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Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

Rado Watches versus Longine

Rado and Longine watches are known for their superior quality and designs. The two brands are competitors since they are high-end luxury brands. Rado and Longine each try to carve a niche by producing something different from the others. Rado has been in the market with scratch-resistant watches, and this sets them apart from the rest. Rado might be the watch to consider due to their scratch resistance, but there are other qualities found in other watches, such as Longine, that might be quite attractive. Longine watches, on the other hand, take pride in elegance and superb performance. Let’s look at the historical backgrounds, manufacturers, and other qualities that these watches compare in.

A brief history of Rado watches

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches(Image; flickr)

Rado is a luxury watch design that has been in the wristwatch industry for many years. The company was founded in Switzerland by the Schlup brothers Ernst, Fritz, and Werner. This company was started in 1917 as Schlup & Co., at their home but emerged to be a giant watch manufacturing company by the end of World War 2. In 1950 Schlup & Co. changed its name to Rado Moniker. Innovation in designs and materials that the company uses in its pieces has driven them to international recognition. There are numerous high-tech releases under the brand since when it was founded. Golden Horse Collection is the first major success of the brand, followed by the Green Horse Collection. The precedent for trendy designs and high-quality materials in scratch-resistant watches was set by the DiaStar 1 in 1962. For over sixty years, all watches from Rado have been trendy and scratch-resistant. The materials used in the first scratch-resistant watch were sapphire glass and hard metal. The brand produced the Rado Integral with ceramic material, and it has become a staple of the brand.

A brief history of Longine watches

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Auguste Agassiz and Ernest Francillon were the founders of Longine in 1832. The company was founded in Switzerland. The brand got its name from where it set up its first factory in 1967, Les Longines. Longine can pride itself in the precise time telling of their watches. They started out making watches manually but mechanized later after hiring Jacques David. Different people have used Longine watches since their inception, which ensures that they incorporate new developments. Such development includes the creation of navigational devices in the watches. Pilots and seafarers would use the watches to know their exact geographical location. The first quartz clock under the Longine brand was produced in 1954, and it was mounted on a camera.


Both Rado and Longine are Swiss-made watches. This has ensured that these watches are high quality and deliver accuracy in their time telling. The timepieces deliver high performance, precision, and reliability.

Rado dress watches vs. Longine’s

There are dress watches and clocks under Rado and Longine. They all have different specs, which are also very attractive. The watches from Rado will attractive a particular market and Longine’s another. Every person looking to complete their outfit with a piece of art should consider a timepiece.

Rado dress watches- Jubile Centrix watch

The Jubile model gets its name from the diamonds or precious stones in it. It has quality construction and a stylish minimalist design that can be adorned with casual and formal attire. Jubile Centrix has a ceramic bezel and a sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch resistant. Sapphire crystal glass gives the watch a pristine appearance which takes luxury to another level. The case is premium grade stainless steel, and it is 38mm, which brings out the minimalist feature. This watch is durable and reliable, with a water resistance of up to 30M.

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

Jubile Centrix Watch (Image; ebay)

Longine dress watches- Flagship Automatic

This is a dress watch with every touch of luxury and sophistication. The Flagship Automatic has a black dial with a shiny silver case and bracelet. It also has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, just like the Jubile Centrix. The dial has diamond markers and silver hands which makes it very aesthetically appealing. The watch can withstand occasional rain and water splashes with its 30M water resistance. The Flagship model is powered by automatic movements that ensure that timekeeping is accurate and reliable.

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

Longine Flagship Automatic Watch (Image; Amazon)

Rado Chronographs vs. Longine’s

Longine and Rado are two brands that offer top-notch quality, and their chronographs are premium grade.

Rado chronographs- HyperChrome Dial

Rado HyperChrome Dial Chronograph is a timepiece with a green dial and silver hands and markers. Most Rado watches offer quite appealing aesthetics with minimalist designs, but the HyperChrome is rather large. It has a stainless steel case of 44.9mm, which makes it bulkier than most. The watch has a date window on its display and three hands; seconds, minutes, and hour hands. It has a silver case and an emerald dial with silver markers. The watch has a traditional look compared to the other designs from Rado, but that comes with top-notch functionality.

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

Rado HyperChrome Dial ( Image; reddit)

Longine chronographs- The master collection

The master collection has a recommendable sense of style. It has a power reserve of up to 48 hours and is powered by 7751 automatic movements. It also has a 30M water resistance and has a column wheel transmission system. Even though the master collection cannot be used for outdoor activities such as swimming, the water resistance feature protects it from occasional splashes and rain.

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

The Master Collection (Image; Longines)

The Rado brand has the best dress watches in elegance and style, but people seeking a more traditional watch can opt for the Longine watches. Rado chronograph watches have the best functionality features, but the Longine chronograph is more appealing aesthetically.


The Rado watches and Longine are of superior quality and are quite similar. The wearer will have to think of their style and decide which model to buy because they are at par. The two brands have ensured that they dominate the market with high-quality watches that are not only water-resistant but scratch-resistant too. The two watches compare in almost all features, but Rado watches are elegant and minimalist while Longine’s are a bit traditional. The two brands are Swiss-made, giving them their superior quality and having prices at the same range.

Verrien | Rado VS Longine Watches

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