Lucien Piccard Watch from beginner to expert (in 10 minutes)

Lucien Piccard watches have been around for about 30 years now. This is a company that is known to produce unique wristwatches with a touch of sophistication and class. They are not just solely making timepieces but also accessories such as the Lucien Piccard watch winder, which can help you store your collection of fine watches during a time when they are not being used or in storage.

The company is not new anymore so there should be no doubt on their ability to deliver high quality products.

You will surely love wearing each of the many products that they offer today. For those who do not know what Lucien Piccard is all about, it was started by Swiss based Jacques Muller who during this time was famous for the fine watches that he designed and produced.

He was also known during this time to dabble a bit with clocks and even diving equipment creation.

Muller started out by selling his watch designs and repair services in Paris, France for over 20 years before he moved to Spain where he opened up his very own workshop called “Lucien Piccard” which is located in Barcelona. The man behind the company’s name itself is a great-great nephew of Auguste Piccard who actually invented the modern day pressure chamber for deep sea exploration called bathyscaphe or Trieste that went down about 35,800 feet at its deepest point.

As you may have noticed already, Lucien Piccard specializes mainly in the production of unique timepieces. Watch lovers who are looking for something that is not just another ordinary wristwatch, Lucien Piccard is the place to go with over 50 different collections available for you today at affordable prices.

The company’s founder was so fascinated by technology and aviation. He already had his own airplane by the early 1950s which he had used to learn how to fly it, even if he had never finished high school or college in any related field. By this time Muller has already become a famed watch designer and was becoming famous not only in Spain but all over Europe as well.

By 1959 Muller decided that it would be best if he made watches from start to finish instead of relying on other manufacturers where he would just design the watch and then sell it to them. Muller was soon able to open up his own “Atelier” which is a workshop in Paris where he made all of his creations based on his designs for very high quality luxury time pieces that were sold through his own company, Lucien Piccard.

In 1962 Muller decided to move over seas when he set up shop in Barcelona where he had finally perfected the art of making watches and moved into a much larger space within this city. His clothing line called Lucien Piccard was already suffering from success as they started out with a run of about 1,000 bags but by 1969 they have already produced more than 40,000 handbags alone.

This brand continued to set its own pace until 1993 when Muller decided that he was going to pass his company down to his son, Paul who was once the CEO of another Spanish based watch brand called Alpina which is also one of many companies that they are involved with today as a group. Muller basically helped start this company back in 1931.

The transition from father to son went smooth and there were no problems during this time. The company continues on for years despite all of the uncertainty that surrounded them because Jacques’ other two children have their own businesses in the fashion industry. It would seem by looking at these facts alone that indeed Lucien Piccard has been running smoothly under the supervision of Mr. Muller and his son, Paul.

Through the years, this brand has managed to create a great deal of collections for every type of consumer in the market today with their classic time pieces still being sold all over the world as well as their modern ones. They can be found at luxury retailers such as Harrods in London or Neiman Marcus back here in America. If you are not able to purchase one through these fine stores then you may want to check out the company’s website which offers affordable prices but only for their online customers based within Europe itself. Ordering is extremely easy on their site and any customer who places an order will have completed it quickly and efficiently, even if they do live thousands of away from where it is being shipped from.

Lucien Piccard has been making watches since the late 1950s and was able to expand their business throughout Europe with over 32 different collections that are available within their catalog today. There are so many options to choose from if you want to spend money on a new time piece and you would never have to worry about not finding something that fits your style perfectly. As far as sports watches go, this brand offers a line of men’s dive watches that could be used for deep sea diving but also for snorkeling or scuba diving which is very uncommon because most dive watches were designed with only one sport in mind and nothing else. All of the different collections that they have to offer can be found at their website if you are interested in purchasing one.

“For the last 15 years or so we have been a part of several European companies that made our watches and sold them under other company names. We used to sell almost 5 million watches a year but with the entrance of China into this industry it has become very difficult to compete even though we were these companies designs. In 2002 we stopped selling through outside retailers.”

The original collection was based on Muller’s own creations and then his children would create more as well over time for specific holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Over all there is just about a different type of watch for any holiday that you could imagine which I find to be a great thing if you want to get someone the perfect gift.