When picking a perfect timepiece, you would want one that is made from the best material. Among the many materials used to make watches is ceramic. While many people think the ceramic used in making pots is the same as watches, this is not true.

The ceramic used in making watches is made differently and is commonly used by NASA in their space satellites and space shuttles. If you have never heard of ceramic watches and want to know whether they are worth the while, this article is just for you. Below are ceramic watches pros and cons.

Pros of Ceramic Watches

Ceramic watches are preferred by many because of the many positive features they possess. Below are some of them.

Light in Weight

Ceramic watches are very light in weight. Stainless steel weighs double what ceramic weighs, and if you put on a ceramic watch and a stainless steel watch on the wrist, you will feel the difference. Ceramic watches should be your go-to if you enjoy light watches.

Stylish and Unique

The use of ceramic in a watch gives a very stylish and unique appearance. Even if the finish of ceramic solely depends on how the manufacturer treats the ceramic during manufacture, ceramic has a polished surface. Depending on the finish the manufacturer wants, it can also have a brushed or matte surface.

Polishing ceramic gives it a shiny and beautiful luster. Brushing ceramic makes it easy for the wearer to see the details it has. A ceramic watch can, therefore, have a beautiful finish regardless of the preference of the manufacturer.

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Ceramic watches are made in a way that metals and coating are out of the picture. This leaves ceramic watches being hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin can therefore wear ceramic watches without feeling insecure. Also, pigments will not wear off on your skin even if you wear this timepiece frequently.

Scratch Resistance

Ceramics is 100% scratch resistant. Your watch will still look new even after years of use. Most watches are made using steel and gold, and these materials are highly susceptible to scratches. Manufacturers started the quest for a material that will keep watches looking perfect since stainless steel scratches are inevitable.

In addition to having scratch-free material, the colors used in ceramic watches do not fade. This is mainly attributed to the high resistance ceramic has to the ultraviolet rays released by direct sunshine.


The greatest thing about ceramic watches lies in their durability. Ceramic watches have inherent features which make them boast good quality compared to other watches. And with them being scratch-resistant, it only shows how durable they are. Ceramic is also resistant to UV rays, which helps maintain its pigmentation, meaning it will last for a while.

Ceramic is also antimagnetic. It is not affected by either low or high altitudes. Its hardness can withstand any environment.

Cons of Ceramic Watches

That sounds like many positives for one timepiece, but as is with everything else, ceramic watches also have demerits. Have a look.


Manufacturers go through a whole ordeal to make a ceramic watch. Making ceramic watches is not easy since they require a particular technology in their manufacture. And, manufacturers would not go through all that struggle for a few pounds, so they have to charge what their hard work is worth.

Ceramic watches have very many features which are absent in stainless steel watches. So, they are preferred by many people, and with the manufacturing process being hard, they become infrequent. Even if more manufacturers were to join the industry for demand and supply equilibrium, ceramic watches are not about to experience a price drop.

Don’t Have a Unique Appeal

Ceramic watches do not age, and this is a plus for you if you want to keep the watch for a long haul. But, it is a disguise in blessing if you love the yellowing and fading of watches. Some collectors like vintage watches that have discolored and have patina because it gives them character and appeal. It will also be hard to distinguish between a new and a used ceramic watch when buying.


Ceramic watches are very durable, but still, huge impacts will have a toll on your ceramic watch. The molecular integrity and construction of ceramic make it possible for a ceramic watch to shatter even if it is sporadic for a ceramic watch to break, better safe than sorry.

Things to Consider When Buying a Ceramic Watch

With the pros and cons of ceramic watches in mind, what should you consider when buying a ceramic watch.

Budget- Knowing your budget and price range when buying a ceramic watch will save you time and money. Even if ceramic watches are relatively expensive, having a price in mind to guide you is essential. Remember, not all of the watches sold at steep prices are actually worth the investment. Do your research.

Features- ceramic watches have different characteristics, even if they all have a binding feature; their material. Ask yourself what features you are looking for in a watch. The rise of multifunctional ceramic watches makes it easier for you to get different features in one watch.

Personality and style- the watch you wear showcases your personality and style. By owning a ceramic watch, you are already giving the vibe of uniqueness, but the watch’s design also says a lot. Choose bands that represent you well.

New or used- buying the best and latest ceramic watch in the market will undoubtedly leave a dent in your pocket. Buying a brand new ceramic look assures you of quality while purchasing a used ceramic watch gives you the essential services a ceramic watch would do. Be keen to discern between a new and used ceramic watch since even a used ceramic watch might look new.

Ceramic Watches; Yay or Nay

Ceramic has to be among the least understood material used in watches. At least this article has given you some insight into ceramic watches so that you make an informed decision on whether you should own a ceramic look or not. As you make your decision, be sure to factor in your preferences.

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By Rose Spencer

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