How To Sell Your House for Free

Their are many ways to sell your home for free the way i have sold my house for free is by putting a adverts on facebook marketplace, and then asking the peaple to make their offer on my listing.

I found the proceses very easy i did all my own viewing, improved the kerb appeal, stage my home, take all my own photos and write the decription. i did this so i did not have to pay easte agents fees and lose control over the sale of my home.

Estate agents charge a portion of the sale price. This implies that the total costs you must pay are determined by the sale price of your home. Depending on the sort of contract you choose with your estate agent, fees might range from 0.75 percent to 3 percent of the property value. 1.42 percent is the average fee (excluding VAT).


I did the viewings in groups of 10 becease 50% of the time the persion did not turn up for the viewing which wastes a lot of time and at the end and sent them a email asking them to make a offer by using my link.

Improved the kerb appeal

I start to improve the kerb appeal from the front door, as the main entry to your home, makes a statement about your entire property. It decides whether visitors or potential buyers will find it inviting and well-kept. First impressions really count.

It’s not difficult to improve your front door. Weathered wood can be revived with a fast refinishing. Metal polish can be used to remove rust and unclean stains from door fixtures, making an old door look brand new. You may also add colour and charm to your home with a fresh coat of paint.

A well-kept front yard will make a house appear well-cared for, and in the minds of buyers, a well-kept outside equals a well-kept interior. Trimming back an overgrown garden doesn’t take much time, but it will greatly increase its appeal, as well as the value of your home. General maintenance is an excellent idea, but the more adventurous may want to think about landscaping initiatives.

A well-lit entrance conveys a sense of security and welcome. Consider installing a set of matching wall lights on either side of your front entrance to improve the curb appeal of your property, especially if you’re selling in the winter. Solar-powered LED lights don’t require any wiring, so you won’t need to hire an electrician to install them.

stage my home

Even if you’ve got lots of money, do not place an excessive amount of cash into the staging method. you would like to emphasise the home’s best options, however detain mind that what sells the house and what makes the house usable for the customer don’t seem to be essentially a similar factor. Overall, to induce the foremost bang for your buck, your home staging efforts ought to be designed to attractiveness to the widest doable vary of consumers. The additional individuals willing to submit purchase offers for your home, the upper the terms are going to be.

Just before any party or showing, ensure that your staging efforts have the most impact with some unpunctual touches which will create the house appear heat and alluring. place recent flowers in vases, let recent air into the house for a minimum of 10 minutes beforehand therefore it’s not stuffy, light-weight some candles (soft and delicate fragrances only), and place new, plush towels within the loos.


I used only panoramic photos becease it made my home look better with my phone my friend also let me use her camera. with wide angle lens is important for obtaining correct listing photos. a large angle lens is that the distinction between shooting one image and obtaining house and shooting one image wherever you’ll see the total space. you wish to use a large angle lens for each shot! If you have got the Nikon or the Canon, attempt the letter 10-20mm f/4 – five.6 wide angle lens.

write the decription

write about all the good thing and bad thing about the home simply make certain you gift the facts within the most appealing manner attainable.

Good promoting is all regarding creating the foremost of what’s already true, not misrepresenting the facts. with a call to action at the end. “Please book a viewing then make a offer”