Orient VS Citizen Watch Brands

From the rubble rises good watchmakers


World War Two had a way of pruning the bad companies away from the good ones. Those that survived that conflict were able to use their new found strength and build great watchmaking enterprises.


The heat of battle has a way of setting the pretenders apart from the real warriors. In the case of Orient that was the reality. They did not let WW2 stand in their way of getting both business and watchmaking success.


Is the company as good as Citizen? You will have to keep reading to find out. Our article has the information you will want to know about in order to see where these companies stand in this industry.


Who makes both Citizen & Orient watches


Both companies had setbacks during World war 2 and the reason for those hurdles was because they were both Japanese companies and on the losing side. Only Orient though suffered through bankruptcy but the owners of that brand did not let anything stop them.


Orient started in 1901 as the Yoshida Shop and was known as a wholesale watch company. They changed somewhere around the 30s or just after the War to Orient and started their uphill climb to making top watches.


However, 100 years later, they became an unofficial subsidiary of Seiko Watched and were finally officially bought out by that company in 2009. Citizen took the other route and bought out Bulova when they needed to lighten the competition.


The orient watch lines reflect more Seiko’s type of thinking and reflect that latter company’s philosophy when it comes to looks and tradition.


Orient vs. Citizen durability


Orient focuses more on the mechanical side of watchmaking as they offer a full line of automatic, wind up, and other mechanical styles of watches. Citizen, on the other hand, is the brave explorer as they tend to look to what technologies will look good in their watches.


Both make top quality and very durable watches which can be seen in Orient’s Star Retrograde and Citizen’s Eco-Drive Silvertone and Black World A-T Watch. The top craftsmanship is seen very well in both models.


Plus, the level of materials used to create these masterpieces is not from inferior grade levels. Then Orient has been able to slim down its diver’s watch to keep the bulk away from your wrist.


That sleek design helps keep the bumps away as you forget you have a watch on. The construction materials in both watches should have those models lasting almost forever under normal use.


Citizen vs. Orient Features and Technology


This is a category that will be dominated by Citizen. It is a company that loves to place as many features and technological upgrades into its watches as it can. For example, the Orient Star looks very elegant, stately, and impressive while the Citizen Eco-drive looks like some mad scientist lost control and started stuffing everything he could into the watch.

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That is one of the more positive aspects of the Citizen brand. If you want technology, they have the watch lines providing it to you. However, if you prefer class and elegance over technology while having some features, then you should go to Orient for those options.


The Citizen Promaster does tone it down a lot and compares quite well with the Orient Mako II model which is a good thing if you are not technology minded. Both companies provide you with a wide selection of watches that will meet your features and technology needs.


Orient vs. Citizen Looks & Style


In this comparison, Orient seems to have the advantage but that is due to the Seiko influence than anything else. This company does have some great designs that are more sporty than sophisticated but even then that sporty look has a touch of elegance to it that is hard to match.


When you look at Citizen watches, it is like looking at a crowd of people from a distance of a few hundred feet. You are not sure what you are looking at until you get closer. There are just too many distractions on many of the Citizen watch models to be effective at looking good.


One thing is for sure, though, Citizen knows how to design its watches well in order to handle so much technology and features. The company has a few very clear, concise, and classy-looking timepieces, they just have too many of the other types.


It will be up to your personal taste which one you select as both companies make enough watches to satisfy everyone’s tastes.


Citizen vs. Orient costs


Citizen is a mid-range watch-making company. its reputation is that while it makes some higher-end watches, they are still in the mid-range category. Most of their watch options are more middle to lower end when it comes to cost.


Orient has focused more on being affordable rather than costly. Most of their watch lines are priced below $200 allowing just about anyone the opportunity to save up and buy one.


Of course, your cost will depend on the model of watch you want and its purpose. You can expect to pay more for those top-of-the-line models that have professional purposes over those other watches that are more for casual wear and outings.


Then to get the best deal on either brand, you will have to shop around and see which store is going to give you the best deal.


Some final words


When it comes to watches, the one you buy boils down to which one looks the best and comes at the best price. Sometimes brand name places a large role in our decision making and both Citizen and Orient make that decision harder.


They are very good companies that strive to keep their top-quality watches affordable. In the end, you are the winner because this heavily competitive industry keeps giving you features and technology at affordable prices. Sometimes you just have to flip a coin to pick one. They are all that good.



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