Movado vs Rado Watch Brands Compared

The rivalry between Movado and Rado is interesting. Both brands are known for their quality luxury timepieces, but when deciding which model is better, there isn’t a clear winner! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how these two watch brands compare against one another.

# Design

Movado watches are generally made more traditionally by mixing classic design elements with modern materials, making it one of the most popular watch brands among women who want something beautiful but feminine; plus, their designs often include diamonds which is another reason; why they’re so popular! Many of their watches also contain ‘The Museum®’ signature, which is particularly charming and stylish – an ideal choice for any woman wanting to add exquisite quality to her outfit.

Also included under this line is the amazing ‘Museum® Reserve,’ which has never been surpassed by any other designer when it comes to beauty and elegance (the entire production process takes 160 hours!).

The Museum® Chronograph collection was introduced in 2007, featuring models like the fantastic ‘Museum®’s Chrono Star’ with stunning diamond hour markers and bezel.

Movado has also recently introduced a range of watches for men called ‘Vivant,’ which has become incredibly popular amongst male watch lovers who prefer an edgier style rather than the more usual clean-cut designs available in most stores.

Rado watches are generally made by combining classic design elements with modern materials, making it one of the most popular watch brands among men who like their timepieces to look as good as they feel (check out Rado’s wristwatches for men featuring Ceragold – said to be one of the toughest alloys on earth).

They often create sleek-looking watches that feature two or three dials at once. The most popular Rado timepieces include the stunning ‘DiaStar,’ a manual wind mechanical wristwatch with an elegant yet strong design, and the ‘Platino Star,’ a watch designed specifically for astronauts to wear in space.

# Movement

One of the main differences between Movado and Rado is their movements – one uses Swiss-made automatic movements while others use quartz models or even hand-wound ones. Moving on from this, here are some more specific details about each movement.

The Calibre 1847 from Movado has been produced since 1999, and as with all ETA Calibres, it runs at 28,800 beats per hour; there’s also the option of having a 24-hour display on the small subdial at 9 o’clock.

Rado’s first automatic movement was introduced in 1978. It is now one of the only Swiss watch brands to design, develop and manufacture its movements (all other watch companies that claim to have done this are using Rado’s movement). It is a hand-wound model with an accuracy of -20/+40 seconds per day which is pretty standard for basic mechanical movement.

# Price

Here’s an overview to give you some idea of how much these two different brands are likely to set you back. A Movado ‘The Museum® Reserve’ chronograph will average around £2,000 ($3,000), while a Rado timepiece is likely to cost just over £2000 ($3,000). At the cheaper end of the scale, you can pick up a high-quality Movado ladies’ watch for around £150 ($250); in contrast, Rado’s cheapest timepieces are likely to set you back somewhere around £300 ($500).

#Product Durability and Water Resistance Ratings

In the past few years, Movado has led the way in using ceramic in watch cases for superior durability and scratch resistance in watches.

They have also pioneered sapphire crystal for watches which allows them to be more durable should they fall or get hit when worn on hands.

Their latest line of Swiss-made automatic watches carries a lifetime guarantee against any mechanical failure as long as it is not abused (such as getting a five-ton truck driven over it)*. Some of their watches, including alligator straps, protect up to 100 meters underwater. In addition, many do watches are also shock resistant to protect the timepieces from damage if they fall or are dropped.

Rado has created certified watches for water resistance up to 300 meters deep in some of their marine chronographs. Their high-end watch models have scratch-resistant sapphire crystal made by synthetic corundum, the second hardest material after diamond known to man (9 on Mohs scale). All Rado watches carry a two-year warranty against any mechanical failure during normal wear and tear.

#Exclusive limited edition

Both companies have produced many special watches with very limited production numbers or were available to select customers only. Most of these timepieces can be found on eBay, but the prices are usually well above their MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

These two watch companies don’t generally make versions of their models with diamond dials or precious metal cases etc., for public consumption unless they are ordered, especially by customers who have deep pockets and love wearing the latest in fashion accessories.

#Artisan Creation Watches

Movado has made a few high-profile Artisan creations over the years whose production was limited to less than 100 pieces due to the extreme complexity involved in making them.

Rado also makes very complex timepieces, including Grand Finale and Glamour collections, but they don’t usually make limited-edition versions. However, they produce a few special pieces like the Rado HyperChrome and Grand Prix that customers are free to order if they wish to have such items made for their collections.

#More popular in different countries around the world

Both brands are popular globally but have a large presence in certain parts of the world too. Movado has always had an international outlook, and thus its popularity is spread throughout most continents, including Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, etc.

They can be found in all major cities worldwide, including New York City, Los Angeles (beach area), Las Vegas, among many other places across the USA. At present, they claim over 700 retail outlets and over 20,000 jewelry store locations worldwide.*

Rado is a brand of parent company Swatch Group AG that owns other brands like Breguet watches and Blancpain Watches – two more high-end watchmakers.

Rado has a large presence in Asia, especially in China and Japan. They can be found in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and many cities throughout America (Los Angeles, etc.).

As they are part of a large company, they have numerous different models to appeal to the tastes of numerous different customer types.


Movado and Rado are both premium watch brands with a long history. Both have their unique style, but each is worth exploring to find the perfect timepiece for you.

When researching which brand suits your needs best, consider what features matter most to you in a watch-type metal type of band material type of body shape or any other specifications that are important to you.

Then compare prices between retailers so it’s easier to determine where you can get the best deal on your new favorite accessory!