Raymond Weil Watch Reviews

Raymond Weil is an internationally recognized luxury watch designer, manufacturer and producer of contemporary high quality Swiss watches for both men and women.

Raymond Weil Watches are a synonym of the good taste and innovation that has been created in Switzerland since 1858 by the House of Raymond Weil with its founder, Raymond Weil (1837-1923).

What makes Raymond Weil different from other Watch brands is the combination between tradition and modernity to create luxurious watches , which marry style and robustness.

The company was founded in St.-Imier, Switzerland by Jacques Schulthess in collaboration with master watchmaker Alfred Davis.

Both entrepreneurs had many years experience in this business sector.

Since its creation in 1985, Boodles has been a long time friend to Raymond Weil.

The company is known all over the world for its distribution of high quality watches and accessories, which provide an exclusive style for both men and women.

Boodles offers a vast variety of collections that have different styles, colors and materials to attract everyone’s interest; with names such as Nabucco , Masterpiece , Tendence or Maestro .

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was the first celebrity worldwide to wear a watch from Raymond Weil back in 1966 when she accompanied her husband on an official visit to Paris wearing the “Nabuchon”.

It was on this occasion that she gave life to one of the most famous anecdotes about this fine piece.

Bourgoin considered him Jackie’s lucky charm and had it engraved, “Jackie First Lady Of The World” on the caseback.

This watch is considered the first successful timepiece created by the brand that has been worn by other famous people, including Grace Kelly , Sophia Loren and Princess Diana .

The philosophy of Raymond Weil Watches comes from his founder, Raymond Weil Sr.

, who once said: “You can not wear a good suit with inexpensive shoes or a fine dress with cheap jewelry”.

His son Raymond Weil Jr.

(1915-2000) was one of the main figures in Swiss horology but also played an important role in development of wristwatches around 1930.

He worked for Zenith Watch Company as product manager before creating his own company named Raymond Weil SA in 1946.

Raymond was the son of a watchmaker and his passion for this art led him to start a business using his own name, which later became famous worldwide.

His watches are known for their innovation style and quality: they stand out with sleek lines that highlight the beauty of timepieces .

The master watchmakers at Raymond Weil Watches have developed some great inventions starting from 1960 when they created a shock protection system called “Weil Stop” inspired by the Mercedes logo.

This advance allowed them to create another important invention in 1965: their revolutionary “Weil Gyromax”, which consists of two components positioned in the center of the movement that eliminate friction caused by parts moving against each other as they rotate, thus creating less wear and greater accuracy.

The brand has produced some great innovation since its creation, but they haven’t neglected their traditional models.

Raymond Weil Watches have been designed to provide the highest level of comfort with strong cases and interchangeable straps that are available in many different material combinations as well as colors.

Among them, there are the luxurious crocodile leather or 18 karat gold vermeil, perfect for those who want an elegant look.

One thing is certain: Raymond Weil watches stand out among other brands because of their unique designs combined with top quality materials that provide durability and comfort for a very reasonable price .

The company has always had a wide variety of collections so it’s hard to choose just one or two models from their wide collection of watches.

The attractive Sophia Loren was a model for their “Capri” collection that in 1997 helped the company to achieve a great international success.

Raymond Weil Watches have been beautifully designed with integrated cases and high quality straps, so they offer an innovative style that distinguishes them from other brands at an unbeatable price .

The most important innovation in 2013 is certainly the new Nabuco collection, which pays tribute to Jackie Kennedy Onassis who gave this watch its fame back in 1966 and later on Princess Diana (1995) and Grace Kelly (1957).

Their creator Bourgoin wanted to pay homage to those personalities through this magnificent timepiece, which also boasts a pusher inspired by the first ladies famous pearl necklace: it is a really beautiful detail that makes this watch unique.

The Raymond Weil collection is available in three different sizes (28, 30 or 33 mm) and various models for the man who wants to be distinguished by nonconformist styles.

The brand pays great attention to details and high quality materials, which are combined with comfort.

For example, both straps are made of calfskin while the case is crafted from stainless steel.

This company produces some of the most fashionable watches at an affordable price.

One of the best known collections deserves a special mention because it has been worn by famous stars such as Princess Diana , Sophia Loren , and Jackie Kennedy Onassis : we’re talking about Raymond Weil Nabuco .

Since 2006 this model has been characterized by its design and technical features, which have made it a worldwide success.

The watches are advertised as high quality products: they’re crafted of top materials including stainless steel cases that are enhanced with sapphire or mineral dials.

The Swiss quartz movements found in Raymond Weil Watches are produced in-house to ensure their precision and durability .

This brand produces some great collections, such as the “Capri” collection for men who want to be distinguished: this series has been named after an Italian island because the models were inspired by its landscapes.

Their 43 mm case is made of brushed stainless steel while their strap is handcrafted using exclusive calfskin leather and 18 karat gold vermeil links .

Another famous model from this series is called “Alarm” and it has been designed with a stainless steel case and leather strap.

This brand uses original designs to create some of their most popular collections, which are characterized by elegant lines and high quality materials such as the Swiss quartz movement inside.

The Raymond Weil collection is advertised as “a luxury watch at an affordable price “, which is easy to believe thanks to their innovation, design and top quality craftsmanship.

As we previously mentioned, this company produces many different models using various styles so you will be able to choose one that meets your demands (casual or dressy).

The cases can be made of stainless steel while the straps come in exclusive calfskin leather or 18 karat gold vermeil .