Ice Fishing Jigs From Boat

Using ice fishing jigs as pike jigs is becoming one of my favourites. I find these pike lures very effective and they can be used any time of the year. I use them with ice fishing, from boat fishing and even throwing from land with a fishing rod.

  The way they are constructed make them move very lively and prey-like,and pike seems to love them, until they are stuck. The most effective jig fishing are when jigging from my boat when it is drifting freely over good fishing grounds. In this way I can fish through a large area and often pass by big territorial pikes. This method is very silent and do not scare away the fish when the boat is passing by since no motor are going, even when the depths are little. I assume the pikes think the boat may be a log or any no dangerous object.

  I always use my lowrance fish finders to monitor the water columns so I can present the pike jigs in the right depths when a big fish turns up on the display.
The jigs I use are what we call in my language balance jigs or swimming jigs.That means they work horizontally and swings in all directions when one pull the line. Very effective movements as this resembles a small injured prey fish.

Because I go for big pike when I do this I use relatively big jigs with red/white color or red/yellow color.

  Compared to trolling ,this method do not cover a large area but you have much more control over those fish you encounter. When a fish turn up on the display you can easily adjust the jig to the exact depth and make it work right in the face of the fish with the best movements. This is harder when you are trolling because it is harder to adjust the pike lures to the fish especially with a “bumpy” bottom.

  The trolling lures which mostly are fishing spoons or crankbait lures are also moving much more static and are not so attractive to a pike as a lively jig.
I recommend shimano fishing rods to this fishery with a somewhat stiff tip so you can easily control the jigs movement.    

Always use a wire trace of course if you intend to land a big pike and do bring fishing pliers , fishing scale and a knot less landing net just to mention a few important things when you go pike lures.

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