Oris vs Tissot Watch Brands

Swiss vs. Swiss

It is the comparison you all have been waiting for. Both companies come from a long line of tradition, craftsmanship, and precision. After all, they are both Swiss watchmaking companies, from a country that has been known to make top-quality time pieces for centuries.

When you have a battle of the giants, everyone is a winner. There are no losers in this competition because of the fine quality materials and work that goes into each piece. Stick around to see which company edges out the other in this comparison. It will only take a few minutes to find out the most important details.

Who makes Tissot and Oris watches

In today’s world, there are very few independent companies making anything anymore. Most are subsidiaries of larger conglomerates that oversee a large collection of similar businesses.

Oris stands out as one of the few that remains independent. It was started in 1904 and since the first day, its purpose was to make a top-quality products worthy of the label Swiss-made.

Tossit, on the other hand, started out in the mid 19th century and had 50 years to perfect its watchmaking abilities. That they did very well. So well, that they merged with omega prior to World War 2 and designed and built some of the most sought after watches at that time.

However, while Oris remains independent, both Tossit and Omega are run by the Swatch Group. That conglomerate owns a lot of other watch making firms to help them corner the market. It is hard to compete against very large firms.

Oris vs. Tossit durability

With their lesser watch models, it is a toss up as to which brand has the more durable watches to sell you. When that happens you turn to their diving watches to see how good their products really are. For Oris it is their Aquis model that sets the stage for durability.

It is rated to go down under the water up to 1000 feet without any problems. Their luminous hands help you see the time and makes sure you can keep track of how much air you have left in your tank.

Up against it and to prove Tossits achievement sin durability is their Seastar model. It too is rated for roughly 1000 feet and also like the Oris model, it has luminous hands as well.

The date is at 6 o’clock for both competitors and both are made with stainless steel to prevent rust.

Tossit vs. Oris features & technology

One thing about these two companies is that they are not all flash and no go. The focus on building these top-quality timepieces is on the inner workings and not how many features they can hold at one time.

Both companies make their watches with the right technology and put in as many features as the purpose they are made for requires. They do not overload the watch making it hard to read the time.

Also, state-of-the-art technology makes sure that the construction materials for the dial, the arm band, and the hands are crystal clear, solid, and not from inferior products. In other words, this category is a tie, like the previous one.

Both competitors are putting their best effort into making their watch products. That spells a win for you and the many customers these companies sell to. You get the features you want knowing they are backed by the best technology possible.

Oris vs. Tossit looks & style

When you are a person who likes tough, tight competition, these two watch making companies provide it. There are no obvious signs as to which company is the best in this comparison.

We say that because their watch designs are very stylish, classy, and elegant. You do not see any over-stated colors, markings, or anything else. Every component, including style and color, fits the watches to a T.

When they do add features, you can still see the time at a glance. That is the biggest plus both companies have going for them. if you wear one of their watches, you are not showing off your wealth, you are displaying your sense of taste and good judgment.

From a distance, no one can tell which brand you are wearing but they will admire your good taste and ability to select such a good-looking watch. Both brands deserve the title Swiss-made when it comes to design, style, colors used, and looks.

Tossit vs. Oris cost

This is the category where Tossit will pull ahead of Oris as their watch models are very affordable. You are not sacrificing elegance or charm when you buy one of their watches. You are protecting your bank account though.

Oris watches retail in the thousands and you would have to empty your bank account just to purchase one of their cheaper options. The highest price we saw for a Tossit was for $1000 approx. In comparison, that is the basic starting price for an Oris watch.

Each company has many affordable watch models but if you want to make any type of statement, you will go for the upper-end collections that are worth their weight in gold.

You cannot beat the precision and accuracy of these companies’ watches unless you are buying other brands in the same price range. The look of these watches is hard to surpass unless you are buying more expensive brands.

Some final words

It is hard to lose when you buy a Swiss-made watch. The biggest difference between these two brands other than their cost is that one is an independent business while the other is not.

That difference makes Oris the better of the 2 brands. You just get a better bang for your hard-earned dollars with Oris watch products. Their simplicity in design makes them an elegant watch to wear to any formal occasion.

But Tossit still tries hard to keep up while keeping their prices low. It’s a tough battle but Oris and you win.  You get the best with their brand