What is in a name


When you are searching for a new watch, you may not think the brand name is important. However, in this case, brand names are very important as even well-known brands may not be as high quality as you may have thought.


While you may look good with a Casio it may not be the best brand to buy or wear around your wrist. Both Seiko and Casio are made in Japan but that is about the only similarity between the two.


Take a few minutes to see the differences between these two brands. You may be convinced to spend a little more and get the better of the two watches.


Who makes both Seiko and Casio watches?


Both companies do maintain a US presence and some people may be confused by this and think the watch companies are American. However, that is not the case for either company.


Both Seiko and Casio are made in Japan and by separate companies. Seiko watch company began in the 19th century and was founded by a 21-year-old named Kintaro Hattori, who lived in Tokyo. This company served as the official timekeeper for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games.


Casio also is based in Tokyo but it is made by Casio Computer Co. Ltd. who did not enter the watch-making industry until 1974. Also, the company was founded by Kashio Seisakujo in 1946.


It does not have the same pedigree that Seiko watch company has but it has managed to hold its own over the past almost 50 years. This company was able to produce the first shock-resistant watch in the world in 1983.


Casio Vs. Seiko Durability


This is a very tough call as both companies are known for making some very great watch lines. For Casio, they invented the G Shock watch line that is said to be indestructible. The company put a lot of effort into finding just the right construction materials to make sure their watch line outlasted everyone else’s.


But Seiko has had a fine tradition and reputation for making quality watches. Their diving watch line is supposed to be second to none. These diving watches are said to be of Swiss-made caliber and are found in the Prospex line.


Their Hardex line is supposed to be very tough and impact-resistant. However, those watches can get scratches in them which diminish their looks. The competition between these two in this category may be hard to determine which company makes the most durable watch.


Seiko vs. Casio Features and Technology


Here Casio may have the edge as they are not traditionally watch makers. Their background is in computers, an industry that uses innovation and creativity to make sure their products get the lion’s share off the market.


That is why you will find better technological gadgets and features in the Casio instead of the Seiko brand watches. Casio likes to put new ideas like advanced navigational functions in some of their watches while Seiko prefers to maintain tradition and style.


In most Seiko watches you may not find a lot of features beyond the basics while Casio continues to push the envelope and make sure that the latest innovation is found in at least one of their watch lines.


Seiko prefers a more fundamental and solid foundation to build its reputation which is one reason you do not see them be more innovative with their watch lines. they are also targeting a different class of consumer which dictates the style and features placed in a watch.


Seiko vs. Casio Looks & Style


Both watch companies have their own target audience. With Casio, they are looking at the more casual and sporty activities and participants to buy their watches. The looks on their watch lines reflect this attitude and have a much sportier design and style to them.


Seiko tends to target the more upper class of individuals whose activities count on looking fashionable and stylish almost all the time. their watches’ looks and style reflect that requirement.


Seiko is based on tradition, elegance, and class while Casio is more temporary, sporty, and fun. Actually, both styles and looks have their place as even the upper class do participate in sporting activities that require a more sporty design to their time pieces.


Your activities will determine which watch brand you wear at that time. there is a spot in your life for both brands as they cover different aspects of life.


Seiko vs. Casio Cost


The former company has it over on the latter. It is a company whose reputation is built on quality, tradition, classic style, and more. The cost of this line of watches is going to be heading towards the upper end of the scale.


While it will look good on your wrist, it is not a watch everyone can afford. On the other hand, Casio is designed for those who do not have big budgets. Their watch lines are usually fairly affordable and they can be used for most occasions except formal events.


Also, you will get more features and advanced technology for your buck when you buy a Casio. That is just the way it is like the attitude of the company is vastly different than the attitude of the Seiko brand.


When you can afford it, go Seiko as that is a watch that will turn the heads of the pretty young ladies. Unless they are the outdoors type of woman. In that case, you will want to go with Casio.


Some final words


Seiko has the tradition and Casio has the innovation. The time piece you select should reflect your personality, your level of activities as well as your budget. Then, why decide. buy both so you have all your bases covered and you will look good no matter what activity or event you attend.


Both watches are made with quality and have excellent construction materials that should last you a long time. Then both companies have solid reputations and stand behind their products.