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Verrien | Quartz Watches Can They Be Slow ?

Quartz watches are among the most adorable in the market. The brand is rated very high. It becomes a source of worry when the watch runs slowly. When it runs slowly it loses time and this is not the best for those who are conscious of time. It is good to figure out the major reasons why this kind of watch can run slowly and what can be done to remedy the problem. The answer to the question as to whether quartz watches run slow is yes.

What are the major reasons why watches especially quartz watches can run slow and miss time?

When it misses time, it means that it does not keep time accurately. Yes, quartz watch can run slow, and here are some of the reasons responsible for the slow running:

When it is exposed to a strong magnetic effect

One of the major reasons’ watches run slow is the effect of the magnetic field. Whenever a watch is exposed to any strong magnetism, the tendency is that such a watch will run slowly. If there are devices with magnetic force in them such as laptops, speakers, phones, tablets, body scanners as well as purses, and handbags, it can make watches run at a slow pace. This can affect the accurate time-keeping ability. One should expect this for the simple reason that the watches feature a motor or a coil and these can be affected by magnetic forces. When this is the cause of the slow running of the quartz watch, the solution is simple and you need to take it away from the magnetic substance and it will begin to run normally again. The fact remains that quartz watches can perform better than others when it comes to resistance to magnetism. This is because most of the parts are not composed of steel, which means that they can resist the magnetic effect. However, a few components of quartz watches are affected by magnetic forces.

Is the battery faulty or aging?

If the problem is not caused by a magnetic problem, then the problem could be located elsewhere. This means that you have to check the other components of the watch to know whether everything is functioning normally and optimally. One of the causes is the faulty and aging battery. When the battery is at fault it means that it cannot function properly. The same thing is applicable when the battery is aging. These can force the watch to slow down the movement. It would no longer run normally. Remember that it is the battery that powers the coil as well as the stepper motor. When there is corrosion or when the battery degrades, then it would begin to lose charge, and this forces to malfunction affecting the timekeeping ability.

It is not difficult to determine whether the battery is the cause of the slow watch movement. You can simply hold the watch vertically and watch the performance of the battery. If you notice that the watch is struggling to move, then it is an indication that the battery is no longer effective. The way out of the problem is to change the battery. When you get a quality watch, it is also necessary to high a high-quality battery that can last for a long time. A good battery can last for an average of two years and more in most cases.

Dust or dirt in the internal mechanism

The other cause of slow of the watch including quartz watch is the presence of dirt, moist as well as dust which can affect the internal mechanism of the watch. Internal mechanism implies that it can affect the watch movement and it can make it slow down. The presence of corrosion or dust particles is a big problem to the watch for the reason that it can cause stickiness and this will also cause more friction. It can affect the capacity and performance of the battery. When the friction becomes much it can increase resistance and the outcome is that the watch will run slowly.

This problem can also be avoided and this implies that you must be mindful of the places you keep your watch. Do not expose it to a wet environment or to a dusty place where it can acquire dust.

The important thing you should take note of is to prevent the watch from banging and excessive abrasion. All forms of mishandling of the watch must be prevented. Most of the watches are waterproofed. You know the depth of such waterproof and do not go beyond that to prevent damage.

Damage to the watch

One thing that you need to know about these watches is that they feature delicate parts, and this means that if you do not handle the watch with care the delicate parts can easily get damaged. When you are looking for this kind of watch, you have to be mindful of the kind of protection it has. Ensure that the most delicate parts of the watch are protected.

If any part of the watch has gone out of alignment, then it is certain that the watch will run slowly. The most important thing is to understand the problem of the watch that can make it run slowly. It is not always a magnetic effect that can cause the problem but in most cases, it is caused by magnetic forces.

When the watch runs slowly, the first thing to do is to take it to a watch specialist who can determine the cause of the problem and provide an effective solution to that problem.

A simple solution like the application of oil and cleaning can remedy the situation. This can solve the problem when you notice that the minute’s hand is going backward slowly. It could mean that the gears are worn or it is slippery and you can remedy the situation. You should know that some of the problems confronting mechanical watches can affect quartz watches as well. Constant servicing is necessary to ensure that all the watch components are in the best working condition. When you do that, you should expect the best performance from such a watch.

How does the quartz watch work?

A scientist names Warren Marrison is responsible for the development of the first quartz watch and it was in the year 1927. This kind of watch simply works on electronic technology. The electronic watch also depends on crystal oscillation.

Quartz is a natural mineral and it features piezoelectricity and this is an electric charge. This means that there is a charge within the quartz material and this can create an electric signal which powers some of the oscillation parts. Through this process, it can keep time for many years.

Though the technology of quartz watch has been there since the 20th century, the first quartz watch that was made available for public use was in the year 1969 and it was introduced by a Japanese company called Seiko. The emergence of the watch actually changed the game in the wristwatch industry and it was not surprising that a severe crisis hit the watch industry the years after. The introduction of this watch actually revolutionized the industry. More accurate watches were introduced to the industry. Furthermore, quartz watches were cheaper.

The traditional watch industry responded by also introducing more affordable watches like the swatch. One thing was achieved by the crisis and it is the co-existent high quality and affordable watches together in the market. This makes more options available to users.

Why quartz watches are more accurate than others

Another thing that quartz changed in the watch industry is the manufacture of more accurate watches. The major problem confronting the watch industry before the emergence of quartz watches was what made the watch popular and that is the issue of watch accuracy. Because of friction, other watches could hardly keep accurate time and this is the problem that quartz was able to solve. The watch was not based on winding. Winding processes lead to energy loss and that affects adequate time keep. This problem was solved with the emergence of quartz watches. The technology makes it possible for quartz watches to escape the fundamental principles of friction that affect the performance of mechanical and automatic watches.

Because of the innovative technology, quartz watches were able to eliminate most of the moving parts that cause that friction. The oscillation takes place without relying on any outside power source. This means that the issue of constant rewind would not be there. Even at that, you still discover that quartz still misses time. It is doubtful whether a one hundred percent accurate watch actually exists.

Quartz watches mechanism

Quartz as said is an electronic watch that works on a quartz crystal. Remember that this is piezoelectric in nature. It works by creating vibration which in turn produces an electric charge when there is pressure. To drive its motor the mechanism depends on the oscillation of that quartz crystal. This is in turn is a result of a small electric current that is passed by the watch battery. The motor also powers the watch gear train which in turn moves the watch hand. The speed of this water is 0.5 and 2 seconds daily. When the speed is not within the range, then it is malfunctioning and there is the need for adjustment.

When the watch is not running properly, you have the number of possible courses and you can address them. The battery is one of the reasons and you can change the battery when it gets old and replace it with a new one. The most replaceable part of the quartz watch remains the battery. There are lots of helpful resources online which can assist you in adjusting the watch and making it run properly and not slowly.

Just like the way quartz watch can run slowly similar factors can make it run fast. When it runs slowly or fast, the watch is facing a problem and there is the need to solve the problem of the watch.

When it runs fast, then it calls for service. If you service the watch, then you can know the reasons it is running fast. Usually, quartz watches do not require servicing, but you can change the battery. If there is a broken component, you can replace those components.

If the spring of watches clings together, then such a watch can run fast. What you need to do is to remove the spring and separate them. You may do this by yourself or you may hire a professional to do that for you.

Consequences of slow running watches

The major consequence is that it will not keep time and a lot of things done in the world today is dependent on time. where it does not keep time, it means that you must be running behind schedule in most of the activities you do because of the inaccurate time.

It can even lead to a loss in revenue. Quartz watches have established themselves as the clear leader in the industry. With its accuracy in time and easy and simple to maintain. These watches are the most popular. Moreover, it’s a slimmer movement. Timekeeping technology has continued to dominate the industry. When the product which many people have lots of confidence in begins to lose time, it becomes a source of worry for many.

If you notice that your quartz watch or any other brand of watch for that matter begins to lose time, which means that it runs late, you need to find out the actual cause of that problem.

The problem could be because of the magnetic field. This magnetic effect can make watches drag since some components will begin to resist the magnetic force. It forces the watch to run late. The solution is changing the watch location away from the magnetic force and it will begin to work properly again.

If it is a problem that has to do with the battery, then you can replace the battery when it becomes old. The best way is to find out the cause of that problem and that means that you must visit a technician who would check the watch mechanism and determine what could be the problem of the watches. Quartz watches are easy to maintain and more affordable. When you get one, ensure that you derive maximum value from it by ensuring that it does not run late. The information provided above would assist you to make the watches more useful and functional.

One of the things you need to know about quartz watches is that it is easy to fix when it runs slowly. Just the way you repair mechanical and automatic watches, in the same, you can repair quartz watches.

Verrien | Quartz Watches Can They Be Slow ?

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