Rig Live Bait For Pike Fishing Right

Fishing with live bait instead of artificial are sorrounded with many myths and most of them are not true. Still many anglers use live baits and one significant part of it, which nobody can argue against, is that it is often messy and smell terrible. If you can tolerate these two things, you will be in good shape to test out live bait fishing in your next fishing trip.

There are a few basic principles that should be followed when using live baits. None of the basics concerning live bait fishing are nice and clean, but they are important. When your hands are dry you should never handle a live bait. Baitfish have a slimy layer on their skin, which is protective as well as invitating to predator fish, and that layer would likely be removed if your hands are dry.
If you are running short on live baitfish, try to preserve the dead bait in a nearby bucket or in your live well.

When you are out of live bait you will still be able to use freshly dead baitfish on your hook to catch predators. All you have to do is cast your tackle and jig it a little to give the appearance that your imitated fish has some life left. Be careful though of the weight that you put on your line with baitfish. Predators are going to spot a weight if it is too heavy and weighing down the decoy. Your sinker or weight should be light enough to give the baitfish the impression of free moving in the water.

The perspective on live bait can change during seasonal fishing. The summer months can for instance be brutal especially in the southern part of the country. Therefore you may need to adjust your practice and thinking when the summer months hit. The hardest obstacle for any angler during the summer is keeping the bait alive. You need to change out the water regularly so that the oxygen can keep flowing through to your bait in order to keep your bait living. So you cant`t just stop changing out the water during your fishing .

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The temperature of the water on the surface becomes hot and deadly for living baitfish and therefore you bringing ice to put into the live well will be most beneficial to keep your baitfish alive until they end up on the hooks. Additionally is there also a shortage of live croaker and shrimps during the summer months.

If you call the bait shop the night before to ensure that the bait you want is available you will save yourself a lot of time. Shrimps are most common bait in the summer time but they are not that effective as many thinks. When all anglers are using shrimp, the fish are not as excited by them because they spot them everywhere. To achieve a better chance of catching fish during the summer is using a baitfish that is not often used in that time.

Also keep in mind when fishing with live bait never hook them in the eyes. The reason is that you want the baitfish to see the predator comes and then have them more excited to have the predator taking the bait. You should also add water softener salt to the live well. This is because the salt will make the scales of the bait harder and also preserving the slimy coat that attracts predators. Finally, throwing your casting net should be done properly before catching bait. Anglers very often throw the net too soft or too hard and this ends up in frustration and a net that is not sufficiently opened.

Fishing with live baits can be useful when you are trying to have a good day out on the sea. Logic and reason will tell most naglers that a fish would be more attracted to real food than to artificial food. However, baitfish does increase the amount of equipment to bring so make sure you are prepared to deal with the entire package before committing to do live bait fishing.

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