the right here plug yourself well cool is there anything else to show us or is that everything does have two watches want to show you before you leave yes more hidden away the back so this is my opportunity these watches are sorry.

was stealing these watches are going on an airplane later today to Asia nice Harry Wilson opuses these are beautiful now these were ridiculously expensive when they carry this one was 300,000 and this was 260 thousand today well even as a pre-owned watch these are worth about 60 percent of retail is what they’re still trading at so the problem is when you have been a good investment if you devote it right and the promise you couldn’t get these for the retail price

Mean yes sorry you couldn’t get these with a discount off of retail you had to buy them for me to UM the booty yeah right like now this gentleman bought this watch.

believe in Harrods in London and paid a fortune $300,000 though so he’s not happy selling it for that right but again when you buy something like this especially if you buy it at a major retailer it’s not something you would ever want to need to keep it right you need to love what you’re buying and do yeah main buyers remorse when you’re buying watches like this well thank you very much for showing us and thank you for the education that you gave us today

think this would be very informative and good knowledge and it’s always good to know so the moral of the story is buy used right definitely buy pre auntie it’s the real gently careful previously careful or not previously enjoyed if readers enjoy them to guys Thanks so much for tuning in in it to win it hit

Believe you should buy a watch based on value for money rather than buying as an investment and said would expand on that so this post is actually about if you are buying a watch as an investment or a watch to flip okay so with that it ties into the fact that did by reading the past and had the watch for two years for free as the title suggests how went about that was first getting into watch industry and wanted a luxury watch to wear. Wentt down that old familiar rabbit hole of the first books you watch wanted was a Rolex and to be honest with you couldn’t afford it at the time so what did was did a bit of research and had a look at what liked as well and bought a blue dial Datejust with the jubilee bracelet roman numerals that thought was a really beautiful watch at the time and made sure did some research got it a very good price and because couldn’t afford it.

At the time put it on a 0% credit card for two years the key thing did then was to insure the watch to make sure that if ever lost it or had it stolen had my money covered after the two years sold the watch for the price that had previously bought it hence the title of having had a Rolex for two years without paying a penny that’s not At the end of the post so what.

I’m going to do now is give you guys some tips and advice on how to buy a watch as an investment awesome the whole good value or buy a watch to sell on okay so when we are talking about buying watches to resale to make some money or buying a watch as an investment.

Think it’s safe to say from the offset that it’s not always as easy as you would imagine and there’s not just a golden rule that you can follow to make it happen if it was easy everyone would do it but there are some general tips and pieces of advice that have picked up over my experience of working in the pre-owned industry and in the watch industry in general which

I’m happy to share with you guys today so number one would be to generally you should look to buy privately that’s more so when you are looking in the pre-owned apartment if you’re buying pre-owned from the jeweler, they will generally obviously have bought it themselves for a lower price and be selling it with some margin on top so you could probably get it somewhere privately for the price they originally appeared and hopefully try and make a similar or slightly smaller margin right there and that comes with several risks there in terms of what condition than watches in and whether the watch was stolen counterfeit so there are elements of risk there that you’d be taken number two mean if you watch this post and you hope that

Gonna tell you a particular model to buy and you can buy and sell it tomorrow and make yourself some money I’m afraid that’s not going to happen several models could tell you such as the 5711 Nautilus 5712 Nautilus the Rolex Daytona there are tons of watches out there that well, not tons but there are lots of watches out there that you can see sell for more than the recommended retail price the trouble is you can’t buy these watches an example even.

Went to the Rolex-authorized boutique when heard wind of the Pepsi Rolex coming out at Baselworld and was asked by a friend to see if could get hold of one because heard wind of it before the announcement it was just a rumor so went in and said hello was polite to everyone and nice and asked if could buy this particular watch get on the waiting list when it’s announced if it’s announced the corporate answer was that they don’t know what would be announced and so they couldn’t take my details so was just saying look well.

I’m here early before everyone else if this is released wink next week can you just stick my name and details down don’t mind if you won’t need to get your VIP customers first whatever week but there was a refusal to even take my details the ironic thing was that at the time a concierge friend of mine was looking for a client of his for a white gold Daytona which is very expensive.

Was also going to ask about buying that other time but turn me off from asking that particular guy because he wasn’t great placement going off-track the point of the story was that you couldn’t just walk in and buy a watch that will resell high values, unfortunately, they do tend to go to the VIP clients who have enough money not to have to buy and resell it or will probably sit in a safe and only get it is where a month but where.

I’m going with this as to the advice you can buy the next best thing not talking about homage pieces or replicas or am talking about is if you buy all the versions of these watches so say for example the Pepsi Rolex there was the previous version of the Pepsi Rolex before the new one came out even watch does that come out for other brands like the SLA033 divers recreation that’s coming out this year for Seiko.

think it’s a 6105 the original will likely increase in price as this new one gets released is announced and comes out so generally when the new version comes out if it’s going to be a popular sellout and potentially holds very good buy your increase in value it will generally, pull the price of of the original version as well so in the pre-owned industry you can generally pick up as long as your quick the older versions for a reasonable price and it will likely increase in value don’t hold it on that now limited edition providing you know

Do a bit of research and know what the backstory is and get a feel as to how popular it will be limited editions can be a good way to make money instantly if you get your hands on it and it sells out because if it’s sold out and there’s high demand people will be willing to pay that we’ll be extra or much extra depending on the model, some recent examples of that are the Seiko alpinist in blue which was a US exclusive was advertised on Hodinkee and sold out very quickly and it’s selling on eBay now for double the price there was another one the speedy Tuesday a friend of mine came to talk to tell me who works with Omega and said look you should probably put your name down one of these think it’s gonna be really popular.

was busy at the time so he never actually spoke to me and lo and behold it was retailing at 4100 and they’re currently going up to another 7,000 pounds now and so with that obviously, there’s still a risk but sometimes it’s a risk worth taking it’s not my thing but the models obviously that you can buy fix up you can even do a bit of a Frankenstein job on it and kind of customize it and sell it for more polish it regulates it obviously as

Said it you don’t generally buy in a reasonably bad condition so there’s a bit of work to do hopefully, you can turn it to make some money in terms of brands generally the the brand that holds the best value increases in value across the board not necessarily by margin wise but would generally be a Rolex.

Rolex for them a couple of pieces of advice for that would generally stay towards a stainless steel model and generally, the sports models do best like the GMT masters the Daytona, or Submariners one key bit of information in there for Rolex and for a lot of other brands but not all brands is gold does not hold so that’s not necessary for every watch but a lot of gold watches do depreciate from the second you buy them to the second you walk out the door which seems quite contradictory to gold because it has a reputation to hold great value and increase in value over time and one very simple way to test is to have a look at what the pre-owned the market is saying in terms of doing some research so hope in there there were some nuggets of information you can take away and think about.

Think it’s fair for me to say that there’s a risk when dealing with luxury watches our watch, in general, is to buy and sell as an investment to make money even if you buy a watch and it could be a good investment you never know if it’s not in warranty you could end up having to pay more in repairs than you even ever make in the profit and

Personally don’t buy watches to sell or flip them because it’s not as easy as you’d imagine it does take a lot of work and I wouldn’t advise people to buy watches on credit and just hope that they can pay off the credit at the end it worked out for me and hope I’ve given you some tips and piece of advice for if buying some you as an investment or to resell is something you want to look into and get into there are many friends have who do well in the preowned industry might get one or two on this channel and have a chat if you guys like this type of post and would like to learn more let us know in the comments and do thay.

Used to work with the watch finder team and with that is the kind of company and people that you are competing with when you’re buying watches to resell the key thing to consider when looking at that is that an example is a way they’re set up is there a registered company but they take the risk they buy the watch and the risk is on them if you buy the watch from them as a registered company you’re protected if the watch is faltered if the watch is stolen are counterfeit you’re protected they have to give you a refund.

so there they are taking a big risk on that they always have a service center where they can polish watches and they have watchmakers who can open up watches can check the movements and everything is fine with the watches and a key thing with that is can then sell with a warranty to give people peace of mind which as a private buyer or seller, you generally can’t do and obviously, they have a lot of reviews so people know that they’re buying from a legitimate source which massively helps because there is a concern or worry factor, especially in the luxury watch world where you spend a lot of money on something that’s not from especially it’s not from an authorized dealer so with all that is safer to buy directly from an authorized dealer if you want to make money but you’d have to go down that limited route so

Think you should hopefully get something from all that and go away and do some further research if there’s to do to come back to the beginning the reason for the post was because initially quoted saying that.

Believe in buying value for money rather than buying as an investment so with that if you do your research into a watch and buy a brand-new watch from an authorized dealer and you know that the value you’re paying for that watch is well worth what’s gone into it then you’re not gonna go far wrong it won’t lose much value and you know you’re gonna get a watch that you’re gonna love and that you’re paying you to know what you’re getting for the money pain and hope you guys have a huge passion for watches and you’re reading this post because you want to buy and wear watches so let’s just buy watches wear them and enjoy them thanks for reading.