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Verrien | Incredible Belgian Watch Brands

Watchmaking has been an integral part of the history and culture of Belgium. One reason it is seen as a traditional route for the youth in this country is that there are many watchmaking institutes here. Watchmakers can be proud to say that their products have made it through some difficult times!

Being skilled craftsmen and accurate time-keepers have given Belgian watch brands an edge over other companies. Today, several household names come from this region, with Omega leading them all! The pride they take in the creation of these refined pieces adds to their quality.

As with every other field of study and industry out there, competition between schools and universities help students learn faster and become even better at what they do.

The Belgian watch industry is one of the most competitive in the world. With so many brands to choose from, companies need to stand out if their watches sell well.

For those looking for a new brand or design that will help them reach customers quickly and effectively, there are plenty of options available on this list of best-selling Belgian watches.

There is a large selection of Bvlgari watches available on mall boutiques and department stores, but if you want to buy something exclusive, their online store filled with limited editions is your best bet for shopping.

It is because of this that we find so many watch brands coming out of Belgium. Here are some top-notch companies to look out for in the country:

1. Omega Watches

This is a brand you must know! They have been around since 1848, and since then, they haven’t looked back or slowed down their pace for anything. Omega has made it to the top for luxury watches and has even contributed greatly towards space exploration with its products. Known for innovation and excellence in craftsmanship, they make fine watches at affordable prices. Their use of technology helps them create high-precision timepieces with an operating accuracy of over 99%.

2. Rado Swiss

Another well-known and trusted brand, Rado, is known for its commitment to precision and excellence. They are constantly striving to create harmonic pieces that have a soul. They also take great care in creating watches with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and surgical grade 316L stainless steel wristbands. Their use of innovation has helped them make this one of the best Swiss watch brands in Belgium and worldwide.

3. Cartier Watches

This luxurious company was founded way back in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, the son of an Italian goldsmith! Based on luxurious materials and intricate designs, these high fashion pieces are delicately crafted with diamonds and other precious stones added by hand to every ensemble they make! Cartier watches have a vintage and timeless feel, making the company that much more likable.

4. Rolex Watches

This is another well-known brand whose timepieces are tagged as status symbols around the world! One of the reasons these watches have been so popular worldwide since their creation is because of the style that they encompass! They have something for every taste and liking, from their iconic Oyster Perpetual line to the Datejust II collection. Their style gives us insight into how traditional watchmaking stays relevant even in today’s technology and media marketing world.

5. JeanRichard Watches

Founded in 1998 by Richard Mille, who was one of Omega’s greatest minds, this brand is one to watch out for when it comes to high-quality luxury timepieces. They have been quiet achievers in their own right with a separate identity all of their own! Staying true to creating watches with integrity and passion, they continue to make history one product at a time!

6. Cartouche Watches

This company has come up strong as yet another competitor in the market. These watches have caught many people’s eye, giving us some amazing traditional pieces that are easy on the pocket even though they are made from top-quality materials! Being sought after by professionals and enthusiasts alike has given this brand an edge over other companies that only focus on making more expensive products.

7. Bell & Ross

Founded in 1993, this brand is known for precision and innovation. Most of the parts are developed internally and can be serviced easily by watchmakers all around the world! Their use of technology has made it easy for them to make high-quality watches that become even better over time as the material gets used regularly.

8. Corum Watches

One of the oldest brands that still produce luxury watches today was founded back in 1833 by Giulio Negretti, who was inspired by Greek mythology! These watches get their name from a character called ‘Coro’ who took part in one of Ovid’s epic tales about love! They come with many unique features such as tourbillions which allow them to maintain an excellent level of accuracy!

9. Cartier Watches

Another iconic brand, this renowned company, was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier, an Italian goldsmith’s son based in Paris way back in 1847! The brand has a very rich heritage apparent in their watches which offer us a truly timeless feel! They are famed for making luxury watches with diamonds and other precious stones handset by artisans to make their products even more valuable.

10. Bovet

Founded over 150 years ago, they’ve seen many changes, including the digital revolution but have kept up quite well with modern times too! Known for its quality craftsmanship and unique designs, the company has carved a niche in timepiece manufacturing. They are one of the few companies that have survived in an industry that is otherwise quite volatile! This makes them a favorite amongst watch collectors and aficionados all over the world, even today.


Bvlgari watches are also considered to be among the more fashionable brands in the market today because of their intricate designs that make each piece elegant yet functional at the same time. Aside from being durable, its craftsmanship makes it even more special than other luxury watch brands scattered about and can easily fit most men’s tastes. Preferences, so don’t think twice before buying a Bvlgari watch.

Verrien | Incredible Belgian Watch Brands

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