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Verrien | Lily Rose VS Waldor Watches Review

With the rising popularity and demand for trendy watch brands, many people have torn between Lily Rose and Waldor.

If you’re looking for a new trendy watch or want to upgrade your current model, this comparison will help you decide between Lily Rose and Waldor Watches.

Both of these brands are not only inexpensive, but they also provide high-quality products at a low cost.


One of the most significant differences between the two brands is their pricing. When it comes to pricing, Lily Rose vs. Waldor Watches differs by about $100 / £72.16. Lily Rose watches are slightly less expensive than Waldor Watches models, but this does not imply that they are of lower quality.

When compared to other brands on the market, you can still get a high-quality watch from Lily Rose for a relatively low price. While different Lily Rose and Waldor Watches models can be purchased for less than $100, this does not necessarily imply that they are low-cost products.

Most people prefer these two brands because they provide better value for money than many other big names in the industry, such as Hamilton or Seiko, due to higher prices or poor durability longevity. In addition, with Lily Rose and Waldor Watches watches, you get a lot of bang for your buck. see below the difference in prices from the brands’ websites.

Waldor Watches $206.51 – $442.13 / £149 – £319 Waldor & Co. 2021. Waldor & Co. | Redefining the watch industry since 2012 – Waldor & Co. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 September 2021].

Lily Rose Watches $124.60 / £89.90 Lily Rose Watches M. 2021. Lily Rose Watches M . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 September 2021]. Lily Rose Watches


Most people think about the design of both brands when making a purchasing decision. When comparing Lily Rose vs. Waldor Watches, the first noticeable difference in terms of design is the cases used to manufacture these two brands.

Waldor Watches uses lacquered brass or zinc-based alloys such as pot metal, while Lily Rose uses stainless steel. making their watches heavier than Lily Rose models Lily Rose’s solid stainless steel offers superior durability over Waldor Watchess’ lighter cases and less durable material.

Many models under this brand feature slightly oversized watch cases that fit perfectly on large men’s wrists. Lily Rose cases appear more modern when compared to Waldor Watches. Fashionable and slick designs Lily Rose has also created models that are part of popular collections over the years, such as classic rose gold Lily Rose men’s watches with high-quality leather straps and stainless steel cases with a round dial face.


When it comes to the design of their products, many Chinese-made watch brands use older or obsolete movement technologies. Both Lily Rose and Waldor Watches use their movements to power their watches, which sets them apart. Waldor Watches employs Russian-made automatic-self-wind movements, whereas Lily Rose employs Chinese-made automatic ETA movements in its models. Waldor Watches edges out Lily Rose in this category because the majority of their products include automatic self-winding movements with a 40-hour power reserve.


These two brands are not new to the world; they have been around for more than 60 years, serving millions of customers in Asia and other parts of the world. Because Lily Rose and Waldor Watches are both well-known brands, you can be confident that you will receive high-quality products from them.

Lily Rose had established itself as a timepiece manufacturer since its inception in Tokyo, Japan, in the 1950s, before expanding to China when its business outgrew its capacity at its Tokyo factory. Waldor Watches, on the other hand, have been around since the 1950s and are manufactured in Russia with strong Japanese ties.


Lily Rose watches are higher in quality and durability than Waldor Watches models because Lily Rose manufactures its products with superior materials. This is a significant difference between Lily Rose and Waldor Watches and should be considered by buyers looking for low-cost, high-quality timepieces that will last for many years. Lily Rose Watches’ quality is unrivalled due to their dedication to creating long-lasting pieces that can last for at least five decades if properly cared for.

Their superior quartz movement technology has also contributed to the overall improvement in the quality of their timepieces over the years. The Lily Rose Watch Company maintains one of the best quality control systems and is one of the best watch brands.


Lily Rose’s superior quality makes it one of the most durable timepieces in the market today. Lily Rose offers at least a ten-year warranty on all its models, reflecting its commitment to crafting high-quality products. However, models made by Waldor Watches don’t come with such a guarantee, meaning that you may not enjoy the same durability or longevity offered by Lily Rose watches when purchasing them.

This is one of the many differences between Lily Rose vs. Waldor Watches that buyers should consider before making a purchase decision.


Both Lily Rose and Waldor Watches are known for their tough durability; however, this does not necessarily imply that they are status symbols, as both of these brands are inexpensive.

One significant difference between Lily Rose and Waldor Watches is that Lily Rose watches are more popular and recognized than Waldor Watches because they have been around for more than six decades, whereas Waldor Watches has only been around since the 1950s.

Another reason Lily Rose outperforms Waldor Watches in terms of popularity or status is that it has a larger distribution network than its competitor, making it easier for customers to obtain this timepiece brand.

8)Water Resistance:

When comparing Lily Rose vs. Waldor Watches, another significant difference is how different models handle water resistance. For example, most Lily Rose watch models have at least a 50m water resistance rating, indicating that they can withstand immersion in water up to 50m.

Waldor Watches watches, on the other hand, do not have such a rating, which means they are not suitable for swimming or diving like Lily Rose watches, as water resistance is important for scuba divers and professional swimmers.


The weight of Lily Rose vs. Waldor Watches also varies significantly depending on the model. Lily Rose Watches are slightly heavier than Waldor Watches models in general because their cases are larger than their competitors’ products. However, the size difference makes little difference when wearing either timepiece because most people are drawn to large-sized timepieces that draw attention from those around them. This is one factor that can assist buyers in deciding between these two brands.


Two of the most well-known watch brands are Lily Rose and Waldor Watches. They provide both high-end watches with a luxury price tag and more affordable options for those who are new to wristwatches.

In this blog post, we’ve looked at some of the key features that distinguish these brands from one another so you can decide which is best for your needs.

If you want to learn more about either company or their products, be sure to visit our website, where they have a detailed profile page!


Verrien | Lily Rose VS Waldor Watches Review

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