Misfit Watch Review

Misfit is a watch company that was founded in 2011 by Sonny Vu, a graduate of Cornell University. The idea came to him when he began cramming for an important exam and realized that he could not find his calculator. He thought there should be an easier way to access all the tools we use on a day-to-day basis without having to carry an entire briefcase around, and was inspired by the bracelet he had worn on his wrist in college.

Misfit’s first watch was released through Shine in 2012, generating over $8 million in pre-orders within the first five days of its campaign. The company spent the next year focusing on delivering the Misfit Shine Android app, which was released in December 2013. In conjunction with their new product launch, they made a deal with QVC to ensure that every backer of the watch would be able to receive one.

In 2014 the company began shipping its second-generation products: the Misfit Flash and Misfit Ray. The Misfit Vapor, a much smaller wearable technology product than the previous watches in their lineup, was released later in 2017. The Misfit Path, Command, and Phase came about later in the years following Misfit’s acquisition by Fossil Group in 2015.

The vision of the company was inspired by founder Sonny Vu’s experience in college during an important exam, he realized that the only calculator he could find was far too large and inconvenient to carry around. After leaving his job at Apple, Vu decided to start a business of his own to solve this problem, founding Misfit Wearables on October 14th, 2011. The name of the company was inspired by his desire to create products that are not just functional but also fashionable and was in honor of Steve Jobs who had died just nine days later.

If you are a geek who likes to wear a smartwatch, a Misfit watch could be your best choice. Misfit watches are designed and produced by Misfit.

A Collection of the Misfit Watches

1. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is a sleek and shiny fitness tracker accessory that provides the ability to track sleep, footsteps, and most importantly your workouts. You can connect with other friends who are also using Shine so you could be motivated by them as well. It comes in many different colors for you to choose from and it is very lightweight. Another thing that makes Shine stand out from other fitness trackers is the fact that they have one of the longest battery lives ever, with a stated battery life of 6 months!

2. Misfit Flash

The Misfit Flash is a small device similar to a fit bit tracker that can be worn as an accessory. The tiny fitness tracking device comes with a clip-on which you can strap onto your clothes or accessories. The Misfit Flash is waterproof and shockproof up to 10m. The fitness tracker is NFC enabled which means you can pair it with NFC enabled phones.

3. Misfit Ray

It is a fitness tracker that can be worn as an accessory or in sports activities such as running and swimming. The weight of the device is 30 grams which are very light to make it comfortable to wear during physical activity. The Misfit Ray has a variety of functions that are available for the user to use. One is the vibration notification function which tells users about incoming calls, emails and texts. It also has an activity tracker as well as sleep tracking functions. It can count steps taken in a day, miles ran or how long you slept last night.

4. Misfit Vapor

The Misfit Vapor Smartwatch has a retail price of $199 and features trendy good looks, Swiss-made quartz movement, smooth touchscreen interface, fitness tracking and customizable face. Additional features include GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, text and call notifications, weather updates and reminders. The Misfit Vapor Smartwatch is a stylish smartwatch that offers the latest technology in fitness tracking and personalized interactions with your device.

5. Misfit Phase

The Misfit Phase uses an optical flow sensor, which analyzes the movement of your wrist to illuminate the display. In short, it’s a pretty cool feature that was well-thought-out and implemented into minimalistic watch design; with future firmware enhancements, this could be a real runaway hit. It has tons of potential for other applications such as cleaning up a messy watch design and is one of the first steps for smartwatches to eventually become invisible.

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6. Misfit Command

Misfit Command is a watch designed for Marine and Special forces, with a lot of functions for combat; features useful information such as GPS navigation, compass, altitude meters and coordinates. The Misfit Command watch has a unique set of both analog and digital panels which provides military personnel with important information they need while on the battlefield.

7. Misfit Path

The Misfit Path watch is unique in its design and offers a fresh look at the way we tell time. The watch face is 3D with an analog clock along the middle that points toward 12 o’clock. The hour markers are raised slightly around the outside of the face, allowing you to “see” them with your fingertips. The hour indicators are small, horizontal lines. The watch hands are similar to the hour markers; they stick out from the face a little bit.

Features of Misfit Watches

When using a watch, we have to put it on according to our wrist size. The standard length of the misfit watch strap is 185mm, if you have a small wrist size, you can select the length of 165mm.

There are two straps models for the misfit watches Silicone and leather-like. The silicone one is waterproof while the leather-like one has water resistance.

The misfit watches come with a screen touch sensor and a vibration motor on the strap. The screen touch sensor enables you to access the functions of the misfit watch by sliding your finger across.

You can answer calls or messages with just one touch on your misfit watch, no need to pick up the phone! You can even receive emails and get notifications from Whats App by connecting to your smartphone with the app.

The misfit watch also has a small speaker which you can use to play alarm or tell time by hearing it, for example, “It is eight in the morning”, “Come back home at half-past six”. You can even compose a message on the voice recorder of the misfit watch and send it to your friends.

The misfit watch can also work as a pedometer. You can check your steps and all-day activities on the app of your smartphone. And there are other features like weather, calendar, news, etc in the misfit watch too!

You can customize the background design for your misfit watch with many styles to choose from.

Misfit watches have been rated highly for their durability. They are also environmentally friendly since they do not contain any toxic elements. In addition, Misfit’s water-resistant watches can withstand exposure to light rain and splashes of water but cannot be worn when swimming or diving in a pool.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used in making Misfit watches, they are quite long-lasting. The display on the watch is also top quality, which makes it durable as well.

According to the official website of Misfit, the battery life of a Misfit watch can last up to six months and even be worn while swimming or when exposed to water splashes. The battery life of Misfit watches is expected to increase in the future.

Misfit’s operating system is powered by an ARM processor and its watch face features a pixel density of 280 pixels per inch, which implies that there are about 280 pixels on each inch of the screen. The screen quality contributes towards the durability as well as the portability of Misfit watches.

The watch faces of Misfit watches are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. Some of the color options include white, black and light blue, while others come in orange or green shades. The shape options include square as well as round designs. For instance, there is a range of square-shaped Misfit watches with various case sizes and strap widths.

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