Pike Fishing Rigs Dead Bait For Beginners

You have to concentrate totally on every cast. A really skillful
pike angler never let go a chance to hook a pike . Learn how to
know exactly what happens to your bait every moment during the entire retrieving. You have to feel the difference between a very
light strike and a little touche against rocks or weeds. I always
treat everything as strikes until I know what it is. All bushes,
rocks and even pike gets a hard and lightning fast counter strike.  

2. Use a stiff rod and a baitcast reel
A 8-10` long stiff two-handed rod is an excellent instrument to
pike fishing. One of my fishing friends, a real fishing-pro, is
very carefully with his pike fishing gear. He uses 0,35mm, 50Lbs
Power Pro spectra line instead of 0,5-0,6mm monofilament nylon
line to his large and heavy wobblers. “Fishing with a nylon line
is like fishing with a rubber band” he says. He has a 10″ (3,1m)
long kevlar reinforced SPORTEX rod. In the beginning it was 13 “
(3,6m), but he made it shorter to make it extras stiff, suiting his
giant wobblers. During the entire retrieving he always has his
thumb lightly against the spool on his ambassadeaur 6500 CS Rocket reel. With his thumb he feels every strike. It has no significance
how light the strike is. It passes through the line even from the
bait to the thumb. A soft rod works like a shock absorber, it
absorbs the feeling of the strike. It`s therefore very important
to choose the right type of rod, reel and line for pike fishing.  

3.Make a hard and lightning fast counter strike!
Its cruical to be awake when a pike attacks. Watch the line during the entire retrieving. Pike attacks mostly from behind. When the strike comes, the line will slackened. NOW! In this moment the counter strike has to be done. In the next moment it can be too late. Pike notice immediately its failure, stops, and tries to
spit out the unwanted object. Large pike are faster than small
ones to spit out the bait. They also take the bait more gently.
If it is a big pike, make several counter strikes ! With the first
one the hooks often is lightly fastened. with the second one the
hooks pulls deeper into the hard pike mouth.
Now the pike is attached, and it`s time to lighten the drag and
work the pike in. Do not try to press a large pike into the shore
or boat without working her well on distance. To put hard pressure on a fully grown pike is the biggest mistake you can do. She is so strong that she easily straighten out your hooks, tear off the line or break the rod. Give her a mild but firm pressure during the whole drilling. Well tired she is easy to get into the boat with a neck grip, large landing net or a gaff – neck grip for the smallest, landing net for the bigger and gaff for the monster pike.

Fishing Lures Tips And Tricks


Tips and Tricks For Using Fishing Lures – How to Maximize Your Use!

Perhaps the most thrilling manner of catching fish is by using fishing lures. Broadly speaking, lures can be divided in three categories. Spinners and spoons are typically made of metal; move about or spin in the water similar to real fish. Plugs, which are made of wood or plastic, move along the surface of the water or sink deep below the surface, sometimes staying somewhere in between.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help when using fishing lures.

4. Where to fish?

Ideally, it’s advisable to not stay in one position for too long. A good way to start is by doing a complete reconnaissance of the water, and then finding a suitable point. Remember, bigger fish prefer still water, so you’ll probably find them off the main current.

Finding the right fishing lure

When you a buy a lure, ensure that you pay attention to its every detail. Most fish have extremely sharp vision, so the more alike your lure is to a real fish, the more are the chances you’ll catch one. Things to look out for are the eyes, scale pattern, and color.

Correctly using a lure

Even if it appears that the line is only being cast and retrieved, there is method to using fishing lures. The only way you’re going to be able to catch fish while using a lure is if you can successfully make your lure resemble a fish or an insect. Remember, fish are not attracted to metal, wood, or plastic, so it’s your job to make the fish think there’s a meal in there somewhere for it. Hence, cast accurately and carefully, once you’ve cast your line keep moving the rod tip so that the lure keeps changing its direction of motion.

Some pointers

Almost any fish is attracted to a fishing lure that resembles a minnow or crayfish. For bass, the most effective lures are spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and plastic worms. If you’re fishing for trout, it’s good to know that trout enjoy fish like pike and saltwater fish, so use shiny metal lures.When it’s time to catch some big fish, use plastic worms or jigs.If you’re fishing on the surface, which is by far the most exciting, cast your line near the cover and hold still for a few minutes. Then, slowly tug the rod tip in such a manner so that the fishing lure appears to be moving on the surface.

If you’re having trouble catching fish, or there appears to be few fish in the water, opt for a smaller fishing lure. For instance, you could use a small plastic worm. Make sure to attach a small weight about a foot and a half above the hook. Again, cast the line accurately and then wait patiently for the lure to rest on the bottom of the water. After this, very slowly begin to retrieve the line. This will cause the weight to bounce on the bottom, which, in turn, will cause the worm to move around in different directions along the bottom.

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