Luhr-Jensen Review

Ever since the beginning in 1932, items from Luhr-Jensen have been known worldwide for its great and the capacity to get record fish. All segments, instruments and assembling techniques have consistently been best in now is the ideal time. This fantastic custom from Hood River, Oregon, USA, will in any case add to your prosperity stunningly better as sports angler. Luhr-Jensen is today possessed 100% of the Rapala-bunch.  

Luhr Jensen Crocodile

Luhr-Jensen Crocodile is an amazing fishing spoon which are accessible in most fishing supplies shops. The development can be depicted as prodding and somewhat incredible, the quality is exceptional. Crocodile is a commonplace all-rounder and suits essentially for any fish hunters fishing both in freshwater, streams and the sea.

For trout fishing, seatrout and salmon this is a legend, both Europe and USA. As exceptional provisions for Crocodile ought to be referenced that on the greatest model is mounted incredible welded rings, and that the loads 7, 14 and 20 gr. is conveyed with an additional single snare notwithstanding the high pitch snare. The series exist in 13 alluring shadings and sizes.

Luhr-Jensen Crocodile SS

New created variant of the incredible crocodile, with awesome shading blends, twofold split rings and unique snares. The accomplishment with Crocodile will ensured proceed with this variation, a victor to a wide range of fishing from trout to salmon, pike and ocean fishing overall. The snares is Red VMC Sure Set Scorpic trebler, were the enormous single snare gives an additional benefit with the recurrence of snaring. The series is found in 5 alluring tones and 4 sizes.

Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ

Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ has an incredible, minimal and basic plan with novel projecting capacities and live-like walk. The development is made by a slantingly cut an enormous metal line, were the weight equilibrium will be situated in the snare end. This gives outrageous projecting lengths, low air obstruction and an energetic walk. Cast Champ is an appropriate all-round bait which suits to most hunter fish both in freshwater and the ocean. It is outfitted with VMC PermaSteel high pitch snares and exist in 4 sizes and colors.

Luhr-Jensen J-Plug

The popular Luhr-Jensen J-Plug is a skimming savaging plug, manipulated with sliding snare sets comprising of 2 VMC PermaSteel high pitch hooks,dacron and a metal chain. With this apparatus, the wobbler is immediately delivered from the snare set during the snaring, something that lessens the opportunity for losing the fish under the working. The walk is tight and prodding, shaking balls gives sound. J-Plug is a decent decision for savaging after huge trout, seatrout, salmon and pike, truth be told to any savaging in the ocean. Exist just in 1 size and 6 tones. Have tried a large portion of these in my waters and as pike baits they functions admirably. Recommended.