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Verrien | Orient vs Invicta Watches

The teacher may be surpassed


It was the Swiss that seems to be the inventor of the watch. many of their watch making companies date back to the 16th century A.D. or earlier. It was these original watchmaking companies that taught the world as well as the Japanese, how to make good watches.


Well, it seems that the Japanese were more than just good students. They have applied what they learned and may have out done their European teachers.


It was the Japanese that started the Quartz revolution leaving the Swiss in the catch-up role. To find out how well the Japanese learned their lessons, just continue to read our article. it compares a Swiss watchmaker with a Japanese one.


Whom makes Orient and Invicta watches


Invicta is by far older than Orient as it started in 1937 in Switzerland. Ralph Picard was the founder and for the next almost 150 years Invicta was a private company that did a lot of trailblazing in the watch industry.


Unfortunately, during the Quartz revolution, Invicta was not prepared for the advent of new technology and it suffered greatly. It was sold to Ondix S.A. in 1983 but that company fell on hard times as well and re-sold the name in 1991 to an anonymous American company.


The Orient watch making company in comparison got a late start in the watch industry. It was founded in 1901 and they were doing quite well until World War 2 struck. By 1949 the company was gone but it was revived a year later and became the Orient Company in 1951.


50 years later, Seiko took over operations and made that takeover official in 2009.


Orient vs. Invicta durability


You are not going to last as long as these companies have in the watch industry if you do not make durable watches. Both companies have a long history and have made sure that the components they buy keep their timepieces lasting a long time.


Once again, we need to turn to the dive watches to prove how durable their products are. The Orient Mako Nami dive watch is rated for 660 feet under the surface of the water which makes it a very strong watch. To survive that depth you need to be durable and strong.


Then the Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver only reaches about 656 feet under the water but it looks great doing it. The blue and gold coloring has you looking like a star when you scuba dive to the world beneath the waves.


These two companies make sure you are getting your money’s worth when you buy their watches. But Orient has the lead after this comparison.


Invicta vs. Orient Features and Technology


The Invicta brand watches have quite a few interesting features. The sub-dials and the standard calendar options make their watches stand out in the feature category. Plus, the company utilizes all the advancements modern technology has provided to make sure their watches are up to time-keeping demands.


The features may not be as many as Casio or Citizen may have but they are enough for the average watch wearer. On the other hand, Orient is going to keep up with Invicta in the technology and feature comparison. Their watches are not overcrowded with dials, and buttons, etc.


Their concern seems to be more in the workings of the watch and making sure the components are the best in the world. that is where technology has helped both companies. you get accuracy and precision not a bunch of toys to wear out the battery inside and cause it to lose all of its power.


Orient vs. Invicta Looks & Style


Like many watch makers, these two companies are very close to each other when it comes to looks and style. it is hard to tell them apart because they pay close attention to how you will look wearing one of their watch models.


Orient watches will have the Seiko philosophy of looking understated, elegant, and not flashy or showy. Their watch designs seem more traditional and do not try to think outside the box or push the envelope.


On the other hand, Invicta has the Swiss tradition influenced greatly by the American attitude. A lot of their watch lines are very flashy and showy making sure everyone in the room knows what brand of watch you are wearing.


The company also makes a lot of watch models that are perfect for the office and other professional occupations but their focus seems more on making sporty watches than formal ones.


The Orient wins here for taste.


Invicta vs. Orient cost


It is definite. You are not going to break the bank when you buy either brand’s watches. Depending on where you buy them, you are looking at paying a minimum of $100 for their low-end models.


Some, especially Invicta, have a lot of watches that are priced well below that dollar mark. The Orient has one for at least $500 but its competitor in this comparison does not match that cost.


The highest price we saw at one location was just under $300 for an Invictus watch. In other words, these brands are making good quality watches for the average person who does not have a lot of extra money to spare.


There is nothing wrong with that as not everyone can afford a luxury watch or one that will last for a few generations.


Some final words


While both companies like to produce top-quality watches, they do strive to keep their product affordable. And by keeping them inexpensive, their customers do not have to worry about damaging them or wearing them to very rough activities. They are cheap enough to replace easily.


The good news is that both companies do try to keep their watches accurate. that is the most important aspect of a watch. you need a watch you can rely on and both companies provide that product.


If there is to be a winner here, Orient edges out Invicta and the student has outdone the master.

Verrien | Orient vs Invicta Watches

By Rose Spencer

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