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When you are watch shopping, you see all the different brand names you get to select from. Unfortunately, those watch brands may be owned and operated by one parent company trying to dominate the watch industry.

While both of these brands started out as independent companies, they are no longer independent and their brand may suffer because of that change in ownership. Even Rolex operates a second company under a different brand name.

To find out where these two companies stand, just continue reading our article. It has the information you need to know about including who owns them and more.

Who makes Tissot and Orient watches?

The Japanese are good copiers. Not only can they duplicate just about any product Western manufacturers make, they can also duplicate business models. By that, the Western practice of one company buying out one or more other competitors is also copied by the Japanese.

Orient got its start at the turn of the 20th century but by the beginning of the 21st century, it was being run and then owned by Seiko. That is a direct copy of the Western business model that has seen the purchase of a myriad of Swiss watchmakers by more powerful and richer companies.

Tissot may have started independently in 1853, but it was bought by Swatch a long time ago. The ownership may have changed but Tissot’s dedication to innovation has remained the same. It still comes up with unique ways to combine time monitoring with current technology. The Orient not so much as Seiko casts a long shadow.

Orient vs. Tissot durability

Both companies make reasonably priced watches so do not expect the majority of their models to last a long time. Under normal use, they should both last for years but accidents do happen.

With that said, both companies strive to get their fair share of the watch market so their products are not going to be as weak or impractical as entry-level watches would be. They will last if you take care of them.

Because they are made by companies with a fairly long history and good reputations, you can put your mind at ease as the construction materials and components will not be second best.

Tissot pays special attention to detail and uses the finest stainless steel possible in order to bring you a durable watch to wear. Then for both companies, their most durable watches will be their dive models. They cannot risk failure when they are going to great depths.

the durability comparison ends in a tie.

Orient vs. Tissot Features and Technology

Here is a category where Tissot will outshine Orient. Ever since its beginning, it was a company that looked to innovation to make its mark in the watch industry. They love developing high-tech watches using special materials and advanced functionality all in an attempt to get your business.

In 1999, they were the first company to produce a touchscreen watch. But like Citizen and Casio brands, some of their watch lines are very overcrowded making it very difficult to tell the time. It may take a minute or two to figure out where the hands are facing.

While you do not have that difficulty with Orient, they too have a few watch models that seem to be packed with more features than are necessary. But their other watches tend to side with using technology to make their watches work great.

Tissot just wants to be the industry’s innovation leader and open up new ground when it comes to watching styles and the use of technology.

Tissot vs. Orient Looks & Style

Orient watches are very modern looking yet they come with the Seiko influence of tradition and not showing off. Most of their watch lines are very low-key when it comes to both aspects of this category.

You can wear an Orient watch to almost any occasion and no one would notice. Orient is like the average face in the crowd, everyone sees it but no one remembers what it looks like.

Tissot does not have that problem as, like their innovation desire, they like to show off more and make sure everyone knows you are wearing a Tissot watch. While they have some nice sleek formal type watch designs, a majority of their models are sporty, and flashy and let everyone know they are in the room.

Even some of the color highlights, yellow, make sure the watch is seen long before anyone is introduced to the wearer. It is the Tissot way and tradition to show off.

Orient vs. Tissot cost

Don’t look if you do not want to experience any sticker shock. Even at discount prices, some Tissot watches are going for $1400 approx. They do have some cheaper retail models that sell in the $600+ range but those may not be the majority of the watch models Tissot sells.

The Orient watch lines are relatively cheaper and we have seen only one hitting the $500 mark. The majority of their watches are priced under $200. But that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t sell expensive watches. There may be one or two that rival Tissot’s cheaper models.

But then Tissot is Swiss made and the Swiss know how to make top-quality watches. They have a large variety of luxury watch companies that make exquisite timepieces. Tissot is just carrying on that tradition.

Orient is carrying on the Japanese tradition of keeping products cheap so that they will sell faster.

Some final words

In the world of watches, you are not going to be getting cheaply made products from either watch company. Both strive to produce the best watches possible. it is just that Tissot is going to charge more than the Orient for the privilege of wearing their watches.

Which one you will buy will be up to your brand loyalty, budget, and your personal tastes. When you want to look good on that first date, either brand will help you reach that goal, Tissot just does it better.

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